Review: Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon

Just think about this for one moment: it has been twenty years since The Pokemon Franchise first debuted. So what has the franchise accomplished in all of this time? A lot, in fact. The series has spanned over several generations of Video Games, spawned a TV Show which is still going on to this very day, a Manga Series, a hugely wide array of spinoffs, and even a trading card game. It is currently one of the best selling gaming franchises in the history of the world. To this very day, the video game franchises receive positive reviews from very prominent gaming critics, spark worldwide attention, and, then, well, ultimately, they sell like gangbusters.

What has Gamefreak done o celebrate Pokemon's twentieth birthday? Well, Pokemon Go was released in 2016, which became a nice, large, and very major craze for anybody with a phone. But more notably, the seventh generation of Pokemon was kicked off, with Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon.

Sun and Moon serves as the ultimate test for Pokemon. Has the Franchise withstood the test of time, or has it gone old and senile? This review will explore whether or not Sun and Moon lived up to the hype, and also, why or why not it actually did.

But the gist of this review is simple: Sun and Moon has surpassed the hype. The end result is arguably the greatest addition that the Franchise has ever scene, and the most fresh Pokemon Experience that we have ever seen since the original Kanto Games.

Now onto the Review:

Graphics: Pokemon Games have never really been known for having the most sunning graphics. In fact, until Gen VI, they didn't even try to look modern. Gen V and all of those before it are nearly unrecognizable as modern video games, bearing extreme resemblance to the good old classic titles that made the NES and the SNES famous.

Generation VI made the bold move of trying to make the graphics more up to date. Sadly, while the Pokemon looked amazing, the human models needed a little bit of work. A few of them even looked like glorified Miis. 3D Graphics were an awesome (and long overdue) move in the long run, but just a little bit more effort put into them would have been nice.

Sun and Moon picks up whee the Generation Vi left off. Are the graphics any better here? The answer is simple: Yes. The character models are clearly far more detailed and the Pokemon look even more amazing than ever before. The 3DS is home to some great looking games, and this is one of the highlights. Those who have played Nintendo Consoles should know by now that Nintendo ignores what everybody else does in terms of graphics. While games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End aim to make themselves look as completely realistic as possible, Mario, Pokemon, and even Zelda have always approached things differently. They look completely cartoonish, but this is actually not a very bad thing. The colors pop out at you and cause the game to be a very great treat for those who enjoy nice, rich, beautiful, and colorful graphics. The character models are much more detailed and nowhere near as irritating to look at as they were in the otherwise wonderful looking Generation VI Pokemon Video Games. Sun and Moon is by far the best looking Pokemon Game to date,

Music: Obviously, graphics are just a bonus. As is a music. You can have the best soundtrack in the world, but the game can still be very bad. This is a lesson that Sonic 2006 taught us mercilessly. Nevertheless, graphics and then especially music are really what helps to set the mood for these kinds of Video Games as always. If you were having the time of your like with the most epic battle in Pokemon History and a lullaby was playing in place of fast paced music, well then, we have got a problem.

ORAS (Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire) set an undeniably high bar for future Pokemon Games, especially in terms of music. If you catch me jamming to theme that plays when you fight Maxie and Archie, well then don't expect me to cover myself up. I'll even offer you a chance to join in.

Sun and Moon has a lot to live up to in many cases, and music is most certainly one of them. When I first started the game and was listening to the music, all that I could think was "meh, it is okay". But then there came a time around the middle of the game where I realized how much I was enjoying the soundtracks. Songs that were only songs that I found to be okay at first became songs that I found amazing. If there is one soundtrack that knows how to grow on you, it is Sun and Moon. If you were to just listen to the soundtrack on paper, WITHOUT playing the game, then you might enjoy some soundtracks, but in order to truly appreciate it, you need to play the game and see just how well the music fits in with the moments The music fits the moments tremendously well. The Totem Pokemon Theme sounds like just what the battles are: an amazing song about the rise of a deadly and dangerous creature. Guzma's Theme is by far the most jam-worthy song that the series has seen to date. Lusamine's Theme is both haunting and beautiful. Hau's theme is full of happiness and fun. Gladion's Theme is purely the greatest rival theme ever. The regular trainer theme sounds a lot more engaging than past regular trainer themes. The Island Kahuna music is very nice and captivating. The Elite Four Theme is filled with hype and buildup. The Championship Batle Theme is quite possibly the greatest soundtrack in Pokemon History, possibly even surpassing even that of both Primal Dialga and Zinnia. The music on the road is amazing Sun and Moon has by far the greatest soundtrack in the history of the whole entire Franchise.

