Top 10 Best Pokemon Episodes

The Top Ten Best Pokemon Episodes

1 Island of the Giant Pokemon

This episode is my favorite because you can understand what Pokemon are saying, and its funny and strangely, that island was inhabited by team rocket people

I really liked this episode due to how you could actually understand what the Pokemon were talking about, and both Team rocket and their Pokemon had to work with Ash and his friends was just pretty original! The ending also had a twist, which makes you wonder what happens to poor Team Rocket...

It was funny and was also sad but the giant pokemon were so cool.

This episode randomly breaks the subtitles out while the Pokemon are talking. It's a pretty good episode on top of that, but it's the subtitles that really make it special.

2 Pokemon, I Choose You!

It is the best episode ever because in the episode Ash is wants his first Pokemon and then he gets up late!

Well, it was cool how Pikachu didn't like Ash at first, (good instincts :D) but then risks his life to save him from the hostile birds. - RueSapphireShiverpool

Why is this episode in a best list? To be honest, I find it hard to believe that this is the best episode of the series. Heartfelt? Yes. A good episode? It's a stretch, but no. - Thifer20

CLASSIC zap I like the jokes that prof. Oak makes like it has a shocking personality

3 Gotta Catch Ya Later

You've gotta admit that although this is sad, it still feels good to watch this episode. Unlike the newer episodes, "Gotta Catch Ya Later" gives us a tearful goodbye to Misty. May and Max's goodbye wasn't very heartfelt and in the Black and White ending it didn't seem as if a Ash really missed Iris and Cilan. But in this episode, they give us a great ending.

1. We get a sweet and gentle song from Misty

2. We see Ash actually showing his emotions for Misty

3. And then in the end, you come to find out the real reason Misty stayed with Ash.

These are the reasons why I liked this episode. Besides Dawn and Brock's goodbye, the newer goodbyes didn't feel the same. Especially since the newer characters didn't have a real relationship with Ash and basically felt like just plain old replacements for the departing characters. If you don't like this goodbye though. I can understand but hear me, in goodbye is as sad as this one.

It's so sad to see the best female character on the show leave. But it's good do see the best girl make ash cry over her. Just saying. So screw you pearlshippers

It's most saddest episode ever I have seen. It made me cry a lot. Misty I'll miss you. Other goodbyes are not much sad than this was. It was the end of our childhood.

Misty is really awesome

4 Charizard Chills

Ash's Charizard is frozen by a Poliwrath's icebeam. Ash works all night to warm Chairzard up. Charizard thinks about all the things ash has done for it since it was a Charmander. It regains it's trust in it's trainer.

Charizard finally begins to listen to ash. Charizard is a beast, enough said.

This episode is my favorite. Ash's Charizard (Arguably Ash's most strongest pokemon) finally listens to Ash and becomes loyal to Ash thereafter.

Best episode because of Charizard being nice to Ash! Sad that Ash left him not long after...

5 X & Y Episode 1 and 2

These two episodes just drew me in. Ash looked so epic and seemed somewhat older and the ending with serena... I just really enjoyed it!

Ash is meant for serena and her reaction just proved her feelings it also shows in episode 13 though I'm not going to give it away you will see what I mean.

Um no. Serena has a crush on Ash and Ash isn't interested in her so there. - RiverClanRocks

I love Pokemon x and y

These episodes so amazing

6 Ash Catches a Pokemon

A well done character developing episode, from Misty's hilarious bug hate to Caterpie's grit and determination. I especially love the conversation between Caterpie and Pikachu by moonlight - it's so cute and the music is beautiful and fitting. Call me a 23 year old sap but I tear up watching Caterpie dream of flying by the moonlight. Even the supposed weakest of us are allowed to dream big.

The scene with Pikachu and Caterpie conversing is honestly the cutest and most heartfelt moment of the series- especially considering that Butterfree will go away later on.

I love this episode. The scene with Pikachu and Caterpie talking at night just melts my heart every single time I watch that part!

I love season 1 and 2 of Pokemon

7 Can't Beat the Heat

The Best Battle in the series! Sorry D&P fans but this one shows everything: Ash has developed not only as a trainer but as a person as well. He used his best Pokémon Charizard to take out 3 Pokemon! And that is saying a lot.

We finally got to see Gary's starter, and the battle between Charizard and Blastoise is just amazing to see

i agree

I love Gary

8 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!

Dawn my fave female main character returns, ! And piplups super cute!

DAWN RULES! Actually made Black and White worth while for a few episodes. Thank you Dawn for helping out a sad series.

Firstly, Dawn. Secondly, Dawn and last but not least Dawn.

I only like this episode because of Meloetta. I do not like Dawn or her piplup.

