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1 Wonder Guard

There is absolutely NO reason this should not be number one. (wall of text incoming)

Wonder guard is such a beast if used right... I'm serious. Lets take a look...

Okay, signature ability... hmm, the Pokemon that has it has very weak stats... mew, seems like it will be- WHAT?! IT CANCELS OUT ALL NON-SUPER EFFECTIVE MOVES?

That's right, if your Pokemon has wonder guard, it will take ABSOLUTELY NO damage from any move that isn't super effective. Now imagine this on powerful Pokemon... For example, snorlax. Snorlax is pure normal type, so moves that aren't fighting type will do NOTHING against him. Now take a look at how much of a tank snorlax is. Yup. or Sableye/Spiritomb before gen 6. They didn't take ANY DIRECT DAMAGE. It does not prevent from indirect damage, but say, if for example clefairy was hacked to have her hidden ability as Wonder guard, and put her typing to dark and ghost... before gen 6, there would be NO WAY of defeating this thing. Luckily, it's not ...more

Only Shedinja can learn it, which damages its usefulness by a ton

Only one pokemon can learn it, but on monotypes like fairy or electric this would be op

It would be extremely overpowered if pokemon other than shedinja had it. So while it may not be the best ability in practice, theoretically it is by far one of the best defensive abilities in Pokemon.

Automatic snorlax win against it seems like every pokemon that's not a fighting type but it can work against you with the three mach pokemon

2 Protean

Protean can be used offensively and defensively. Always stab and the chance to make the oppents move not very effective.

By far the greatest offensive ability in the game. You will always have STAB and that's great. But wait. If you have a varied move pool, you can also use these moved to your advantage to get the correct type advantage against your opponent so that their attacks are always "not very effective". It might not be the absolute best but it's my absolute favorite

This ability works really well if you are faster and have a super effective move, but a weaker type. More Pokemon need this ability.

Do not use super effective moves that will be super effective to you as well, such as a ghost or dragon and using a ghost or dragon move changing into that, and then you're in a gambit position

3 Magic Guard

Actually a pretty great ability. Gives stealth rock immunity, poison immunity, prevents recoil (including life orb) - a better rock head and overcoat. If the user gets poisoned, it can't be burned, paralyzed or put asleep, just like poison heal.

A poisoned Clefairy with MAGIC GUARD and FACADE. Hyper Beam every attack and doesn't take damage.

A pokemon with a life orb will not take any damage!

It even makes my clefairy immune to poison or burn damage.

4 No Guard

Moves always hit so use dynamic punch or 1 hit ko move you win every time

Please No guard Machamp and Fissure is not possible
Fissure is only available from Gen 1 and 2 Virtual Console transfer. Thus is can only have its hidden ability. So anyone saying Fissure Machamp has never really tried to get fissure. Of course Dynamic Punch is a good move because you can spread confusion but Fissure No guard Machamp is not possible and I find it very annoying when someone talks about No guard Machamp

I just remember my friend using dig to kill my machamp, and I used dynamic punch, I thought I would lose, but it hit and I won, that was my first experience with the No Guard ability

I agree with this as a good ability but you cannot get a Fissure Machamp. The reason is Machamp could only get fissure in gen 2. Hidden abilities weren't present in Gen 2 thus its not possible to have no guard fissure machamp

5 Speed Boost

The best strat 4 this would be swords dance, baton pass onto a Pokémon with moxie and watch your enemies burn. (unless they go 4 taunt)

Attacking first in battle is very important. If you are first, you have 2 attacks on the opposing pokemon in the time it has only one attack on you. So you can knock it out before it will be able to do the same to you.

I disagree that this is the best because most Pokemon with this ability are already faster than the opponent on the first turn

Not true. The only viable users with speed boost are blaziken and ninjask. For blaziken, it has a below average base 80 speed that needs the op speed boost. For ninjask, it needs the speed boosts to baton pass it over to another pokemon. - Rayquasar

This is very useful if you like to attack on the first turn. Thank God Mega Blaziken has this ability.