Story: This is where the game takes a very unexpected turn. Amazing soundtrack? All Pokemon Games have that. Amazing graphics? Generation VI started that. Amazing Story? Now that is something new.

All Pokemon Games have a likable story. Generation I took the less is more approach and although it fit the feel of the game the story was rather weak and pathetic compared to the other ones. Generation II's story was more complicated and therefore more captivating. Generation III and IV built upon these two generations quite nicely. Generation V made up a story that blew all of the other ones out of the water. Generation VI failed to live up to Generation V, however. Despite having a great story, it oh so deeply lacked development.

Does Sun and Moon surpass Generation V? The answer is simple: Yes. It surpasses it and then hammers it ino the ground once and for all. Unlike any other main series Pokemon Video Game, Sun and Moon is STORY DRIVEN. The story actually feels REQUIRED HERE. The cut-scenes being much more cinematic than usual definitely helps.

Alola is a very fascinating Region, It's not quite like the ones that we are used too. Badges and Gym Battles have been ditched in place of Z-Crystals and then Trials. It feels more engaging this way. Previous Generations of the franchise made Gym Battles feel like it was some hardcore thing to do. Only the strong survive and then that is it. Sun and Moon has this feel as well. However, in this case, it is much different, The trials are talked about much more and it actually feels like more of an island tradition than a goal. This made it feel much more engaging to me. It's not like previous generations where people are all like "Oh cool your a trainer!" its more like "Good luck with your island challenge!" People are much more behind you on this one. People expect you to be doing this and then they love you for it. Sun and Moon offers much more background to Alola than to any other region.

Another thing that this story does right is the emotion. In addition to brief side-stories such as Captain Kiawe getting laid off from one of his jobs when he does not deserve it (this happens a lot in real life, sadly.) the characters themselves have amazing character arcs. Lillie is most certainly the most notable in this scenario. She becomes your traveling companion in Poni Island, which serves as one of the best moments in the series. Lillie reflects on her timidness and how much she admires you. How much you are able to get stuff done even when all seems like nothing but hopelessness to her. An even better moment came in the form of raiding Team Skull's Hideout: The World told you this story. The town that Team Skull has taken over is an extremely depressing place. Not only is it raining and thundering outside, but graffiti is everywhere. The house that serves as they're hideout consists of vandalized walls, a chandelier on the stairs that probably feel from the ceiling, scattered papers, and an overall extreme feel of uncleanliness. These guys are anarchists, remember?

Another great moment of the story is the way that the Mascot Legendary Pokemon are handled. Let's just say they are executed far more differently than previous mascots.

One thing that separates Alola from other Regions is the fact that the Island Kahuna of your home island is who gives you a Pokemon, Also, there is no Pokemon League. Alola has its own tradition but this is altered by Professor Kukui throughout the whole entire game. By the end of the game, you do have a Pokemon League. A well established one that Professor Kukui had built all by himself.

Just like in Hoenn and Kalos, you are the new kid on the block. You have just moved to Alola. I greatly prefer this over other generations where you have lived in the region your whole entire life. How in the whole entire world am I supposed to get attached to the main player character's relationship with Cheren and Bianca in Unova? These guys are all already established as friends. I did not get to see they're relationship develop onscreen. The game basically just points to two random people and says "These two are your best friends!!" What?!

Sun and Moon breaks this. Just like with Hoenn and Kalos, the people, the Region, and the Pokemon are all as new to the player character as they are to you. Every single Pokemon Game needs to be like this. This is NOT where you grew up, this is a whole new world.

The story in this game feels like an actual narrative, and as a whole, upon experiencing the story for myself, watching the villainous team plots unfold, seeing the world and lore, interacting with the characters, the minor side-quests, and the cut-scenes, I can safely say that this is one of the best stories in Gaming. It rivals even that of adult titles. Story-wise, the showdown between you and Professor Kukui is by far the greatest moment in Pokemon History.

