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21 Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness

This game and Colosseum both offered a much darker and grittier atmosphere than other Pokemon games. From the thugs running around in the littered town of Pyrite to the sinister factory of Cipher Key Lair these games were something else. The concept is unique too. Instead of running around through some tall grass hoping to catch something good you simply snag powerful Pokemon from other trainers. Yeah. You get to steal Pokemon in this game. These games also introduced shadow Pokemon which are stronger than the ordinary Pokemon. An evil organization is using them for wrongful deeds which is why you steal the shadow Pokemon from other trainers and purify them so they can return to their normal state. Not only that, this game is packed with double battles. About 95% of the battles in this game are double which opens up many strategy opportunities and is really a cooler battling experience. If you are a Pokemon fan looking fro something a little different then look no further than ...more

Great game. The way of catching Pokemon is unique. So much better than all the others. Even though you can't be a girl (which pisses me off -_-) it's still an amazing game. It has Pokemon from red/blue and silver/gold, so it's a really good mix and a great number of different Pokemon. LOVE IT.

Don't worry, I still absolutely ADORE the original styled Pokemon games, I pre-order them whenever a new game comes out! I'm obsessed with Pokemon! But it's nice to have a totally different concept every once in a while, don't you agree? Gale of Darkness is my absolute favorite Pokemon game for multiple reasons! I love the fact that there's more to the storyline than just catching Pokemon and training them, then catching the main legendary Pokemon near the end and defeating the Elite Four. This game brought up a totally new concept to the Pokemon world! You don't search in tall grass, you get to steal other people's Pokemon! Then you proceed to purify them and train them as your own. I also LOVED the fact that it was in 3D! AWESOME. I just liked that there was more to training your Pokemon other than just blatantly training. You had to purify them as well! I loved that there was an ACTUAL STORYLINE AND PLOT. No gym leaders, and THE BEST TRAINING METHOD EVER. I absolutely LOVE the ...more

Perhaps the most underrated Pokemon game EVER! I love this game and I always will! - TheMuslimMemer

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22 Pokemon Leaf Green

I used to love playing this game. I still do and I'm 16. I play sports and I'm not a nerd. great game!

OK WHY ISN'T THIS FIRST? I always thought this was way better than fire red... This game has to be the best Pokemon game ever... I could play this all day long... Just wish I hadn't sold my game boy.

This is the first pokemon game I ever had and still remember catching my first legendary (zapdos) unfortunately I caught it with a master ball leaving me only with ultra balls to catch suicine later in the game

Best game ever

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23 Pokemon Pearl

This was my very first Pokemon game, and I can make my opinion because I played the old Pokemon games too, but this game man, it's just awesome, Palkia is my favorite Pokemon of all and the game is just awesome graphics are awesome and just everything, the victory road was nice and long, the story was great and long, and catching the legendaries was just awesome, and at the time I didn't know how to use internet so I was always asking my friends and everything, but after I found a weird cave and tried to solve the puzzle without understanding English I made till Giratina, and that was one of the most amazing parts of my life, because this was the most intense Pokemon I had ever seen in my life. This is a 10/10! '

Best one ever, the gym leaders are awesome and when you catch Palkia, who rule!

I would like to vote because I have this game and it is very good

Vote for PEARL

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24 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Very nice game, the best of Pokemon!

My first Pokemon game and hands down my favorite Pokemon game. Its great because you can get every single Pokemon without having to trade with other people. Also the way the Pokemons' moves are played out are a bit more... Realistic, in the sense that they bring in aspects such as range. I have lost so many hours of my life playing this game.

This games music is by far the best of any soundtrack, it brings back the most memories for me, and is much more personal than any of the other games. The storyline is the best, as well as the post game play. The fact that you can get every single legendary is so much more fun becuase it doesn't limit one to a game, or even a few to a game, you can get and of them throughout the game. Also, this game is awesome to play over and over again, becuase the gameplasy changes each time you play, with each character.

