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201 Ralts Ralts
202 Paul

COME ON PEOPLE! Why does nobody think of Paul?!?! He is the best rival Ash ever had!

Paul was mean at the start of series but I'm sure he will return prisasly is Ash's best rival and good friend

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203 Glaceon Glaceon

Glaceon is my favorite Eevee evolution there is! Especially because it is a water type and ice.

Who can not like her! She is the cutest of eevee evolutions and she should be N.2 after eevee N.1 and leafeon N.3! CUTEST OF ALL Pokemon!

BESET EEVEELUTION EVER also rili rili strong

Glaceon on is epic at least Sylveon is still higher :😎😎😎😎

204 Cheryl

Her serperior takes the prize

I have a crush on her

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205 Ducklett

Why. Is. This. Not. NUMBER ONE! You guys should be sane!

Ducklett sadly evolves into Swanna (GAY), but has overpowered moves like wing attack and gust slash.
It was supposed to be a legendary, but Gamefreak forgot. The jumbo-sized Shiny Ducklett EX is 15,496,237 times stronger then Shadow Lugia, and is more expensive then ILLUSTRATOR Pikachu in th TCG. It's brother is Yveltal, so don't mess with Ducklett. It's power level is OVER 9,000! The Mega Ducklett sadly get buried at the very bottom of the president of Gamefreak's drawer, as he was intoxicated at the time the concept was handed in. It 420-no-scope-blaze-it-360-dropshotted Giratina and Rayquaza. Has anybody got the theme deck XY Ducklett Origins Ducklett Powers theme deck, containing 4 different variations of ducklett, that take up all 60 slots. I really recommend it, and remember, capture Ducklett on Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, for the fourth strongest 5th Gen Pokemon. All ...more

206 Lillipup Lillipup

no thanks

207 Silver

One of the best rivals alongside Cheren and Bianca, because he's the first to have actual character development. Like N, your first impression of him is unsettling. He's a complete prick in the beginning of the game, insulting you, mistreating his Pokemon, but as you continue your journey he realizes that being a dick is never going to help you win and he becomes more caring. And they integrate this in the game mechanics by evolving his Golbat if you encounter him in the second half of the game. And if that wasn't good enough, he's also Giovanni's son, and his cynical personality stems from Giovanni abandoning him to go into hiding.

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208 Dedenne Dedenne

A sweetie, a troublemaker, and always hungry

209 Kabuto

I love kabuto since it is really cool looking and how the writers are staying in the fossil form!

210 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

I love aerodactyl! It is because it is really cool and it has the ability pressure which makes it seem like it's a legendary or more of a rare pokemon! And I love its mega evolution!

211 Serperior Serperior
212 Samurott Samurott
213 Tepig Tepig
214 Ninetales Ninetales

Definitely Ninetales! The Miles "Tails" Prower of Pokemon! It's smart, beautiful, and super strong! People say they use Ninetales just because it has drought, but not me! Flash Fire is just as amazing! - Pikachulover1

It is a epic fire wolf Pokemon
What is wrong with you people I can own everyone in any game with mine even if I don't use action replay too get my nine tales also its description says its tales can make it live for over one thousand years

Totally overrated, an old favorite, a canine with the spirit of a peacock...

This is my 6th fave

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215 Torterra Torterra
216 Dunsparce
217 Quagsire Quagsire

Not only is it super cute, but it also has good stats and is a reliable water powerhouse. Not to mention that it's previous evolved form is just as charming and helpful.

218 Druddigon Druddigon
219 Graveler Graveler
220 Steelix Steelix

It's Steelix. Enough Said.


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