The story as a whole is also very mature. It touches on some very surprisingly mature and important subjects and there were even a few instances where I completely forgot that I was playing a Video Game that was meant for Children.

Characters: Being a story driven game really benefits the cast a lot. This is NOT the traditional, you go to the next town, meet some new people, move on, and then never see them ever again. The Trial Captains and Kahuna's are not like the Gym Leaders. They aren't just strong obstacles for you to overcome. They are literally actual characters. They are part of the world. They have their quirks, they have their development.

Hau being a friendly rival would probably turn off a lot of people. Serena from the XY games was my second least favorite rival behind only Blue. She had no development whatsoever. The only reason why I liked her better than Blue was because Blue was also guilty of having no development whatsoever, but, well, unlike Blue, at least Serena isn't unbearable o be around. Blue was just a bully.

Hau was different. He's not like Serena. He is even nicer than she already was. But at least he actually has development. Please don't dismiss Hau as "just another annoying friend" because Gamefreak did friendly rivals right this time around. Hau annoyed the crap out of me at first, but, well, just like the soundtrack, he grew on me.

Gladion is the rival to go to as well if you prefer the edgier guys. He is even more interesting than Hau. He is actually an unofficial member of Team Skull, but it is clear that he does not like them one bit. He's also not a bad guy like them. Well then, why would he join them? Because he is using them to get stronger. But why would he want to get stronger? The revelation as to why is one of the best moments in the game.

The Protagonist himself/herself is actually a lot more lively than past Protagonists. The reason as to why this is the case because your given more chances to choose what you say in response to the characters. It effects the dialogue just a little bit more and you aren't always forced to say yes. You can actually say the negative answer if you want. The game does not even punish you for it. No longer do you have to answer the questions all over again until you say yes and/or the very positive answer. Gone are the days where you are forced to say yes and/or the very positive answer. Sure, it does not even effect the story at all THAT MUCH, but it is still a very welcome addition in the end.

Guzma is a hilarious villain. I could literally never get enough of him. Hala is a nice and jolly guy. The Rotom Pokedex serves as your Fairy Companion and offers hilariously amusing commentary. Hapu goes from being a randomly recurring character to a powerful Kahuna. But in the end, there were three standouts:

The first being Lusamine. She is seriously the most terrifying character that Pokemon has ever seen. I would rather be in the same room as Ghetsis, Cyrus, Archer, Giovanni, AND Lysandre at the same exact time, than be in a room with her. The highly updated graphics definitely help her case as well. It makes her blank expressions and sinister grins all the more terrifying and evil.

Then there was Lillie. Easily the most well developed character in Pokemon History. She initially appears as a minor character. She works for Professr Kukui, gets lost all of the time, compliments you one moment, and then scolds you the next. This all changes in the second half of the game. She undergoes a literal transformation that serves as the most heartwarming moment in the series. She becomes the deuteragonist of the game alongside the Rotom Pokedex. She is also arguably even more of a best friend to you than Hau was.

But there is one character who makes everybody else pale in comparison. One person who you just cannot stop smiling at. One person who serves as the best character in a Pokemon Game.

And that one character was Professor Kukui.

He was by far the most inspiring character in the history of the franchise. Yes. That is right. Even more inspiring than Lillie. If there is one thing that he teaches you, it is that if you have a goal, you are to achieve that goal no matter what. Come at you goals and your hopes and your dreams with all of your might. Do not hold back. He trains you to love your Pokemon, teaches you the importance of teamwork, confronts Team Skull WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE, and achieves his dream of building a highly successful Pokemon League AT THE PEAK OF ALOLA'S HIGHEST MOUNTAIN!! He is an extremely nice guy all around and isn't even bothered by the cold weather when at the peak of Alola's highest mountain. His battle with you is also one of the most fun and memorable fights in the series. Not only does he have good Pokemon, good levels, and good AI, but he ALSO uses a competitively balanced team in a game where type specialization is the norm more than ever.

Many other extremely popular characters from past games make an appearance as well. Colress, Grimsley, Red, Blue, Sina, Dexio, Cynthia, and many more characters have all returned for at least one scene or more. The perfect way to celebrate Pokemon's Twentieth Anniversary.