Is was my favorite Pokemon game one it was the first I played and also the characters you feel connected to and it has funny moments sad moments and is really fun

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25 Pokemon Ruby

Well so far I think that this is 1 of the best Pokemon games, since it isn't very old like red, yellow... Etc and it had a great storyline and many awesome pokemons, and I really liked the other characters like your friends and rivals who comes from time to time and battle with you

Sure, this game is practically a carbon copy of Pokemon Sapphire, however I believe that the Ruby version was slightly superior only because I felt that Team Magma felt more like true antagonists and that Groudon was way more awesome than Kyogre. However, I am slightly biased towards this game as it was the first Pokemon game I had ever played, and it was the one that made me fall in love with the franchise (and made me fail math in 7th Grade...)

As well as Twister it started the game era of Pokemon for me. I feel like this is the same as the Sapphire Pokemon, though with better gameplay, and the special Pokémon is better.

nice game

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26 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Just listening to the track 'I don't want to say goodbye' makes me tear up a little. As a kid I loved every bit of this game from the sense of excitement of discovering a new dungeon to the feeling of adventure during the expedition arc to way the story can make see the beauty in everyday life or a simple sunrise, or to the heartwarming and heartbreaking parts of the story that I feel really stayed with me. This game influenced my life and got me into video games and made me want to go into game design, it's a huge part of my childhood that I'll remember and I'll always be grateful to the writers and composers who designed such a beautiful story.

The story was so beautiful and I never had so much fun playing a Pokemon game. It made me feel so much more emotion than red and blue rescue team. The end was so sad, my friend and I both cried. I loved the plot and how it involved Grovyle and Dusknoir and their rivalry and hate for each other. Best Pokemon game by far.

Thanks to this game, Grovyle is my favorite Pokemon of all time now, and in every one of my fantasy Pokemon stories Grovyle is my OC. Actually, he didn't die, though. He was captured by the evil Dusknoir, but defeated him before he could alter the future. Best game ever. One of my first Pokemon games, I actually cried when I beat Primal Dialga and my character disappeared. I rage quit and never played it again. Now I'm older, and I play Explorers Of Sky. I beat the whole game, recruited Mewtwo and beat all the 99 floor dungeons, and evolved my Treecko and Totodile into Sceptile and Feraligatr. BEST. GAME. EVER.

Great game with an inspired story and wonderful soundtrack.

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27 Pokemon Snap

This game is too beast the way you get to interact with the Pokemon is so unique and incredible that no other game can honestly contend. I simply just die every time I see those cute Pokemon running around

Was scrolling down and didn't even think this would be an option. I don't think it's the best pokemon game, but it is a lot of fun, super addicting. I loved this game. I think I'm going to go play some pokemon snap now.

Ah Pokemon Snap, brings back memories for when I played this as a kid. Good times

Don't waste your money.

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28 Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum may not be the most addictive Pokemon game, and it may not be the most loved, but it is certainly my favorite by far. I had this as one of the first games for my GameCube, and I still have it now. The story is great (regardless of it being pretty cliche) and the animations are gorgeous. I love this game!

My personal favorite Pokemon game. It was ahead of its time, with 3D graphics that still hold up to this day. Great story, probably the best the series has ever seen, definitely the most grittiest. Cool locations too. And you start with UMBREON AND ESPEON for Christ sakes. What more is there to say. Play this game!

Personally one of my favourite Pokemon games. I so wish they would do a re-make of this. Loved the starters, storyline and graphics. It made a change having a bit of a darker plot as opposed to the mainstream stories

Love it! A remake of this game would be the dream. The story is super interesting and the grahics are awesome. This was the first game I got for my Gamecube and I still love to play it! Best Pokémon game according to me!