9 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

Charizard - nee Charmeleon- comes to the rescue of Ash, Misty, Brock, and a dozen paleontologists.

My favorite episode as a child and today; see Aerodactyl and Kabutops, Gary appearance, Team Rocket at its best, and Charizard evolves. My favorite episode and the only one I've memorized completely.

I like this because CHARMELEON evolves into CHARIZARD

My favorite episode. For the first time you see a extremely powerful Pokemon in the series. Plus Charizard is my favorite Pokemon ever

10 Charmander the Stray Pokemon

Very sweet episode. Sad, has a good ending, and is light hearted. Perfect. #1

A sweet episode that sets off one of Ash's most used pokémon throughout the series.

Thisvis a sad episode where charmander is almost about to (finger round my neck) and ash saves him by bringing him to the nnearest pokemon center (in his cloak)

When I saw this episode I cried.
This episode is a tragecomedy. A tragecomedy is a sad movie with a happy ending. - Piplup

The Contenders

11 Mystery at the Lighthouse

I know its dragonite because its shape eyes and the things on its head look simular to a dragonite so it should be a dragonite ore it's a Pokemon that has been created by man like mewtwo so it can also be a created or unknown Pokemon The End

Funny, mysterious and sad all in one episode :( poor dragonite

The meaning of life is divulged in this episode.

Is really misterious see for first once to dragonite

12 The Legend of Thunder Parts 1-3

The Legend of Thunder special is one of my favorite special episode (Both Japanese and English versions) along with some other Chronicles episodes that are not on this list yet. - Nectaria

At first I thought it said the legend of thunder pants!

I thought it also said the ledgend of thunder parks.

One of my faavorites.

13 Espeon Not Included

It's a cool episode it's great to see Sakura character arc finish even though it would have been interesting if she went with Ash

14 Go West, Young Meowth

This is a very moving episode that shows Meowth's past, how he was rejected again and again and how he ended up joining a street gang. It also shows how Meowth learnt to walk, talk, and what prompted him to join Team Rocket. Then, in the present, Team Rocket save Meowth from the street gang with an awesome song! - RueSapphireShiverpool

I love this episode, it finally gave me an answer to why Meowth can talk and it did so in a great way. One of the most emotional episodes out there and it shows how much Jessie and James actually cares about Meowth.

The plot was way different than the usual and the Meowth's sentiments are visible. Team Rocket showed that they're not that bad and this episode is also quite moving. Certainly my favorite!

Great episode. We finally get to see Meowth's past as well as the whole reason why he can talk. And not only that but we see that Jessie and James really do care about Meowth.

15 Friend or Foe Alike

This is a really good epidode

16 Bye Bye Butterfree

This episodes the best! Everyone I knew who watched this has cried. these are the kind of episodes that you remember.

First time, it shows Ash willing to sacrifice his dreams for his Pokemon to get a better life.

I swear, this episode didn't leave a single dry eye. We love you Butterfree! You will be missed!

I cried so much on this episode, really great

17 Pikachu's Goodbye

It made pikachu and ash trust each other even more and it was sooo cute

I was 14, I knew he was gonna stay with Ash, and I still bawled my eyes out. It has a powerful message. That friendship can never be broken up. No matter how big or small the bond between friends R.It changed my outlook on life itself. All of my ex friends are still my friends. And that is why I love this episode dearly

I can't get over this amazing episode. Even though I've seen it over 15 times, it is the best episode for sure. It shows the strong bond between Ash and his Pikachu saying they can never be parted.

Seriously, I cried when I watched this today, and I'm 19 laugh out loud

18 Dittos Mysterious Mansion

lol transform into this(jessy told ditto to transform into a dratini in a book)and ditto tranformed into the book

Check out the Ex Delta Species cards of Ditto; they play on Ditto's inability to change its face, just like in this classic episode. Definitely one of the best episodes about one of the most iconic Pokemon.

It's funny how Team Rocket capture Ditto and try to get it to transform into Dratini and it turns into a book, and also there is a picture of Jessie's first crush and Ditto just turns into the picture. ALSO, ASH AND FRIENDS MOCK TEAM ROCKET'S MOTTO! HOW DARE THEY? - RueSapphireShiverpool

It was so funny when I was a kid and dittos face was so cute to me!

19 The Name's N

I like this episode because n is one of my favorite pokemon charictors alongside nurse joy and dawn

Word pass



Any episode with N is good. And there was no pointless Concordia and Anthea. It also showed N's longing to find Reshiram. And N's ability to understand Pokemon. And the first of N's many sacrifices to help Pokemon. No doubt an amazing episode. Saving Braviary had a bit more character development in it, but this was N's first time on the show, and it was definitely not a failure.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

20 Flame Pokemon a Thon

It's amazing and me and Emma love it because it is the best episode ever yay. We like Rapidash lots.

