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1 Wonder Guard

There is absolutely NO reason this should not be number one. (wall of text incoming)

Wonder guard is such a beast if used right... I'm serious. Lets take a look...

Okay, signature ability... hmm, the Pokemon that has it has very weak stats... mew, seems like it will be- WHAT?! IT CANCELS OUT ALL NON-SUPER EFFECTIVE MOVES?

That's right, if your Pokemon has wonder guard, it will take ABSOLUTELY NO damage from any move that isn't super effective. Now imagine this on powerful Pokemon... For example, snorlax. Snorlax is pure normal type, so moves that aren't fighting type will do NOTHING against him. Now take a look at how much of a tank snorlax is. Yup. or Sableye/Spiritomb before gen 6. They didn't take ANY DIRECT DAMAGE. It does not prevent from indirect damage, but say, if for example clefairy was hacked to have her hidden ability as Wonder guard, and put her typing to dark and ghost... before gen 6, there would be NO WAY of defeating this thing. Luckily, it's not ...more

It would be extremely overpowered if pokemon other than shedinja had it. So while it may not be the best ability in practice, theoretically it is by far one of the best defensive abilities in Pokemon.

Automatic snorlax win against it seems like every pokemon that's not a fighting type but it can work against you with the three mach pokemon

Only "super effective" moves will hit. If pokemon with a few weakness have this ability, it would be to overpowered

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2 Protean

By far the greatest offensive ability in the game. You will always have STAB and that's great. But wait. If you have a varied move pool, you can also use these moved to your advantage to get the correct type advantage against your opponent so that their attacks are always "not very effective". It might not be the absolute best but it's my absolute favorite

This ability works really well if you are faster and have a super effective move, but a weaker type. More Pokemon need this ability.

Do not use super effective moves that will be super effective to you as well, such as a ghost or dragon and using a ghost or dragon move changing into that, and then you're in a gambit position - Doggus

My shinny greninja can 1 hit medium weight foes with grass knot it is baller asame no one else gets it also

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3 No Guard

Moves always hit so use dynamic punch or 1 hit ko move you win every time

I just remember my friend using dig to kill my machamp, and I used dynamic punch, I thought I would lose, but it hit and I won, that was my first experience with the No Guard ability

It makes all moves known by the Pokemon that has this ability to never miss. This isn't to be confused with WONDER guard, Shedinjas ability.

If you always hit, you can guarentee moves like hypnosis, just pair this up with some speed and instant win.

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4 Pure Power

Turns Medicham into an absolute beast and makes its Hi Jump Kick into one of the most powerful moves in the game. - TheStupidHobo

Madicham-mega with this is god teir.

I used mega medicham on Pokemon showdown and I sweeped a whole team once lel.

I defeated a ratatta using my pure power azumaril. I was so happy that I bought a cheese pizza and fed it to my pet rat. 🍕 ☺

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5 Speed Boost

Attacking first in battle is very important. If you are first, you have 2 attacks on the opposing pokemon in the time it has only one attack on you. So you can knock it out before it will be able to do the same to you.

I disagree that this is the best because most Pokemon with this ability are already faster than the opponent on the first turn

Not true. The only viable users with speed boost are blaziken and ninjask. For blaziken, it has a below average base 80 speed that needs the op speed boost. For ninjask, it needs the speed boosts to baton pass it over to another pokemon. - Rayquasar

This is very useful if you like to attack on the first turn. Thank God Mega Blaziken has this ability. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate that when he is not on my team, he just uses protect like he wants to get his way - Doggus

Even with priority moves, you can use priority moves too and yours will always be faster - SapphireDragon95

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6 Huge Power

Hack Huge Power (or Pure Power) onto a Slaking. See what happens.

Dude, Azumarill with Huge Power combined with Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Iron Tail, and Play Rough is beast mode.

Exactly like Pure Power. - TheStupidHobo

When you see a pokemon with huge/pure power, you will immediatly forfeit

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7 Poison Heal

Combine this with a breloom with Spore. Now try not to laugh when your opponent flips you off

Poison heal is one of the best strategy moves.

This is best vote retards

Here's a terrible but awesome set:
Gliscor w/ PH
Toxic Orb.
After the turn the orb kicks in, you have a monster with a double leftovers, and a base 140 move with no letup.