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29 Pokemon Stadium

For one emerald is on a handheld. Two emerald improved much from crystal. And Pokemon Stadium 2 while it is good it is not as memorable to people as Emerald. Don't go IGN on this forum

Best game ever


I love this game so much let's see the difference between stadium and emrald
Stadium graphics awesome gym leaders free battle stadium game boy so you can play on the big screen hall of fame
Emarld terrible graphics not so good Pokemon dumb gym leader ugly professor the only time to me this game is good is when I use a action replay

30 Pokemon Sun

When I an writing this, Pokemon sun and moon are out, and are the most pre ordered video game from Nintendo EVER. Pretty much everywhere it sold out. I was lucky enough to get on for Christmas, and it is way better than my other Pokemon game, Omega ruby. I don't know why it isn't at the top

Pokemon Sun/Moon is a more unique game, having 'trials' rather than traditional gym. It also introduces an SOS system, where wild Pokemon can call for help/backup. I love feeding and petting my Pokemon in the new Pokemon Refresh feature. The story is absolutely amazing and to me, the plot is the second best in all of Pokemon Games, behind Pokemon Black/White. - Rhydon

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I don't see how it isn't higher up on the list. I have Pokemon Sun. Boyfriend has Moon. Can't wait for ultra Sun and Moon.

I think the new starters are a good mix of looks and strength

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31 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

I loved this game! I know it's just a remake of Darkness and Time but still, it added things like the jukebox (slight appeal), the Spinda Cafe (slightly bigger appeal), being able to send ITEMS to another game rather than AN ITEM (slight appeal), and the special episodes, above all. I love to hear about how Wigglytuff got the treasure mentioned in your exploration to Fogbound Lake (it was mentioned by Team Skull), how Team Charm met Wigglytuff, how they became famous, how Bidoof was before you and your partner came to the guild, what Sunflora's big OH MY GOSH, and especially, what happens to Grovyle and Duskinoir after the Rainbow Stone Ship battle. It ties up the loose ends and is so exciting!

I think this game should be 21st place or higher since the ones above this game don't really deserve their spot.

Example: Pokemon X hasn't even come out yet! How can it be better?

Example: Pokemon Explorers of Time and Darkness leave you hanging and if not for Sky, we ...more

Aside from making less Pokemon version exclusive, Explorers of Sky's main change is the special episodes that add more character development, especially to two of the game's main characters: Grovyle and Dusknoir. The story is no different than Time or Darkness, yet it is so well-crafted that I end up playing the game for the plot rather than the extremely addicting gameplay. This is my favorite Pokemon game of all time, and it is very underrated compared to the attention the main series games get. - DemonSpider253

What can I say about this game. That it is the best game of Pokemon (for me, course), and I know that there's people that say: "That is just a secondary game of Pokemon. Never is gonna be better than other Pokemon's games", but I Think differently, and I think that this game deserve an opportunity. 'Cause, maybe, just maybe, this game may become in your favorite game too

This game... This game... THIS GAME IS AMAZING! The music is amazing, the plot is amazing, the character development is amazing...

I honestly think that
only reason this isn't higher is because compared to the mainstream games, EOS hasn't been played as much.

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32 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

How is this game so low! It definitely better than the original red and blue. Best way to make it funner? Add gen 3.

This one has the best storyline of any pokemon game. By far. None of the other games can even touch it.

I remember playing this for HOUR'S trying to get to a high level losing I mean like who will ever get another chance like this it tells you how what Pokémon has what attributes and come on it tells you what Pokémon you are so what I am saying is that this game is great

I loved this game for the first time ever I got to be my favorite Pokemon, A Pokemon! Just so cool, so cool, so cool, so cool stop saying explore teams are better that a charmander beating the hell out of a Kyoger just funny.

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33 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

The way that this is #42 is wrong in my opinion, this game's new graphics is awesome, it should be #2-10

I'm honestly surprised it is not higher. It's pretty much the same as Omega Ruby! (With a few changes of course)

Sapphire used to be my favourite, but this improved significantly on an already amazing game. The epitome of Pokemon games.

