Pokémon Game Music I Love

And a good day to you TopTenners! Pokémon is one of my favorite video game franchises. Ever since Gold & Silver I've been fan of the game. I've played every Gen except 5 (and some of the spin-offs). Reason being I had no way to play it when Black & White came out. I will eventually buy a Gen 5 game but it is getting quite expensive.

I want to make a post about some of my favorite music in Pokémon games. I have a No Gen Left Behind rule so you'll see at least one VGM per Gen. These are some of my favorites from the series. I will not have some of the more popular ones like, Route 4 (Gen 1), Trainer Red Theme (Gen 2) or Cyrus Battle Theme (Gen 4) although they are pretty great themselves. Also, I excluded bike themes because then half of the VGMs would be bike themes. Now, let's get on with it.

I LOVE GEN 7! Holy crap, this is one of the best Gens in the series. I'm starting to think it is the best one, but I won't go that far. If you haven't played this game yet, I'm not going to care about giving off spoilers so...

Lusamine Final Battle
The final battle with Lusamine was crazy! I'll admit it wasn't as challenging for me as others said it was, but mainly because I like to grind a lot, and make my Pokémon stronger than they need to be. But my god, was the battle still intense. If you played to this point, then you know exactly why this VGM rocks! Albeit Sun & Moon had good VGMs all around.
Ten Carat Hill
Another great VGM from this awesome Gen. It starts off with an ambient synth and goes to a break down of crashing drums and frantic piano only to go back to it's atmospheric synths. It's one of my favorites in the game, no doubt.

Cynthia's Theme
Cynthia is one tough champion. When I was young she gave me trouble. Especially that Milotic (Hehe, you thought I was going to say Garchomp, Glaceon for the win baby). The theme is intense and outright intimidating. And for some reason, I have to listen to it once a day. It's brings out the impact and energy you get when fighting probably one of the best champions. And all I'm saying is WE NEED GEN 4 REMAKES GAMEFREAK!!

Rival Theme
Uh oh, two Gen 4 battle themes in a row. But hey, had to include this one as well. I love the Gen 4 soundtrack. It's probably my second favorite before Gen 7 (yeah, that's right I said it). But you gotta love Barry and his fast-paced battle theme. Just check this one out if you haven't already.

Mauville Game Corner
I'm sad this wasn't in the remake. I really love this theme. It's so happy and charming and makes you feel good after a long travel to Mauville City. Plus, you know you spent a good amount of time there. The song is probably ingrained in your head.

Team Magma/Aqua Leader
Another intense battle theme that keeps you sucked in as you face against your enemies Archie and/or Maxie. Incredibly epic but slightly depressing and one of the best battle themes in Pokémon.

Team Rocket's Hideout
I mean, come on. This theme is so 8 Bit Metal. Despite it being one of the most infuriating places in Pokémon it has one of the greatest VGMs for the GameBoy. There's actually a wicked Metal cover of this song on Youtube. The channel is called RichaadEB.

Goldenrod City
The melody is also the same melody as the bike theme in Gold and Silver. Without a doubt a classic melody in the Pokémon series. Check this theme for some sweet 8 Bit goodness.
Team Rocket Battle
(Tbh, I like the remake version better) However, still a great intense battle theme. When Team Rocket was the only threat to the Pokémon universe. Check out both versions out, if you must.

Route 11 (NOT 10!)

Sorry but I find this route to be better ;P
It has a lot of atmosphere, and since I haven't played Black & White yet, I don't know much about the story so the meaning behind Route 10 doesn't matter to me. However Route 11 just makes me feel good. It leaves a warm sensation when I listen to it. I simply love it.

Lysandre Theme
So we get down to our last Gen. And I must say, although Lysandre wasn't that tough (In fact I beat him in the final battle without losing a Pokémon) his theme was superb. It really is relentless with it constantly change it's melody. I love the heavy guitar riff and the ominous opera vocals. It's a shame the theme went to a less intimidating villain. But, I guess I've just gotten too good at Pokémon *looks at Pokémon Moon* oh wait, no I didn't, Pokémon X & Y are just too easy.

And that concludes this post. I've been a fan of Pokémon since I could remember so when I play a new Pokémon game, I now the music will be amazing. That's all for now. Maybe a part two in a future but if you haven't already, please go ahead and check out my post on all VGMs (not just Pokémon). Thanks for stopping by.