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21 Breathe Babylon
22 Set It Off

This truly is an EPIC song and for those who disagree with me, there is a remix version of the song that gives the original a major point boost. Rock on P.O. D!

This is an underrated song... One of the best from P.O.D.. Listen & Vote up guys

WHAHAASSUM... Its the ultimate song... Of P.O.D... A class apart... Love this song... The vocals... The drums... The guitars... The strings... Mindblowing...

23 Beautiful

This song intends to explain how life is beautiful to the people who have lost their confidence to live everyday. "Hey life is Beautiful, Its all gonna be okay" - johnalekseicanon

There most power full message in song so far.

Love this song, its so deep and hits home to a lot of people

A great song of why life should be beautiful.

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24 Execute the Sounds

epic, p.o.d at the top of their game

I don't know how this song isn't in the top 10.. that's just one their masterpiece

Amazing guitar riffs, totally love this one

25 Truly Amazing
26 When Angels and Serpents Dance

This title song rocks... one more amazing song is addicted... Alive does not deserve to be in no2 position - Shynash21

27 Portrait
28 Tell Me Why
29 If It Wasn't for You

Can't believe this song doesn't even reach top 20. It deserves more than being top 29. - johnalekseicanon

Love that song it's my favourite

30 It Can't Rain Everyday

HOW id this song not here? It gives me the chills every time! Trust me, if you're reading this, please listen to it once!

This song is so moving, I love it

31 Full Color

Original P.O. D full of meaning, soul and that reggae beat they do best... 1996 booyaa

32 Don't Fake It

Why is this song not even on the list? This at least deserves to be in the top 10. The fact that it's not even on the list scares me. Am I going mad? Let's hope some more people vote for it that way it can take the spot it deserves. At Number One!

33 This Time
34 Sounds Like War

From the album TESTIFY, is a powerful amazing song

35 Tribal

For me the best, because... Just hilarious! The intro, lyrics... Simple my favorite

36 I Am
37 Revolution

This song made me love this band, it's awesome and deserves a spot in the top 5... Listen to it you'd agree

38 Wildfire
39 Find My Way
40 Murder One
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