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41 Pokemon - Trading Card Game Pokemon - Trading Card Game

This game was very fun. I spent hours on end playing it. You can get all KINDS of cards. I remember when I pulled a Charizard from an Evolutions pack. The only thing is it's not worth 2 grand. :P

I remember when I pulled a mega mewtwo ex from generations! It was yesterday.

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42 Pokemon Moon

This is easily the best in the series. Good looking graphics, fun battles, memorable new characters, a great story, tons of post game content, and of course, brand new Pokemon.

This is probably because it's the only pokemon game I have played but this game is still awesome!

I will soon have the game I've seen it it is amazing best game ever

Ok ok I don't have the game but I want it and it looks so awesome so one day go zoom to the top

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43 Pokémon Crater

I just love this too bad its no longer available. I wonder what happened to my account. I was very powerful at that time

this was an great game sadly that is doesn't exist anymore
I hope it will come back once

It was awesome. By the way Pokemon crater reopened as Pokemon vortex

It was great before they took it away. - anonymous

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44 Pokemon Go

The reason this was so low, probably because ITS NOT A MAIN SERIES GAME! (And let's try and keep it that way.)

Ugh. So boring. There's like nothing to do... main series is way better

Guys, pokemon go is even more boring than standing around in the same spot for a whole day


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45 Pokemon Green

To compensate for being forgotten to be sent out of Japan, gets a remake for GBA instead of Blue. by the way, Mewtwo sprite in these is 100x better than in R/B

46 Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1?! The story was beautiful and perfectly paved, a final boss that is just perfectly evil, twists, and the ending... SPOILERS WARNING... When my partner left, I PHYSICALLY CRIED. LETS SEE Pokemon EMERALD DO THAT!

THIS SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN THE TOP TENS! This game was so beautiful, the story made me cry, and the opening theme was a full orchestra! How often do you hear a full orchestra in Pokemon?!

It will be different after all the starter in the Pokemon series. It would be hard to pick after we have bonded with one in each gen.

I love this game

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47 Pokemon Puzzle League Pokemon Puzzle League

Wow, I was thinking I was the only one who knew this game existed. I
Beat this game.

On the controller, do B, Up, Left, B, A, Start, A, Up, Right (Spells Bulbasaur to unlock Mewtwo temporarily,

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48 Pokémon Go

This shouldn't be on here

I play Pokemon go everyday I play Pokemon go everyday Misha plays Pokemon go everyday

It is very hard to find pokemon but totally worth it!

Why is this twice on the list >.> - Lunala

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49 Pokemon Rumble World V 1 Comment
50 Pokemon Tower Defence

This game is amazing and you can always play it, even if you beat the game by collection rare pokemon! And you can breed to get shiny pokemon! Every week, you can get new pokemon (mystery gift) and I could go on forever, but that will be WAY too long! :D This game should be AT LEAST in the top ten! Vote for this!

I love the new version Pokemon tower defense 2

PLease play Pokemon tower defense

Delete it! If you want that game to be on the list then it needs Best Fan Made Pokemon Games!

Someone not Nintendo made this fan game!

I like it so much

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51 Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire V 1 Comment
52 Omega Ruby

Amazing Graphics and a remake of one of the most popular generations

Best game ever great graphics soar mechanic

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53 Pokemon Rumble Pokemon Rumble V 3 Comments
54 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I loved this game growing up. I remember when I beat grovyle I thought it was over, but NOPE! Everything went straight to hell. It was so unexpected and caught me off guard. Hard game, and I never finished it (got stuck at Dialga).

One of the best games I have played with quite good graphics and amazing story. Also a Pokemon game where your character can move diagonally! In my opinion it should share a higher rank together with explorers of time.

A great game with a grat and really moving story...
The best game I have played in my life! Try it out and you
Will realise the importance of a person close to you. When I first played this game, I couldn't help crying!

I love this game I'm still working on it but almost done

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55 Pokemon Indigo

This is the best Pokemon game and Pokemon is the best cartoon ever

I play this game and it is awesome


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56 Pokemon Showdown

I LOVE showdown. I play it so much it should be number 1

57 Pokemon Light Platinum

It is a nice game and it has most of legendary pokemon.
This was so much fun and it have more area sinnoh and another. It is one of good game

If this game is on this list it should be #1! This hack has so many improvements from normal Pokemon games, Especially Emerald.

The guy put so much effort into it give him some credit

Best gba hack it allow to catch almost every Pokemon till gen 5 and some of gen6

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58 Pokemon Pinball Pokemon Pinball

It is the most fun gameboy game of all!

This game is stunning, It's very addicting and fun to play! Give it a try!

59 Pokemon Trozei Pokemon Trozei
60 Pokemon Omega

This game is the best so far; is better than most rpgs that are online; and they're planning to improve it too. If this pokemon online game is not the best game, I do not know what is and what's not.

Why is it at 80 this should be in the top ten. It has Groudon, Ho-oh, Palkia, and Reshiram. Vote for it now

This is the third time I saw this on the list

Yo this game is not boring the best game by far

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