Sun and Moon offers the greatest Pokemon cast that we have ever seen before, and what fuels them even more is the fact that this is a story driven game.

Gameplay: You can do all of the above things as well as you want, but that does not mean jack if you do not have solid gameplay. Everything that was stated before was purely a bonus. Now it is time to actually take a look over at the gameplay. This is where the real review begins.

All Pokemon Games have something that is unique to them. Only them. Something that prevents them all from feeling like copy and paste games. However, at its heart, it is the same general idea. You gather 8 different Gym Badges, battling an overly mysterious gang of criminals along the way, and the take on the Pokemon League.

With Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon, however, THAT STOPS.

Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon may have the exact same core mechanics that we all know and love as a whole, but the very way that they are very executed is completely different. And better, at that.

In place of Gym Battles, we have Island Trials. Some are straightforward trials that involve defeating some Pokemon. Others, not so much. One Trial may ask you to find the differences between two different dances. Another may ask you to fetch some random items via Stoutland Search for a recipe. One trial even involves following a Pikachu around while taking pictures of ghosts.

At the end of each trial you face off against a Totem Pokemon. Totem Pokemon are insanely powerful versions of other Pokemon, with one or more of they're stats being boosted quite drastically by something that is called a Totem Boost. Defeating the Totem Pokemon clears the Trial and it even earns you a Z-Crystal for your efforts.

Once you clear all of the trials on the island, you face off against the Island Kahuna. Defeating them unlocks a brand new Island, where you repeat the process.

I greatly prefer these trials to gym battles. They offer much more variety which is quite well needed in a Pokemon Game.

One big addition to the game is Z-Moves. These are moves that are so darn powerful that you can use them only once. The overall power depends on what move that you use to upgrade into a Z-Move. Even if your Pokemon is not a fighting type Pokemon, they can still use a fighting type Z Move as long as they know a fighting type pokemon move. This means that your Trumbeak is just as capable of using a fighting type Z-Move as a Machoke would be.

Z-Moves may seem gimmicky at first, but they add nice depth to the overall gameplay. Mega Evolution returns as well.

The new Pokemon are just nothing short of amazing. Gumshoos, Mimikyu, Primarina, Bewear, Decidueye, and Incineroar are all amazing Pokemon. Alolan Forms are also introduced for a few certain Pokemon. Raichu becomes part Psychic Type and Ninetails is completely transformed into an Ice-Fairy Type Pokemon.

These new forms of Pokemon often match an surpass their original counterparts. And overall, they were an amazing addition to an already stellar Video Game.

Another welcome addition to the series is the fact that the battle system actually records how effective a certain move is against a Pokemon. Meaning that you if you have experienced the same situation before, the game will tell you whether or not Sucker Punch would be an effective choice while you are still on the move selection screen. It makes memorizing the types of both the new Pokemon and also the new moves much less required and therefore, also, much less of a hassle overall.

Perhaps the greatest addition to the game is Pokemon Ride. Pokemon Ride is the replacement to HMs. Gone are the days where you must waste a moveslot on Rock Smash or Cut. Now, you can have a Machamp carry you and push large boulders. You can ride on a Tauros while smashing Rocks. Instead of using Fly, you can have a Charizard carry you through the air to your next destination. Tauros's speedy gallop also makes the trip between routes and towns much more shorter and, well, overall, much more convenient in the long run.

This is accessed via a different menu than the other features. Instead of pressing the X button, you press the Y button. Sadly, I often have a hard time remembering that HM Moves do not even exist anymore. There have been many times where I would press the X button in order to check my Pokemon Team in order to use Pokemon Ride, forgetting that I actually need to press Y to access the Pokemon Ride Menu. New fans probably will not have this problem. But for Veterans of the series like me, using Pokemon Ride in place of HMs will likely take some getting used too.

The EXP Share Item returns in Sun and Moon. Many people hate the EXP Share for making the game too easy, but it is still a very welcome addition. Those who don't like it can simply turn it off for much more of a challenge.