I hate that when he is not on my team, he just uses protect like he wants to get his way - Doggus

6 Magic Bounce

Easily more OP than a good 50% of the abilities above it, any competitive player would agree that magic bounce is amazing. The reason it doesn't get as much recognition as it should is because Mega Sableye is the only mon who can use it viably, but the concept is outstandingly overpowered.

Better safe than sorry, so, is best have a pokemon with Magic Bounce in the team than use Defog or Rapid Spin. The ability prevents every stall or entry hazards based teams. If the opponent uses a non-damaging move is like you have 2 moves in a turn, and he loses the turn. Perfect.

Deflects physical attacks back to user. This is op when you have a dusknoir and froslass and your opponent has a mega sableye and probopass in Pokemon X. Then your dusknoir uses role play on their mega sableye and then takes its magic bounce ability and then dusknoir uses disable to stop it from shrouding itself with magic coat and then when mega sableye uses Hyper beam dusknoir's thanks to role play magic bounce will send it back to sableye and one hit ko it! Do same thing w

My shiny mega absol destroys with this. I don't even have to set up entry hazards and all that the opposing Pokemon does it all for me

7 Adaptability

Turned Mega Beedrill into a monster

Yo yo yo this makes mega bedroll a speedy physical sweeper wow this is a great ability

Since you should always be trying to make use of STAB along with a super effective type, Adaptability further enhances the damage to a ridiculous degree, turning even a relatively tame attack into an OHKO.

Mega Lucario is an absolute beast

8 Pure Power

Turns Medicham into an absolute beast and makes its Hi Jump Kick into one of the most powerful moves in the game.

My mega medicham can one shot any pokemon it faces with double the physical attacks I give it brick break zen headbutt ice punch fire punch it wont be stopped

Stop talking about how you used the moove but about what is!

Absolute sweep set up

9 Huge Power

Hack Huge Power (or Pure Power) onto a Slaking. See what happens.

Azumarill with Belly Drum, Aqua Jet and Huge Power. Get it in your next playthrough, you won't regret it.

Dude, Azumarill with Huge Power combined with Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Iron Tail, and Play Rough is beast mode.

Exactly like Pure Power.

10 Contrary

On its own this ability is outright broken, makes spells with massive drawbacks into set-up damage dealing nightmares. Imagine this on a hackmon with V-create.

Contrary simply makes any pokemon amazing. Serperior gets +2 after Leafstorm, Malamar gets a boost to attack and defense after Superpower. If a mon like Heracross ever got the ability, Close Combat would turn them into the bulky beast.

I took down a level 100 mega Rayquaza with a Serperior after having 4x's special attack with Contrary and using dragon pulse. I also have swept so many teams. Along with Serperior's speed it basically becomes unstoppable unless you have a fast fire, ice, poison, flying or bug type.

Awesome in the early game, as a lot of pokemon use silly moves like "growl" or "leer". Also AMAZING on Serperior

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? Flame Body
? Skill Link

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11 Poison Heal

This ability restores 1/8th of your heath at the end of every turn that you are poisoned. Though the only pokemon that can have this ability are the Breloom line and Gliscor it is still very useful (especially because ORAS made breloom relevant again). The toxic orb will inflict poison on the pokemon holding it, and Breloom can learn through egg moves and level up drain punch(with STAB) and leech seed respectively. Its low health and defense make pulling off the combo difficult but if you can land leech seed and spam drain punch you are immortal.

Combine this with a breloom with Spore. Now try not to laugh when your opponent flips you off

Poison heal is one of the best strategy moves.

Give breloom a toxic orb and it is like super OP

12 Moxie

Can be very effective if many Pokemon need to be taken out however you should watch out for strong attacks against you

Kind of lame that it rewards you AFTER you knock out a pokemon, then they switch in with a pokemon you are weak to

Moxie ia a great ability with a beneficial attribute. Imagine killing a Pokemon and suddenly increasing a level in Attack? Ever kill makes you stronger, potentially making you invincible.

