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41 Pokemon Go

The reason this was so low, probably because ITS NOT A MAIN SERIES GAME! (And let's try and keep it that way.)

Ugh. So boring. There's like nothing to do... main series is way better

Guys, pokemon go is even more boring than standing around in the same spot for a whole day

Hey dudes pokemon go is fun and interesting!

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42 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

This game most defiantly deserves to be in the top ten, if not higher! The graphics are good, gameplay has been improved from Explorers, and, most importantly, it has a fantastic story. It starts off all happy and cute, albeit with some slightly dark undertones. Then about 2/3 of the way through the game, the story smacks you in the face, becoming very dark and turning into something you don't want to put down until you finish. It's engaging, it's beautiful, it's funny, it's heart-wrenching, and it's overall just an amazing game and a worthy addition to the brilliant mystery dungeon spinoffs. - squid_887

This game is so fun and cute!

Keldeo in the game is cute

I was so attatched to this game when I played it I would definitely reccomend it 10 out of 10 Very emotional as well! - UnovaKurusu

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43 PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond

This is one of the best games ever its awesome

I love this more than I hate justin beiber

Pokepark games are the best. - Warriorcatsfandom

Loved it but the game was to short

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44 Pokemon Green

To compensate for being forgotten to be sent out of Japan, gets a remake for GBA instead of Blue. by the way, Mewtwo sprite in these is 100x better than in R/B

45 Pokemon Rumble World V 1 Comment
46 Pokémon Go

I play Pokemon go everyday I play Pokemon go everyday Misha plays Pokemon go everyday

It is very hard to find pokemon but totally worth it!

This shouldn't be on here

Hi - Orlemley

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47 Pokemon Ultra Moon

How to download

My favorite of all time.
Spoilers below!
Pokemon has made its final debut with Pokemon Ultra Moon (and Ultra Sun) for the 3DS. I can't believe it, but I have to. I don't have a damn Switch!
But, I just have to say, this game is my favorite, nobody can change my mind. Unless GameFreak can concoct an incredible game with memorable storyline, Ultra Moon is my favorite game from Pokemon, especially from the 3DS.
Pushing to the limit is amazing, but Pokemon brought it FARTHER with Ultra Moon (and U. Sun), but oh my lord, the Ultra Necrozma music is AMAZING!
Enjoy this game (including Ultra Sun... but I think Moon is better, personally), for it is the last you can see of 3DS and Pokemon.

48 Pokemon Tower Defence

This game is amazing and you can always play it, even if you beat the game by collection rare pokemon! And you can breed to get shiny pokemon! Every week, you can get new pokemon (mystery gift) and I could go on forever, but that will be WAY too long! :D This game should be AT LEAST in the top ten! Vote for this!

I love the new version Pokemon tower defense 2

PLease play Pokemon tower defense

Delete it! If you want that game to be on the list then it needs Best Fan Made Pokemon Games!

Someone not Nintendo made this fan game!

I like it so much

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49 Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire V 1 Comment
50 Pokemon Rumble

Same thing over and over.

Get ready to rumble!


I <3 Pokémon Rumble

51 Omega Ruby

Amazing Graphics and a remake of one of the most popular generations

Best game ever great graphics soar mechanic

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52 Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1?! The story was beautiful and perfectly paved, a final boss that is just perfectly evil, twists, and the ending... SPOILERS WARNING... When my partner left, I PHYSICALLY CRIED. LETS SEE Pokemon EMERALD DO THAT!

THIS SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN THE TOP TENS! This game was so beautiful, the story made me cry, and the opening theme was a full orchestra! How often do you hear a full orchestra in Pokemon?!

WHY isn't THIS ON THE TOP? It has a great story line, a heart stopping plot twist, and a final boss that you wont forget! (Especially the music! )

I love this game

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53 Pokémon Crater

I just love this too bad its no longer available. I wonder what happened to my account. I was very powerful at that time

this was an great game sadly that is doesn't exist anymore
I hope it will come back once

It was awesome. By the way Pokemon crater reopened as Pokemon vortex

It was great before they took it away. - anonymous

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54 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I loved this game growing up. I remember when I beat grovyle I thought it was over, but NOPE! Everything went straight to hell. It was so unexpected and caught me off guard. Hard game, and I never finished it (got stuck at Dialga).

One of the best games I have played with quite good graphics and amazing story. Also a Pokemon game where your character can move diagonally! In my opinion it should share a higher rank together with explorers of time.

A great game with a grat and really moving story...
The best game I have played in my life! Try it out and you
Will realise the importance of a person close to you. When I first played this game, I couldn't help crying!


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55 Pokemon Shuffle V 2 Comments
56 Pokemon Omega

This game is the best so far; is better than most rpgs that are online; and they're planning to improve it too. If this pokemon online game is not the best game, I do not know what is and what's not.

This games is tally boring

Why is it at 80 this should be in the top ten. It has Groudon, Ho-oh, Palkia, and Reshiram. Vote for it now

This is the third time I saw this on the list

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57 Pokken Tournament

This is a combination of my two favorite games ever... It's awesome.

This looks like a super smash bros with only Pokemon-epic!

"Tekken x Pokemon".


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58 Pokemon Duel

It's good and will be a great game

I love that game.

It's the best ever game I've played

Pokémon duel is still being crated

59 Pokemon Showdown

I LOVE showdown. I play it so much it should be number 1

60 Pokemon Dragonstone

Ultimate game you could buy masterballs and rare candies at the pokemart -


Delete it

Need best fan made Pokemon games

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