However, for me, I always keep EXP Share on in every single game that allows it. It is just way too good too pass up. It improves the overall pacing of the game drastically. You still need to switch off your lead Pokemon every now and then, but, well, now, long gone are the days where you have to level grind. The pacing is much more better, and also much more smoother, when you have your EXP Share Item turned on. Generation V was by far the biggest offender for practically forcing you to level grind, especially in the Pokemon League. I still had to level grind just a little bit to beat the league in Sun and Moon, but not nearly as much as Generation V, where Marshal and Candice would wreck my rear end no matter how highly leveled my Pokemon were most of the time.

But does EXP Share make the Game way too easy once again? Just like with ORAS and ESPECIALLY XY?!

The simple answer is no. Sure, I only lost twice. Once was in my first try against the Totem Salazzle. The other was against Hau. The battle that serves as the very first time where he uses Alolan Raichu, But even those losses were somewhat justifiable. Against Totem Salazzle my Pokemon were already both poisoned and weakened and I ACCIDENTALLY made the mistake of ACCIDENTALLY wasting my Z-Move on one of the Totem Salazzle's Island Pokemon. Against Hau, winning was never required. Despite the fact that I have only lost twice, however, my journey has had some pretty darn close calls before. EVEN WITH THE EXP SHARE, THIS GAME IS NOT AN EASY GAME.

For the very first time, we can use our EXP Share in order to make leveling up much more convenient while at the still time being challenged, but at the same time, you won't be challenged to the point where you will need to level grind in order to clear the area. FOR THE FIRST TIME, THE OVERALL DIFFICULTY LEVEL IS PERFECTLY BALANCED!! XY had the problem of introducing Mega Evolution way too soon. Once you gain access to Mega Lucario and a Mega Evolved Kanto Starter, you could steamroll through most of your opponent's effortlessly. With Pokemon Sun And Moon, However, this is not the case anymore. Even with Z-Moves by your side, you will still find plenty of great and fun challenges awaiting you within the islands of Alola. The Totem Pokemon and Kahunas are all very strong opponents who serves as difficult opponents for you. Hapu's Mudsdale is a fresh pain in the rear end if your team mostly consists of strong physical attackers. And be sure to bring about a dozen swear jars to your battle with The Totem Mimikyu. Maybe even bring a few extra for that battle just in case. You never know. The Totem Vikavolt was always paralyzing my Pokemon. Olivia kicks Gender Roles in the rear end with the way that she handles her team. But the overall challenge of the game is not at all limited to the Totem Pokemon and Kahuna's. You battle a teacher early on in the game who proves to be a surprisingly decent challenge. Guzma's Golispod and Masqurein have both given me far more trouble than I had initially expected them too. The Pokemon League was also surprisingly challenging, and Professor Kukui himself has decently challenging but very fun battle.

The Post-Game, however, contains a few dead ends. Aside from capturing Hidden Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts, there really is not much left to do. There is the Battle Tree, which is a new Pokemon Battling Facility that is so darn frustrating that it literally makes the Battle Maison look like simply stomping on a slow moving goomba in a super mario bros video game. I've never really been very fond of any of the battle facilities outside of the Battle Frontier, to be completely honest. The Battle Royale Dome is even more hard and frustrating than the Battle Tree, however, the Dome's very unique gimmick also results in it being much more fun in the long run. It doesn't keep him infinetly entertained at all, but its still one of the better battle facilities that Pokemon has managed to churn out before.

The Pokemon League also offers Rematch Battles. You can even defend your title against various trainer's as Champion. This is probably the highlight of the Post-Game, but sadly, from what I've seen, they don't really get stronger after you've cleared the Rematch League once. Which means that the more that you clear it, the easier that it will get.

That is the problem with Video Games. You eventually just run out of stuff to do. Nothing gold can stay i suppose. Robert Frost was correct all along.

Conclusion: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon moon are both amazingly well done and stellar games. They are officially my second favorite Video Games from 2016, behind only Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Despite the slightly lackluster Post-Game content, it has the best main game content by far and is my new favorite Pokemon Video Game of all time. I would honestly say that a perfect score seems justifiable this time. It truly is the very best, like no game ever was.

Overall Score: 10/10

Major Praises: Best Story
Best Gameplay
Best Characters
Fun New Region
Amazing New Pokemon

Minor Praises: Great Graphics
Best Music in the series

Major Complaints: None.