It is just So Nice to get a lot of attack boosts in a battle. Just amazing

13 Shadow Tag

Its an ability which essentially if the opponent is in an unfavourable position you instantly win the game

My friends or other players ALWAYS get mad at me whenever I use Mega Gengar. I simply just enjoy it for some reason.

Just the best out there for competitive play

Wobbuffet and Mega Gengar both op with this ability

14 Serene Grace

TWO WORDS- GENTLEMAN DUN. Also, Togekiss is the absolute bane of my existence.

Togekiss: I see I outspeed you. Wouldn't it be a shame if you FLINCHED.

On a fast Pokemon, Serene Grace can make opponents non stop flinch (Togekiss, Air Slash) paralyze extremely quicky (Body Slam) and way more just from one ability. This deserves to be in the top 10.

Yeah how can u forget shaymin sky form and air slash

15 Levitate

I strongly agree, I raised a tynamo with levitate and made a KILLING MACHINE! It swept a team of a few ARCEUS! They all kept on using earthquake on me it was such a good Pokemon I definitely suggest it

SO op. Rotom is a beast with it. And because of it he is immune to 3 types.

Ground type moves wont hit

Protects from Ground Type moves cool

16 Illusion

Put a Gengar at the back of your team, send out Zoroark and watch your opponent wonder why their mewtwo isn’t affecting you

Super troll, hack it on something with absorb and you have something OP

Not everyone spends their time not playing the game without effort - Freezeo

No you put a fighting type in the last slot so when a psychic move is used it's not effective, then you can at least swords dance twice with a focus sash

Its as good as a slice of pizza

17 Toxic Boost

This is an excellent sweeping ability. Basically Guts but with poison. This ability makes my Zangoose really op. Toxic Boost + Facade sweeps everything.

I don't get this ability but if it's in the top ten it should be good

Can use burn instead

Sucks lolipops

18 Scrappy

Us ghost trainers are screwed now. What if a normal/fighting knows dark pulse? Okay I'm out now.


Finally I can spam swords dance and return/highjumpkick

Finally,my Machamp is hitting my friend's Haunter (with evoilite)! KO is mine >

19 Immunity

Bad ability to be honest, there are other ways to cripple your foe in a similar way to poison, like leech seed, rocky helmet, spikes, burn, hail, etc.

Can use burn

20 Aftermath

Aftermath always hits the foe after dying. Great! That makes

Helps when you are in a close battle, but the users aren't too good other than drifblim

21 Technician

Besides Helping Breloom a ton, this ability makes Ambipom insanely OP with Double Hit and Dual Chop (if Gen 7)

Technician is an ability that boosts attacks with base 60 power or less by 50% percent. So basically moves like hidden power, bullet seed and mach punch hit harder than ever. Technician is a very versatile ability and makes pokemon like breloom and scissor into beasts

Breloom and Scizor have priority attacks that boosted to 90 power. That is more powerful than extreme speed.

Powers up weak moves and can turn weak Pokemon into decent ones

22 Flash Fire

Immunity to fire type moves

23 Guts

Luxray may not be the best Physical attacker, but Give it Guts, a Flame Orb, and Facade, and watch it sweep whole teams without breaking a sweat! (Crunch, of course, for Ghost types).

Guts is an ability where if your Pokemon has any status condition, it's attack goes up 50%.

Guts ignores Burn's Attack drop. Plus Burn damage got nerfed so even better! Throw a Flame Orb on your favorite Guts user and watch them wreck house!

Burn reduces your atack by half :P

24 Intimidate

It's a good ability when used in triple battles.

It's useless if the opponent is a special attacker.

Cuts the opponent attack in half good on fighting types

Lol they're scared

25 Volt Absorb

Use it on a water type and you're just immune to electric moves now

It helped me a lot

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