Best Pocket Tanks Weapons

Which is the best weapon in Pocket Tanks? Considering that all the weapons are unlocked.

The Top Ten Best Pocket Tanks Weapons

1 Super Star

I like it how the other player gets lowered into the ground so the next time it will be easier to win.

The best next to : sonic blast, lava, mega reaction, nano bots and mud pie. But super star make points the most easily

If the opponent is positioned on an elevated/high ground, its his unlucky day and things are gonna get really low for him pretty soon!

It's hard to get less than 100 points with this one

2 Flower Power

Aiming is tough with this one, and there is no margin for error; but once you get that right, you will be rewarded handsomely.

3 Pin Cushion

Bursts into many projectiles when it nears the enemy and causes a great deal of damage

"Pin cusion" might be the best in all case...
But most points in a single shot is by "chaos grenade= 687"
Then "pineapple= 600"
*When they are fired in extremely close range.

The more easier to use the more easier to use.This weapon doesn't require much accuracy and still one can gain numerabe points

4 Mega Nuke

Massive explosion, and Massive damage. Should try to acquire this weapon at all costs.

5 Sniper Rifle

100 points if connected correctly; 0 if missed even slightly.

6 Big Dirtball

This is the ultimate trap. If a tank is trapped in this, and it does not have any digging/slinging weapon, its pretty much game over.

7 Cannon Ball

This is much better than sniper, as they both fling the tank away

Causes as much damage as the Sniper, but with a greater chance of connecting. However it also flings the enemy away, so you are gonna have to measure and aim again.

How is this lower than Sniper Rifle?

So good

8 Sink and Swim

Four explosions, each launching its own hailstorm. If it is launched on an enemy covered from most sides, it can deal a lot of damage.

9 Liquid Nitrogen

Make a funnel and fire this, you wont be needing any other weapon to win the game. It can get you 400+ in one shot using funnel...liquid nitrogen and lava are the most destructive weapons of the game

Hit them right and score 45 damage per second for five seconds!

Deals massive damage. Even better version of hail storm

Op as hell

10 Lava

Make a hole with "Pile driver" or "Fire Hose" then shoot lava right into it. Best I have got is 439 damage

One of the most deadliest Pocket Tanks weapons.

I got a damage of at least 500 with this one once, very deadly

Best I got is 465 with funnel

The Contenders

11 Mud Pie

How did big dirt ball do better than mud pie?

First make a good score then bury him alive.

It is twice as good as big dirtball

Big dirtball is a mega version of dirtball. This spreads about 10-15 dirtballs around. That means this is 5 times better than big dirtball.

12 Ant Farm

Acts as firefly and also creates a small layer of mud

13 Mega Reaction

Like a chain reaction of nukes

Caused 300-500 point damage

14 Spinner

I scored 2356 points at a time

Go near to opponent almost half tank covered then use this weapon with power 100 BOOM! U WILL GET 2-3K POINTS

If you are close to enemy then fire a spinner
You will get 1704 points

I've seen spunner do iver 2500 😀

15 X-Ray Cannon
16 Graviton
17 Chain Reaction

Pineapple must be there too..

18 Sonic Blast

Just a little weird that it's not the closer you aim, the more damage caused.

Just played online and hit for 556 dmg total (shot from under at point blank range)

One of the best weapons.. Just aim NEXT TO the opponent.. And you will be rewarded by as much as 150-200 easily.. !

OP weapon

19 Nanobots
20 Napalm

I have never gotten less than 150 with this weapon

21 Pillow Fight

Easy to aim, and causes decent damage. An ideal weapon to have in your line-up.

I see, that's an useless weapon

22 Phase Missile

You may think 120 is the max, but this weapon can hit more than once on occasion. I have gotten up to 180 damage, which is pretty solid.

23 Fire in the Hole

First an explosion, then flames, and then dirt. Deadly weapon.

Especially when the main bullet hits the tank at the bottom of the screen.

Best and best weapon.

24 Fuzz Ball
25 Laser
26 Plasma Orb

Does a good amount of damage and seals them in a ring

27 Funnel

The combo weapon to end all combo weapons.

28 Super Magnet
29 Super Tracer
30 Super Laser
31 Shelter
32 Great Wall
33 Fireworks
34 Tesla Coil
35 Golden Bullet

If it strikes coorectly then it cause harmful damage to enemy's tank

36 Sunburn
37 Super Nova

The beast at close shoot

Try at close range

38 Lightning Rod
39 Rockslide
40 Gravity Well

Direct hit with this and you'll do 100+ damage and it has an added effect of messing up the opponent's aim. Borderline OP weapon in 2 player mode.

41 Blackout
42 Saucer Attack

Oh boy, the cheapest weapon in the game. Two saucers will fly at the enemy tank giving you usually 60 points. But if you're lucky enough to have the enemy in the right position to collide with one of the saucers, BOOM! 250 points given to you. An easy way to set this up is with Showdown.

43 Frostbite

This may not appear to be good at first, but if you shoot frostbite reuse in a row... Oh boy...

44 Mountain Mover
45 Volcano
46 Tar Ball

This weapon traps tanks along with doing 30 damage. Similar to Great Wall.

47 Bushwhack
48 Stinger
49 Fire Hose
50 Power Washer
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