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81 Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge

Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge is a PlayStation classic. It's definitely the best definitive remastered Frogger game to date. - The8Bit

82 The Legend of Dragoon

This game is one of the best rpg's ever! It has the best fighting system and has a great storyline.

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83 The Unholy War
84 Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster
85 Harvest Moon

Best game ever made no question ask.

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

86 Driver

Ah yeah I remember this one. It was like a knockoff Grand Theft Auto where you can't get out of the car but it was the best we had back in the day. Good times - Mcgillacuddy

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87 Parasite Eve II

Unforgettable game in PSX! Who will forget Aya Brea and the Artificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures(ANMC)?

This is one of the best games, especially the shower scene. - MeeMeeCandy777

88 Digimon World 3

Amazing evolutions vee agu gui and the game is even more kickass guilmon for the win - wizard

89 Tenchu 2

My best ps1 game of all time and my second favourite game altogether behind resident evil 4, the Tenchu series doesn't get anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves. - wolphert

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90 Driver 2

So many hours of gameplay

91 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
92 Syphon Filter

For its time, it offered a very entertaining shooter that really couldn't be rivaled by any similar engines. You killed terrorists and it was enjoyable, might of not been a first person shooter but it definitely held its strong replay value. - MCRgirl4life

one of the best and coolest action video game simulation that ever been released in Playstation. lots of missions, weapons, characters. there is also a versus like mode that looks like counter strike - ronluna

93 The Emperor's New Groove
94 Batman Forever
95 King's Field II
96 Suikoden 2

The first time suikoden I play and this is the best game in ps1 I ever play

97 Parappa the Rapper

Overrated and by far the weakest entry of the series, but also kind of the inventor of its genre - xandermartin98

Really? number 112?

98 Dino Crisis 2

Best storyline! And awesome dinosaurs! Now Dylan will join forces with Regina...

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99 Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

This game is the reason why I gained interest in R/C cars and vehicular destruction,

100 Mega Man 8
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