This episode is the only episode where a man rides an Electrode like Super Monkey Ball. He is a true inspiration.

ponyta evolves into rapidash in this episode

I like this episode very much

21 Haunter vs Kadabra

Truly epic. This episode is a huge favourite of mine!

My personal favorite, this one's too funny!

22 Hoenn Alone
23 The Song of Jigglypuff

I love Jigglypuff. Another episode I love is when Ash goes t get the fire badge and the gym leader is disguised and tells them all riddles. It even has Jigglypuff in it!

Easily the best. Team Rockets song was awesome.

I cracked up watching Team Rocket reaction

Jigglypuff is awesome with that marker. Haha

24 Memories Are Made of Bliss

Marked the end to the best Pokemon series ever and it did it in style. Such an awesome episode and my personal favourite.

Deserves to be no. 1. Really made me cry. - PlatinumTheHitgirl

Dawn and Ash's goodbye was so...*sniffles* the high five though... *wipes away tears* and then Brock for good... along with most mention of the original series...we would hever se Brock again, and Dawn's co-star...I'M SORRY I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE *starts sobbing and shuts off computer* *runs into a dark corner and cries*

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

My personal favourite episode is this marking the end of diamond and pearl and aslo I think end of original Pokémon series...
I didn't understood what they said in the end " next time a new beginning" black and white started after it and I didn't understand what really happened...I guess black and white series and further series are just different series of Pokémon...Sinnoh league marked end of original series...made me cry still I cry with thoughtof that episode...brok dawn miss u also I'll miss misty and may and max...bye bye Pokémon master ash u can do it byee byee Pokémon doctor brokh u can do it...byee dawn byee misty byee may byee max and also byee to that character in orange island who has a name like girl and aslo byee richee byee Gary...😥😥😭😭😭😭

25 The Endless Zero! Until The Day We Meet Again!

Why Serena? Why? The reason you started your journey, the reason, we all love you *sob sob*. One of the MOST memorable episodes

This is the Japanese name. In English, it's "Till We Compete Again! "

Feels! FEELS! When Serena left, I was so sad! - Absolite

Only shippers actually cried

26 Electric Shock Showdown

Pikachu vs raichu one of ash's well earned gym badge in the first season because most of them were earned by helping out the gym leader but this he fought and did it well beating he's evolution

this used to be my favorite

I loved this episode as picachu was a boss and he even moved Meowth!

Is the best of list.

27 The Tower of Terror

Tower of terror is great, especially when ash scares misty and brock with a mask and when ash was a ghost! It should be first!

I thought this would be scary because its lavender town but it ended up being very funny

This is the best episode ever awesome humor, story etc. This is my favourite Pokemon episode there are many others but this is in my perspective the best
(note I have not seen to many episodes more for the games

NOSTALGIA. This is the word to explain this episode!

28 Gotta Catch Em All

Saw it when I was 9 and still the best

It's the motto of ash. Well, kind of

Unfortunately I have to vote to tell you you're wrong.

First is always the best!

29 Pokemon Shipwreck

Well, it's kinda funny because everyone thought that Ash, Brock, Misty, James and Jessie were dead because of the sinking ship, also, James's legendary Magikarp... I almost died laughing. - RueSapphireShiverpool

What the magikarp. Lol seriously JAMES

Oh my god this was hilarious. ALL HAIL THE KING OF KARP and Pikachu shakes hands with Meowth and electricutes him. And Goldeen's face when she found Team Rocket drowning - Goatworlds

Because this one has my favorite Pokémon magikarp!

30 Snow Way Out!

This really shows how much Ash cares for his pokemon and it's so sad!

The reason I love this episode is because it shows how much Ash truly cares for his Pokemon. For example, he saves Pikachu in a blizzard and makes sure his Pokemon are warm and safe at the cost of his own warmth and safety.

This episode shows how much Ash truly cares about his Pokemon. Upon getting separated from Pikachu in a blizzard he follows quickly getting seperated from Brock and Misty in the blizzard. When reunited with Pikachu he uses Charmander to make an ice cave and uses his other Pokemon to help block the entrance. When he sees that his Pokemon seem weak and cold he recalls them into their pokeballs and wraps them up in his jacket. When part of the entrances breaks he covers it with his body to keep his Pokemon safe and warm. They come out of their pokeballs and huddle with him and Pikachu to keep each other warm.

I love this episode so much! Pikachu, charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur and even pidgeotto showed how much they care about ash. "You win, Guess we'll all be cold together".