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8 Moxie

Can be very effective if many Pokemon need to be taken out however you should watch out for strong attacks against you

Kind of lame that it rewards you AFTER you knock out a pokemon, then they switch in with a pokemon you are weak to - Doggus

Moxie ia a great ability with a beneficial attribute. Imagine killing a Pokemon and suddenly increasing a level in Attack? Ever kill makes you stronger, potentially making you invincible.

Moxie is almost the definition of "physical sweeper."

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9 Toxic Boost

This is an excellent sweeping ability. Basically Guts but with poison. This ability makes my Zangoose really op. Toxic Boost + Facade sweeps everything.

I don't get this ability but if it's in the top ten it should be good

Can use burn instead - Doggus

Sucks lolipops

10 Shadow Tag

My friends or other players ALWAYS get mad at me whenever I use Mega Gengar. I simply just enjoy it for some reason. - Ohno

Just the best out there for competitive play

Wobbuffet and Mega Gengar both op with this ability

Gothitelle with shadow tag? every time it switches in you piss your pants

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11 Scrappy

Us ghost trainers are screwed now. What if a normal/fighting knows dark pulse? Okay I'm out now. - Ohno


Finally,my Machamp is hitting my friend's Haunter (with evoilite)! KO is mine >

No more worrying about using normal pokemon agenst ghost pokemon! 😎😀

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12 Immunity

Bad ability to be honest, there are other ways to cripple your foe in a similar way to poison, like leech seed, rocky helmet, spikes, burn, hail, etc. - Decitronal

Can use burn - Doggus

13 Contrary

I took down a level 100 mega Rayquaza with a Serperior after having 4x's special attack with Contrary and using dragon pulse. I also have swept so many teams. Along with Serperior's speed it basically becomes unstoppable unless you have a fast fire, ice, poison, flying or bug type.

Awesome in the early game, as a lot of pokemon use silly moves like "growl" or "leer". Also AMAZING on Serperior

It is AWESOME! When your enemies in a battle Lower your stats, they end up raising them instead! Amazing! - ThunderdrumsRule


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14 Magic Guard

A poisoned Clefairy with MAGIC GUARD and FACADE. Hyper Beam every attack and doesn't take damage.

It even makes my clefairy immune to poison or burn damage.

A pokemon with a life orb will not take any damage!

Just love to set Life orbs on magic guard users. With Calm Mind, I could ev a reuniclus into a wall, that still hitted hard as hell

15 Guts

Luxray may not be the best Physical attacker, but Give it Guts, a Flame Orb, and Facade, and watch it sweep whole teams without breaking a sweat! (Crunch, of course, for Ghost types).

Guts is an ability where if your Pokemon has any status condition, it's attack goes up 50%.

Burn reduces your atack by half :P

16 Technician

Technician is an ability that boosts attacks with base 60 power or less by 50% percent. So basically moves like hidden power, bullet seed and mach punch hit harder than ever. Technician is a very versatile ability and makes pokemon like breloom and scissor into beasts

Breloom and Scizor have priority attacks that boosted to 90 power. That is more powerful than extreme speed.

Powers up weak moves and can turn weak Pokemon into decent ones

Hidden Power is viable at last!

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17 Intimidate

It's a good ability when used in triple battles.

Cuts the opponent attack in half good on fighting types

It's useless if the opponent is a special attacker. - Ohno

i awesome

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18 Adaptability

Turned Mega Beedrill into a monster

This deserves to be higher.

Porygon-Z with adaptability and tri-attack is deadly on its own, throw in a couple of nasty plots and this can sweep many teams

Mega lucario can sweep anything a close combat at 120 base power with adaptability x2 and a x4 weak Pokemon the base power becomes 960!

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19 Quick Feet

What is this doing here? Sure, a speed boost is nice but the status effect still cripples you:
- Poison, reduces health and worsens with bad poison
- Burn, reduces health and lowers attack
- Paralysis, has a chance that the Pokémon won't move and possibly keeps your speed more or less equal to what you had
- Sleep, makes you helpless. And no, Sleep Talk won't help here
- Freezing... Do I even have to mention it?

Prankster should be here instead.

20 Sheer Force

It Removes additional effects to increase move damage

Dude my darmanitan is a nightmare

Feraligatr. Sheer Force. Life Orb. enough said

But actually its really good because feraligatr can learn a lot of moves that are affected by sheer force (water fall, ice punch, crunch, etc)

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