Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

Ah, love. Everywhere. That is if you watch Powerpuff Girls. Even Pokemon are in love!

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1 Pikachu & Buneary

Buneary always flirts with pikachu. they are really cute together

2 Gallade & Gardivoir

They just look cute and amazing together

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3 Vaporeon & Glaceon

This is a great couple. Vaporeon's a water type and glaceon
Is a ice type and ice is a different form of water. This will always
Be my favorite couple - nintendofan126

4 Milotic & Dragonair V 1 Comment
5 Floatzel & Lopunny

So cute just like RD

6 May & Drew

I love May and Drew!

The best

Why not May and Clemont? They are:
•Gym Leaders
•Older siblings
•Dress horribly
So why not? by the way Max and Bonnie are real cute too!

7 Charmander & Meloetta

They have the same body height. And seriously, Oshawott had enough girls.

Pikachu and Oshawott had enough girls and Floatzel is horny.

Think about it; That would be really cute!

I'm pretty sure Oshawott fanboys will be jealous/upset with this.

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8 Loppuny & Lucario V 1 Comment
9 Piplup & Squirtle
10 Ash & Dawn

I like Dawn and Kenny WAY more than PearlShipping!

The Contenders

11 Arcanine & Houndoom
12 Blastoise & Torterra

Both tortoises & starters (ok technically their 1st forms are), but they have opposite typing going on. But water helps plants/grass so it def can work out

13 Ash & Serena

What's wrong with you peeps?! Duh, they're the only people besides James and Jessebelle that met as if it were fate, so (sucks teeth)

I hate them both so they should go together next to Ash x Pikachu!


Ew this should b last or off the list

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14 Entei and Arcanine
15 Eevee & Vulpix Eevee & Vulpix Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Also, Flareon and Ninetales would be cute too!

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16 Mime Jr. & Smoochum

They are not real couples, but they ought to be!

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17 Umbreon & Espeon

I love this! It should be #1!

18 Ash & May V 1 Comment
19 Darkrai & Gengar
20 Charmander & Kirlia

Also a nice couple!

They're so cute together!

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1. Arcanine & Houndoom
2. Blastoise & Torterra
3. Entei and Arcanine
1. Vaporeon & Glaceon
2. Milotic & Dragonair
3. Piplup & Squirtle

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