Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

Ah, love. Everywhere. That is if you watch Powerpuff Girls. Even Pokemon are in love!

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1 Pikachu & Buneary

They are adorbs

Buneary always flirts with pikachu. they are really cute together

2 May & Drew

He likes her and she likes him. It's perfect. Hope it's canon someday.

Give this ship a 210 (seriously) the writers wouldn't wanna ruin their rivalry. Drew was a good rival not a husband geez people, actually THINK!

I love May and Drew!

The best

3 Ash & Serena

Ash postponed his gym battle for her

Enough said


What's wrong with you peeps?! Duh, they're the only people besides James and Jessebelle that met as if it were fate, so (sucks teeth)

I hate them both so they should go together next to Ash x Pikachu!

4 Umbreon & Espeon

I kinda ship it... - Swiftfrost

I love this! It should be #1!

5 Vaporeon & Glaceon

This is a great couple. Vaporeon's a water type and glaceon
Is a ice type and ice is a different form of water. This will always
Be my favorite couple - nintendofan126

6 Loppuny & Lucario

They look so perfect together

I think this should personally be the number 1. Not the second to last one! But as long as it is on the list.
★~(� - �△� - �✿)

7 Gallade & Gardivoir

They just look cute and amazing together

I agree with this too

So obvious

8 Ash & Dawn

love them

They're sexy together

I like Dawn and Kenny WAY more than PearlShipping!

9 Milotic & Dragonair

Best...ship...ever... they just belong u can just look at them both and think... wow

10 Arcanine & Houndoom

The Contenders

11 Lucario & Braixen

It's one that I understand from the two I just don't like braixen with anyone else is there something wrong with that.

I LOOOVE IT! Lopunny's a brat so she will never be with Lucario. Braixen, on the other hand...

They are sole mates and I had drawn a fanart picture where they kiss at dusk and it just looks so cute!

Yass better than, loppunny and Lucario

12 Piplup & Squirtle
13 Ash & May

Why no they look cute with each other

No. Just no.

14 Blastoise & Torterra

Both tortoises & starters (ok technically their 1st forms are), but they have opposite typing going on. But water helps plants/grass so it def can work out

15 Floatzel & Lopunny

So cute just like RD

16 Entei and Arcanine

Fire dog 'legends' lol

17 Flareon & Glaceon

I don't like this couple! - nintendofan126

I love this ship

18 Lucario & Gardevoir

I think that this couples is just cute! I find them cute with Riolu & Kirlia as well

19 Darkrai & Gengar
20 Charmander & Kirlia

Also a nice couple!

They're so cute together!

21 Tracey & Misty

So cute shipping

22 Jessie & James

Yes I love rocketshiping

I love it! They already work together and been together for the whole entire thing so it would make since if they were a couple

Sheesh, am I really the only one who thought this true?! If you can't see it, you're as blind as a Zubat!

Love this. Although I'm not sure if it would be incest 0.o - Antifi

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23 Charmander & Meloetta

They have the same body height. And seriously, Oshawott had enough girls.

Pikachu and Oshawott had enough girls and Floatzel is horny.

Think about it; That would be really cute!

Charmander! Not Oshawott, the casanova wannabe!

24 Ho-Oh & Moltres

Not bad, I didn't think of that!

Two fire birds yes

Both legendary Phoenixs that r fire/flying typing!

25 Gary & Ash

I ship it

OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSHOMGOSH (begins to hyperventilate) (faints) Bleh...(twitches)


26 Skitty & Poochyena

This is a cute couple! It's like a cute bubbly girlfriend paired with the overprotective, serious boyfriend. (with a nice side)

27 Cilan & Iris

Must.. Resist... Urge.. To.. Punch.. Computer!.. - RiverClanRocks

What In the world

Cilan belongs with Burgundy!

28 Blissey & Audino
29 Mime Jr. & Smoochum

They are not real couples, but they ought to be!

I don't see Mime Jr. but I see Pancham!

30 Jigglypuff & Greninja
31 Eevee & Vulpix Eevee & Vulpix Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Also, Flareon and Ninetales would be cute too!

Yep, they're perty neat! And no, it's not a typo.

32 Charizard & Dragonite

I can just see them so cute since dragonites are usally friendly while charizard are usally rough and wild

Why not? Before Pokèmon was cool to me, I honestly thought Dragonite was a Fire Type 8)

33 Darkrai & Cresellia
34 Dawn & Zoey

Uh... Are some of you... No, Hannah, don't say it.

35 Houndoom & Mightyena

Two scary dogs yes please

36 Jolteon & Leafeon

They are so cute together! - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

37 Ash & Misty

They are cute together

Of course ash and misty daaah

Finally! I don't know why this is #79?!?!

What the heck this is so much better than Ash x Serena it makes me feel like dead in side to see it so much further back. They’re perfect for each other and to be honest Serena is a pain and Ash doesn’t deserve to have to drag around such a dead weight. Misty is the original and the two of them clearly have something stronger than Ash and Serena.

38 Paul & Dawn
39 Ninetales & Houndoom
40 Oshawott & Meloetta
41 Pikachu & Eevee

They're similar to each other, and they both look cuteee

Yup,Pikachu and (Insert pikachu clone) are too overrated,Eevee is perfect for Pikachu,I shipped Ash's Pikachu and Serena's Eevee even though Serena is my least favorite character in the anime and I hate amourshipping. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

They look really similar, this couple is the bezz :))

42 Vaporeon & Sylveon
43 Gyarados & Milotic

Come on put this higher!

44 Espeon & Umbreon

Why. Isn't. This. In. The. Top. Tens?

45 Delphox & Greninja

I think it could turn out ok

Really, Fire and Water Types mixed?!

46 Glaceon & Sylveon
47 Butterfree & Beautifly
48 Nidoking & Nidoqueen

Why can't they breed?

49 Furret & Linoone
50 Shaymin & Sceptile
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