Minor Complaints: A very noticeable lack of good Post-Game Content.



Aside from a few spelling and grammatical errors, this is phenomenal for your first review. Great job, HeavyDonkeyKong. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thanks! Yeah, I'll be sure to improve my proofreading skills for future posts. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Great review. I wonder if Pokemon Sun and Moon would have a sequel since there are a couple aspects of the story and characters that can lead to that. - visitor

If they're is a sequel to the game, well than my aim is for either Lillie or the very Protagonist to be Champion. But honestly I would prefer for an enhanced sister title just like with both Platinum and also Emerald.

My hopes is for there to actually be an enhanced third version with a Kanto Post game. This way, the Protagonist themselves get reunited with Lillie rather than just, yknow, fading away with no sort of explanation whatsoever. It would be awesome seeing Gold as A Kanto Region Champion with a remixed version if Red's And Lance's Theme, and Lillie could possibly be a title defense rival with all Max Friendship Pokemon. seeing her as a Pokemon Trainer would be so darn heartwarming. I'd I was in charge, her theme would definitely be a much more happier version of either Lusamine's or Gladion's, or better yet, a much more happier version if a mixture between the two.

I can see the appeal of them making a Sequel to the game instead of an enhanced third version and all, but I would prefer seeing the protagonists themselves having closure with Lillie and other characters such as Lusamine.

Glad you enjoyed the review. Obviously not the best written one on the site but I plan to improve my writing. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Good review. - Skullkid755

Thanks! I'm not really fond of the way that I wrote it (I am usually not a very big fan of my very own work lolol.) But I appreciate your support and hopefully future ones will be better if I get around to them. I'm hoping to review Mario and Luigi paper jam and paper Mario color splash at some point, but there are a few less recent games that I am interested in writing about as well... - HeavyDonkeyKong

I imagine Lillie's return similar to N's. Except she just comes back to Alola with her mother and hopefully things would be fine with the family but maybe won't be. Lusamine was so set in her ways that I don't see her being completely done with wormholes after coming back to Alola. And *Spoilers* The fallers attract Ultra Beasts. So if there is an important faller in the main story (not post game like Anabel), I can see Lusamine's interest about the ultra beasts come back as she is reminded of them, and there will be some conflict there. And possibly a new villain all together since I don't see Guzma going back to his ways after his interactions with Hala. (Post game)

I don't think they will do third versions again. It seems rather...unnecessary and predictable. It's basically nearly the exact same as the main story but with more content. As I wouldn't mind reliving the Sun and Moon story but I'd like things to be more expanded on instead of just features and Necrozma. There's a lot we still need to know about ultra beasts. Especially when it comes to Mohn. (I don't know if you discovered his secret in post game) and a secret faller in the desert talking about "going back to space" and being a faller like Anabel (Unavailable to us right now since we have no Poke Bank. The guy stranded in the deserts wants to see a Lunatone). They probably could put that in a 3rd version but I want new things about Lillie when it comes her coming back similar to how N returned, seeing how Gladion is handling the Aether Foundation since he took over, and possibly seeing Hau a Kahuna a few years later. (I would cry if Hau is the new Melemele Kahuna in a sequel)

Another thing I want to know *Spoilers if you haven't battled all the possible challengers of the Champion Title Defense* WHO THE CRAP IS RYUKI AND WHERE DID HE COME FROM? He was just so random and I don't think he's from Unova.

Also the Kanto thing and Lillie was explained. Lillie went to Kanto with Lusamine to see Bill, who also fused with a Pokemon. Wicke said Lillie read on Bill and him having a device to split cells and could possibly get the rest of the Neurotoxins out of Lusamine (Since it doesn't seem like she's going to die). After that and traveling Kanto a bit, I can see her coming back in the future. It won't be the same seeing her again as the original protagonists, but I want to continue to see more development of Lillie in the games. And a sequel would possibly be the last time that isn't a retelling.

