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41 Final Fantasy 8

I played on FF8 for more than 150 hours, and I'm still looking to play it. Incredible drama and very immersive game.

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42 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Awesome game! It gets kinda hard as you progress, but rocks as a Spider-Man game and needs more attention!

43 NHL 99
44 Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
45 Need for Speed: High Stakes
46 Rayman

This is the first ps1 game I played and I love it! This should be at least in the top 20

47 Digimon World

I grew up playing this AWESOME game and its only 26!? This deserves number 1

48 Tekken

Never would its an awesome game - michaelwalton

49 NASCAR 99
50 Twisted Metal 2

It's only $6 at the play station store. This is practically a steal considering how great the single player is, how amazing the multiplayer is, how scary the boss fights were, and how funny the Easter eggs and endings were.

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51 007: Tomorrow Never Dies

Of the few PlayStation games I own, this is the best! It makes you go stealthy a lot more than Goldeneye, the maps are well made, and I feel like I am James Bond! It would be better with two players, but this is great! - KingKingo123

52 Syphon Filter

For its time, it offered a very entertaining shooter that really couldn't be rivaled by any similar engines. You killed terrorists and it was enjoyable, might of not been a first person shooter but it definitely held its strong replay value. - MCRgirl4life

one of the best and coolest action video game simulation that ever been released in Playstation. lots of missions, weapons, characters. there is also a versus like mode that looks like counter strike - ronluna

53 Vigilante 8
54 Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles
55 UmJammer Lammy

Okay, between this and the original PTR, this is easily the better game of the two by a landslide. Seriously, don't be fooled by its looks - xandermartin98

56 Pro Evolution Soccer

Groundbreaking in it's genre at the time. Spawned a fan base as committed as any seen and was the subject of critical acclaim then world over.

57 Rayman 2: The Great Escape
58 Air Combat
59 Hot Wheels Turbo
60 Ape Escape

This game has a great and unique storyline. It is one of the best time travel games ever in my personal opinion.

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