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81 Vagrant Story
82 Toy Story
83 Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge

Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge is a PlayStation classic. It's definitely the best definitive remastered Frogger game to date. - The8Bit

84 Harvest Moon

Best game ever made no question ask.

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

85 The Legend of Dragoon

This game is one of the best rpg's ever! It has the best fighting system and has a great storyline.

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86 The Unholy War
87 Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster
88 Driver

Ah yeah I remember this one. It was like a knockoff Grand Theft Auto where you can't get out of the car but it was the best we had back in the day. Good times - Mcgillacuddy

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89 Parasite Eve II

Unforgettable game in PSX! Who will forget Aya Brea and the Artificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures(ANMC)?

This is one of the best games, especially the shower scene. - MeeMeeCandy777

90 Digimon World 3

Amazing evolutions vee agu gui and the game is even more kickass guilmon for the win - wizard

91 Tenchu 2

My best ps1 game of all time and my second favourite game altogether behind resident evil 4, the Tenchu series doesn't get anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves. - wolphert

Why has this not been remade yet

92 Driver 2

So many hours of gameplay

93 Wipeout 3
94 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
95 Syphon Filter

For its time, it offered a very entertaining shooter that really couldn't be rivaled by any similar engines. You killed terrorists and it was enjoyable, might of not been a first person shooter but it definitely held its strong replay value. - MCRgirl4life

one of the best and coolest action video game simulation that ever been released in Playstation. lots of missions, weapons, characters. there is also a versus like mode that looks like counter strike - ronluna

96 The Emperor's New Groove
97 Batman Forever
98 King's Field II
99 Parappa the Rapper

Overrated and by far the weakest entry of the series, but also kind of the inventor of its genre - xandermartin98

Really? number 112?

100 Suikoden 2

The first time suikoden I play and this is the best game in ps1 I ever play

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