Kyogre is life and so is this game how come Kyogre is more popular but this game is not

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34 Pokemon Moon

This is easily the best in the series. Good looking graphics, fun battles, memorable new characters, a great story, tons of post game content, and of course, brand new Pokemon.

This game is definitely better than Pokemon sun and I don't see why it isn't way on top. The whole concept is much better and I just love that night and day are inverted. The legendary is way more unique and this game should be on top not way down at 40!

Extremely memorable characters, great plot, original Pokemon, lovely soundtrack... Yet, I am still stuck between this and Gen 5

Just got pokemon ultra moon at midnight release last night and it kills this game, and most games on this list!

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35 Pokemon Conquest

Very underrated game. It's the best Pokemon spin-off game, and even the best Pokemon game in my mind. It improves on the original a lot by not letting everyone have hundreds of pokemon stuck in boxes, but only a few that are really connected with their master. The combat and need to position Pokemon was very different and fun. I wish they remade this to improve on it's flaws, because this game really deserves it and could grow to an even better game. Sadly with the few support it is getting now it will never reach that point.

Pokemon conquest is the best game of all time why isn't this up at the top seriously it combines warriors and Pokemon who wouldn't love this game I mean sure its not as good as the old classics like blue and red and firered but its still an amazing game and is completely underestimated on this website

Blue and Red were really bad, actually, from flawed mechanics to weak story to Jinx. - Warriorcatsfandom

I like this game, it was like something new for me, it's a mix of MisteryD and Tactics rpg games, but, I was not able to take the story too serious, and of characters are exactly identical, so it was difficult for me to search some of the characters if I want to change his Pokemon. Was very short for me, when you finish the story, there is nothing else to do with all the big effort you did and, when you finish the story, all the Links with your Pokemons go to 10% again, and lose all the places you conquest. There is only more story of the another characters in the same places. I expected something different about the story, but combat style is really great.

Fun game and setting but story is pretty terrible

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36 Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokemon pearl and diamond in one

Not good as Pokemon Stadium, but it's okay.

Very godd lots of Pokemon

37 PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

I remember renting this at a place which is now gone (I miss the Wii), and loved it so much that I nearly beat the game in an entire day. Couldn't beat it before I had to return it. The only thing I kept was the manual. - Trenchpit777

Although short, it was a nice game that's worth picking up if you're bored.

I think I accidentally killed Bidoof in this game when I was ten - izayaorihara

I love this game! - Warriorcatsfandom

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38 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

I LOVED this game. Why so low? I thought the story was nice, I liked the missions (especially the one were Barlow was kidnapped) and it was fun!

Great story and missions

I found this game so addicting. There were so many missions and quests. At the very end I could bring all of the eeveelutions around as my friend Pokemon. Tons of fun.

I love this game.I have been trying to make my character a daring girl who loves exploring Almia.And Froslass is a boss.Literally.Speaking of Froslass,the Sinis Trio are so cool! Ice(the leader)is an ice type guy and is a bit mean.Lavana(the literal embodiment of deadly sin Lust and my personal fave)is a cute but dangerous girl,exactly Lust.And Heath...I got nothing

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39 Pokemon Stadium 2

It is a nice game.

This game, packed with a transfer pack and Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Yellow, was some of the best experiences I ever had! Classic!

This game should be 1st first of all its graphic are a hell of a lot more better then emarld it's outrages I can't believe it

It was a really fun game to play just pick your Pokémon fight the campaign and fight gym leaders it was really fun and you got to use a controller finally

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40 Pokemon Ultra Moon

This or pokemon moon should be at the top. (even though I haven't played it yet)

How to download

One number: 807. That’s how many Pokémon there are.

Awesome my team is Decidueye, Lycanroc Dusk, Malamar, Vikavolt, Dugtrio and Pupitar which will soon evolve into tyranitar. My team are around the level 40 stage. Also I love the team rainbow rocket episode and the Legendary Fights and the battle with champion (which I don’t want to spoil the champion) - SuperChargedGaming

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