Pokemon X


As many others have stated, this game boasts impressive graphics, but graphics don't make a great game all by themselves. This game adds a relatively small number of Pokemon but after the gen 5 games filled with Pokemon that were clearly added to meet the requirement of filling up a region, the team on this game drilled down and made every new Pokemon unique and interesting along with bringing back classics from the earliest generations. Finally and foremost for me, this game has an actual story with actual character development. This might seem like a no brainier but this story is uniquely developed in the history of Pokemon. While not everyone loves this game as much as I do, it will forever hold a place in my heart as the best of the series.

I am honestly surprised at how low this is compared to some of the much worse games in the series (only in my opinion). I used to like Pokemon heart gold the best, and I was in that phase for around 3 years. It still is in my top 5 easy. When I first tried this game, it rapidly soared up the ranks of my favorite games. In a few hours, it was easily my favorite. Now I know that many of you complain that it only introduced about 70 new Pokemon. Put what not many people understand is that the devs had to change EVERY SINGLE Pokemon, just to fit the 3-D graphics.

This game lacked in its story. Team flare was very disappointing. The Haunted house was stupid. The rivals haven't been good since gen 2. The aspect that is the best of all games is the pokemon battles themselves. They are better than they have ever been. The new pokemon are interesting too. Breeding is made much easier, and super training is great.

The graphics are the best in this game, but the battles were much too easy even from the very first battle. This may be the best looking game but it is no where near the best game story wise.

It's by far the best one. Decent Music, awesome starters, a new type that finally beat Dragon, awesome legendary, and interesting plot line for once, and so much more. I also like that your rivals are your friends rather than enemies. The customization is really cool and to top that, MEGA EVOLUTIONS

I loved how they gave us more customizations, such as changing our hairstyles, clothing, and eye colors. It really gives us freedom in the game! Pokemon Y did this as well but I have my reasons for voting this one! Gen 6 introduced Fairy Type Pokemon, which have become my favorite types! In X you get the most powerful Fairy Type, as of 2015! I have so many more reasons for liking this game best, but unfortunately I don't have the time! GO Pokemon X!

In my own personal opinion and experience, Pokemon X is by far my favorite. I love all of the new details, mega evolutions, and graphics. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves Pokemon!

Best graphics, best game-play, easy online access. It should be at the top, the only problem with this game is the lack of post game.

Finally, the people aren't chubby bits of color! I have not liked how obese and short they were, thank goodness Nintendo finally made them look normal.

People need to take their nostalgia goggles off and see that this is the best. Did it have the best story? No, but A) who plays Pokemon for the story? And, B) Makes more sense than Team Galactic, Magma, Aqua, Rocket and Plasma.

I have Pokemon X and I think it is the best game ever because of all of the awesome 3d and the graphics and the Pokemon.

Why are people complaining about this game? It looks the best yet!

I love this game. While it didn't add many Pokemon, the amazing features it added made up for it 100%. Advanced online, 3D graphics, a new type, super training, Pokemon amie, and even polished a couple typing match ups (ghost no longer does half damage against steel like earlier, which made 0 sense).

This is without any doubt the best pokemon game, yet...i don't even see a competition here...

Pokemon XY/ORAS has great graphics and the PSS is great because it lets you trade/battle from wherever. But I don't think this game deserves to be number one because the story felt really watered down to me and I didn't really feel compelled to beat it. Like what's team flare even trying to do? Destroy the world? Make the world "beautiful"? What? Also, I find a lot of the gym leaders in this game forgettable. And this is just preference, but I don't really like the starters or legendaries of this game, they just looked kinda odd and over complex and industrial to me (don't get me wrong gen 6 had some great Pokemon).

I think Pokemon X is the coolest game ever because the battles are in 3D and there were lots of new Pokemon.

Best ever play it play it now makes the other games (except Pokemon Red, my second favorite) look like crap

Pokemon x has the best graphics why people are bad graphics games in top 10 no idea?.

The Graphics were great but the story was bad and so were most of the new Pokemon. - MarchingGL

By far my favorite pokemon game and not just because of the graphics. I loved all the new pokemon and it was the first pokemon game I actually completed

Really wonderful game! Great Graphics! Wonderful environment! Great Gameplay! Should be at the top.

I played this game when I was a kid, he feels, the nostalgia. I've played Ruby, pearl and black but I say that this is best.

This game is just incredible, it make you feel realistic and just more happy how you can communicate online and enjoy the game, and you don't have to just by a 3ds just for Pokemon you can play deference game, now that the 2ds come you can buy one of that is not really expensive. Any in my opinion this just show how much Pokemon can improve from generation one to six

It's obvious it's the best game of all. sure a lot of other Pokemon titles has more graphics and a darker story but x and y is definitely the fun one. It adds so many more features and should have a higher spot on the list. It is easy to play for this generation too.

I have played every pokemon game that has came out and I love the choices of customization that has came out of this game.