((Having Kanto as a post game wouldn't be bad and I like the idea, though Pokemon Sun and Moon already exceeded the limits of the 3DS with Alola, the new graphics, and its new content so that would probably be very hard to implement. Unless they ditch the 3DS family for the nintendo switch which I don't see happening this soon. Maybe gen 8, but not in the middle of gen 7)) - visitor

Yeah I know why Lillie went to Kanto. I remember Wicked explaining that to me during the Ultra Beast side quest. I just feel that it would have been cool too see what is happening to her while She is in Kanto, since her story was a left with a very open ended ending despite the fact that it was explained in the end. But you make a very good point about it possibly pushing past the 3ds limitations, and I honestly never even thought of that. And since generation iii did not jump to the D's, nor did generation v ever jump to the 3ds, despite both systems being released prior to the conclusion of said generations, generation 7 likely isn't going to move to the HDS/Switch/whatever Nintendo uses as a successor for the Nintendo 3ds. J honestly don't see the. Dropping they're handhelds entirely. They have been dominating that very industry ever since day one. It would be kind of stupid of them to get rid of it. But then again some people might by the switch just to play on it just like a Nintendo DS in which case sales shod be fine lolol.

For whatever reason I think that Ryuki just might be a past character in disguise. I'm not sure who though. I highly doubt that they would have just shoehorned in just another random character.

He was definitely one of the best title defense opponents in my experience the, matched only by plumeria and professor kukui themselves. But then again, I did not have a fairy type on my team so... - HeavyDonkeyKong

And I don't see Cosmog fully evolving into Necrozma. That's a little weird and I feel Necrozma is different from Solgaleo and Lunala. It looks like it will have a different form like Giratina since it's only Psychic and trio masters are always part Dragon (Which Necrozma's second typing would most likely be in another form) so I can't really see a third version happening that isn't a sequel. (Nebby wouldn't be able to fit into the story since it would not be able to evolve into Necrozma.) - visitor

They could pull a platinum/emerald and have all three of the new legendaries come on in for the main story. Like maybe they could have two cosmos instead of just one and then have them both evolve into different types of legendary Pokemon. I'm not sure Necrozma would fit into that though. I'm honestly not even sure what the hell he is even supposed to represent. I remember Giratina getting pissed off in Platinum so perhaps Necrozma would be helping to interfere with Lusamine as well. But well at the same exact time why would they need three legendaries to do what one legendary did in the originals? My guess is that Necrozma simply created Cosmos but is not actually an evolved form. Which fills in the role of a trio master to me.

I just don't want him getting the Zygarde Treatment. If I recall, he has much less of a stat total than both Solgaleo and Lunala. Just like Zygarde. XY left no windows open for Zygarde and Sun and Moon did absolutely nothing for Necrozma as well. Ruby and Sapphire made to where Rayquaza had the power to quell both Groupon and also Kyogre at once. diamond and pearl basically had Giratina be Satan (I have a very darn crazy theory about mount coronet being what connects the very poke planet to both heaven and hell to be honest). Kturem Reshiram and Zekrom were all originally just one big altogether if I recall correctly. Necrozma and Zygarde they? They are just game freak saying "Here is a random super boss that we will not be doing anything with at all HAVE FUN! " - HeavyDonkeyKong

I don't understand why people think the Switch will replace the 3DS. It's literally just a rumor right now though another game around Alola may come true. Especially with how true the gen 7 rumors have been such as the starter evolution concept art being REAL all along. If anything, they might have another game be a New 3DS exclusive since more content would probably be too much for the older 3DS' and the 2DS. (I have the original 3DS and its very laggy at times.) - visitor

I have not fought Ryuki yet but I saw game footage. I kept getting Plumeria more than once in a row. It seems like the game predicts that I use Toxepex first a lot and put me against Plumeria. - visitor

Necrozma is based of prism light and looks like a black gemstone. It also seems to speculated as a "bringer of death" due to its name. People believe it's from a different dimension and got standred on Earth because the UB energy is lost. It was described as being underground. After the UB incident, it may have awoken. Why? We have no idea. Maybe it wants to go back home but lost the ability to.

I have a feeling they won't give Necrozma the Zygarde treatment. They probably skipped giving Zygarde a game due to the 20th anniversary coming up and decided to jump to gen 7 to celebrate it. I don't think they are rushing to skip to gen 8 any time soon so there may be room for Necrozma to have a more major role. - visitor

You did a wonderful, HeavyDonkeyKong. - KonekoAngel

Thank You! - HeavyDonkeyKong