31 Round One...Begin!

This episode shows how powerful Ash's Krabby/Kingler really is. Plus, it demonstrates that Ash is no amateur trainer since he wins the battle with one Pokemon. The name's pretty attractive too!

32 The Misty Mermaid

I thought it was a great Misty centered episode! Her sisters are really funny, and it was great to see great qualities in Misty that she'd later showcase as the official Cerulean City gym leader.

Was always my favourite! I love water Pokemon and the battle between Seel/Dewgong and Team Rocket was epic. Also the ditzy commentary from Misty's sisters, haha

It shows off so much about Misty and this is the first real time we get to see how strong she is on her own

Really I love misty style in this episode - Serena

33 Holy Matrimony

Best episode ever, I love James's fake story, James's real story, and the humor in this episode is amazing

You have to say this was great. One of the best ever!

Really funny and shows a special side of James!

My favourite episode! Hilarious watching James' reaction to Jessiebelle and Jessie and Meowth's terrible 'camouflage' outfit. One of the first episodes that mainly focused on Team Rocket.

34 Computer Soldier Porygon

I like porygon, but are you serious?! They decided not to put its evolutions porygon2 and porygonZ in the anime because they're scared that it will cause flashing lights? It was stupid pikachu's fault, not porygon's.

This episode can cause seizures evil Pikachu kills 600 kids - Goatworlds

Episode 38 only aired once in Japan. Nearly seven hundred Japanese children suffered seizures. This episode also gave the Pokémon anime the dubious title of "Most Photosensitive Epileptic Seizures Caused by a Television Show" from The Guinness Book of World Records. It is also the reason why porygon 2 or porygon Z will never be seen in the anime,

Wasn't this episode banned?

35 Seeking Shelter From the Storm

Don't remind me! This episode just had so many FEELS! - Absolite

People don't pay enough attention to this episode. It made me cry the whole time especially when Espurr was holding the flower and dropped it.

It made me sad the situation between espurr and the old lady.


36 Abra and the Psychic Showdown
37 The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

This is an all time favorite for me it was a hilarious episode

This episode is super interesting as it features an actual ghost and it is very romantic. I hope she gets to see the man she loved.

The episode is the best in the Pokemon cartoon and my favorite cartoon is Pokemon thank

This episode is so romantic wow - Serena

38 Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu!

Simply awesome and packed with epic scenes of battles and the renowned capture styler
(you even get to see it in action! )

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

I love riolu because it evolves into lucario

39 Ignorance is Blissey

One of my favorite episodes, based around my all time favorite character. It really makes you feel horrible for Jessie, and shows her in a totally different light. this should be way higher up on the list.

Such a sweet episode!

Good cute funny episode - Serena

Just, Just amazing

40 XY59: Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!

Only shippers like this

This Is Going To Be A Rocking Episode

But Serena Doesn't Know How Many Girls Ash Left Behind : Misty, May, Dawn, Iris And Now Serena

In The List Dawn And Serena Are My Favrites

I Never Thought This Would Happen Lets Make This Episode Number 1

41 The Bicker the Better

The episode was funny and it was good with the non-stop bickering

A real classic from the advance era!

One of the best written episodes. Episode 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, Whiscash and Ash, and A Real Rival Rouser are the only episodes on the same level.

Whhat? Why is this in the top 40? I thought this was one of the worst episodes.

42 Hocus Pokemon

I remember the scene where ash got turned into a Pikachu (sorry for spoilers people)

I some how got addicted to the scene where ash turns into a Pikachu.

Good very good episode - Serena

43 The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!

I like the episode because charizard returns

I thought this episode would come at first. So sad. We need to vote for this episode

It showed how strong ash and iris can be.

I love this episode because I had never seen an episode with Charizard before, and both Charizard and Dragonite were epic in the battle. And Charmander's story was so sad. It was a good reminder of Ash in the original series and his adorable and loving Pokemon. Also...N. You know how much I love N. And N and Cilan's brotherly moment..."They say opposites attract, but I think these two attract as well! " "That's exactly right. Those two are drawn to each other." Let the Dragonshipping begin! Just kidding :P But that moment was priceless.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

44 Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest

I cried during this episode because sewaddle was so adorable and annoying/hard to stop crying type of thing.

45 Claydol Big and Tall

Hilarious episode! Best episode of them all for sure

46 In the Shadow of Zekrom

First. Episode. Amazing. Probably


47 The Dream Continues

NO MORE IRIS AND CILAN! (throws party)

48 Me, Myself and Time

A good and a ep that take you to a journey through time and space, and makes you think about a great mystery of the universe.

It's just so beautiful and so great

49 Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race

No Serena crush.

Cannon Serena crush. What more do you want?

50 Working on a Right Move

Amazing episode. I shows hat Ash has really grown and Conway is an awesome anti-hero.

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