Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

Ah, love. Everywhere. That is if you watch Powerpuff Girls. Even Pokemon are in love!

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1 Pikachu & Buneary

Buneary always flirts with pikachu. they are really cute together

2 May & Drew

Give this ship a 210 (seriously) the writers wouldn't wanna ruin their rivalry. Drew was a good rival not a husband geez people, actually THINK!

I love May and Drew!

The best

love them!

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3 Umbreon & Espeon

I love this! It should be #1!

4 Ash & Serena

What's wrong with you peeps?! Duh, they're the only people besides James and Jessebelle that met as if it were fate, so (sucks teeth)

I hate them both so they should go together next to Ash x Pikachu!


Ew this should b last or off the list

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5 Gallade & Gardivoir

They just look cute and amazing together

I agree with this too

So obvious

6 Vaporeon & Glaceon

This is a great couple. Vaporeon's a water type and glaceon
Is a ice type and ice is a different form of water. This will always
Be my favorite couple - nintendofan126

7 Loppuny & Lucario

I think this should personally be the number 1. Not the second to last one! But as long as it is on the list.
★~(� - �△� - �✿)

8 Ash & Dawn

They're sexy together

I like Dawn and Kenny WAY more than PearlShipping!

9 Milotic & Dragonair

Best...ship...ever... they just belong u can just look at them both and think... wow

10 Floatzel & Lopunny

So cute just like RD

The Newcomers

? Torracat & Persian
? Tropius & Meganium

Poor grovile/septile... - person5000

The Contenders

11 Piplup & Squirtle
12 Charmander & Meloetta

They have the same body height. And seriously, Oshawott had enough girls.

Pikachu and Oshawott had enough girls and Floatzel is horny.

Think about it; That would be really cute!

I'm pretty sure Oshawott fanboys will be jealous/upset with this.

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13 Arcanine & Houndoom
14 Ash & May

No. Just no.

15 Blastoise & Torterra

Both tortoises & starters (ok technically their 1st forms are), but they have opposite typing going on. But water helps plants/grass so it def can work out

16 Flareon & Glaceon

I don't like this couple! - nintendofan126

I love this ship

17 Lucario & Gardevoir

I think that this couples is just cute! I find them cute with Riolu & Kirlia as well

18 Entei and Arcanine

Fire dog 'legends' lol

19 Lucario & Braixen
20 Eevee & Vulpix Eevee & Vulpix Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Also, Flareon and Ninetales would be cute too!

Yep, they're perty neat! And no, it's not a typo.

21 Mime Jr. & Smoochum

They are not real couples, but they ought to be!

I don't see Mime Jr. but I see Pancham!

22 Charmander & Kirlia

Also a nice couple!

They're so cute together!

23 Darkrai & Gengar
24 Ho-Oh & Moltres

Not bad, I didn't think of that!

Two fire birds yes

Both legendary Phoenixs that r fire/flying typing!

25 Skitty & Poochyena

This is a cute couple! It's like a cute bubbly girlfriend paired with the overprotective, serious boyfriend. (with a nice side)

26 Tracey & Misty
27 Blissey & Audino
28 Gary & Ash

OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSHOMGOSH (begins to hyperventilate) (faints) Bleh...(twitches)


29 Cilan & Iris

Must.. Resist... Urge.. To.. Punch.. Computer!.. - RiverClanRocks

What In the world

Cilan belongs with Burgundy!

30 Jessie & James

I love it! They already work together and been together for the whole entire thing so it would make since if they were a couple

Sheesh, am I really the only one who thought this true?! If you can't see it, you're as blind as a Zubat!

Love this. Although I'm not sure if it would be incest 0.o - Antifi

31 Houndoom & Mightyena

Two scary dogs yes please

32 Charizard & Dragonite

I can just see them so cute since dragonites are usally friendly while charizard are usally rough and wild

Why not? Before Pokèmon was cool to me, I honestly thought Dragonite was a Fire Type 8)

33 Jigglypuff & Greninja
34 Dawn & Zoey

Uh... Are some of you... No, Hannah, don't say it.

35 Oshawott & Meloetta
36 Darkrai & Cresellia
37 Jolteon & Leafeon
38 Vaporeon & Sylveon
39 Ninetales & Houndoom
40 Shaymin & Sceptile
41 Delphox & Greninja

Really, Fire and Water Types mixed?!

42 Gyarados & Milotic

Come on put this higher!

43 Paul & Dawn
44 Espeon & Umbreon

Why. Isn't. This. In. The. Top. Tens?

45 Butterfree & Beautifly
46 Nidoking & Nidoqueen

Why can't they breed?

47 Zoroark & Delphox
48 Pikachu & Eevee
49 Riolu & Braixen

Don't knOw if it's in here but I say Lucario and Delphox.

50 Aurorus & Frogadier
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