darthvadern's: Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire - Video Game Review

In a few days, the video games known as Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee will be released worldwide, these will be video games on the Nintendo Switch and I believe they are set in the Kanto region since it has the first generation pokemon from what we've seen, and since it's only a few days left until they are released, let's review another pokemon game, I have choosen to review the only one I have that is made by Nintendo, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, a video game that I got during christmas in 2016 along with Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World, and I will today review Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! A remake on the game boy advance game Pokemon Sapphire! Without further ado, let's begin with the review!

Pokemon is a video game series, which involves you catching pocket monsters, or for short: pokemon, raising them and compete agianst other pokemon trainers, there are normal people you can compete and win coins, but the stongest pokemon trainers have their own gyms, and if you defeat them with your pokemons, you win badges, and you must be the best pokemon trainer of the best! Each Pokemon game has a different setting with different pokemons. This game: Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire is set in the region Hoenn where Generation III pokemon live. In my opinion. Generation III had some of the absolute best pokemon! One of the reasons is because all pokemon feel so unique and creative here! At one point you'll be catching hearts kissing each other, and another point you will be fighting a sumo-like pokemon! I really love it! The starter pokemon's are Treeko (grass type), Torchic (fire type) and Mudkip (water type). Even all of the starters are pretty awesomne! I went with Treeko because he had the coolest desgin, but he also gets super strong later on if you use him in battles! Some of my favourite pokemon in this game are Latias, Kyogre, Hariyama, Metagross and Sharpedo! Then if you play the Omega Ruby version Latias and Kyogre are replaced by Latios and Groudon. Honestly the variety in pokemon in this game is insane! So I just have to give pokemon designs and stuff an A+!

Well then, and how is the region Hoenn? Well in my opinion the region Hoenn is also quite a great one! The design of it is quite cool too! You've got the beautiful Littleroot Town and the giant Mauville City and the water city of Sootopolis City. There's a big variety in enviroments on Hoenn island and I really like it! You can even build your own secret bases! This is something I've never actually tried to do in the game, but it just sounds so neat, and you choose where to build it! You can have it in a treetop, or a cave, or almost anywhere where you can build it! Such a neat addition! I'd give region design a B!

But as you may know, Pokemon games aren't that good with stories! Most of them juts involve you catching pokemon, defeating gyms and beacoming a pokemon master, although I believe every Pokemon game has another story in themselves too! In this game, the evil pokemon team known as Team Aqua want to expand the the amount of water by awakening the legendary Kyogre (honestly it's not that evil, Team Magma is Omega Ruby wants to expand the amount of land instead by awakening Groudon). You see I think the story is quite good in the game! Team Aqua is a very good villian team too! Their leader is pretty awesomne and has great lines! I'd say the story is worth a C+!

Oh well, now how about the gameplay? Well in my opinion the gameplay is excellent! I mean it's similar to every other pokemon game, but it's great still! You go around and round, and there are cities and towns here and there, and at some places there are high grass, go into it and a you may find a pokemon that you can defeat or catch, and in order to catch them, you should lower their HP to make it easier to catch them. Great gameplay if you ask me! I rally enjoyed the gameplay very much! So it's worth a B!

Overall Opinion:
Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire is a great game that is worth your time if you're a Pokemon fan! The Hoenn region is pretty great and the pokemon are among the best in the series and the gameplay is super addicting and fun! The story is quite decent as well in my opinion! So it's overall a pretty great game! But if you're more of a guy who likes land and fire, you should maybe choose Omega Ruby instead, it's the same game, but different

Score: 8/10 or 79%

Other Info:

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Year Released: 2014
Metacritic Score: 82% and 8.7

Please let me know what game I should review next in the comments below, but for now, bye bye!


Thank you darthvadern, very cool! - POTUS