Pokemon Black


The best Pokemon ever with the best music, toughest gym leaders, coolest pokemons and awesome graphics!

When this came out in 2010, I bought it for $50 and played it all day and night my parents were mad at me for playing it when I should have been doing homework. I was 11 and I really enjoyed it when it first came out. All of the anticipation and build-up and hype was the best part of my craving for it. I was so excited for it, and I remember how long I played because I had a log for it just so that if my friends said that they played longer than me, I could prove me wrong. I played for 56 hours and 24 of those hours was one day straight of me on my couch with my DSi playing and playing. I remember telling my parents, who were mad at me for spending $50 on it, "It's great! ", and "I love it so much! ". I calmed them down after a bit, because they thought I had wasted quite a bit of my allowance. Chores earned me $6 a week, and I had recently made a deal that if I did something extra each week, they would give me an extra $1. The only reason I asked for that deal was ...more

This game is definitely great. It is DEFINITELY a game you would play to take yourself to extreme levels in video-gaming, because they're so many confusing trails and paths to go through, you use your brain in battles (well mostly), and I loved the storyline. Made a lot of sense and was very creative. The battles were VERY hard at times, but that just made me stronger and learn more about the game. You may buy a bunch or repels, because you know what? Doesn't matter which cave, your whole team can be completely knocked out because the Pokemon are really strong. Oh yeah, I loved the characters, especially N. Play this game if you want a nice and hard-core Pokemon game. The 6th generation sucks a lot. X and Y was HELL to easy, loved the clothes, though. ORAS was good, but made a lot more easier and took the story of Rayquaza in the most boring way, because Emerald... You know. So, yeah. Black for the win!

Its has way cooler starters harder challenges triple battles much more Pokemon I know you cannot beat me in it I beat the game three time one time I had a level one-hundred been training very hard but now you can when I get better you can challenge me any time I will definitely beat you I can bet you anything with any Pokemon anywhere anytime prepare to meet your doom this game beats everything and nothing beats this I can tell you emolga is easy to train your team or one Pokemon should be strong you can find cabalion at milistrasion cave terrakion in victory road

The reason I think this game should be higher is yes one it has the best story out of all the pokemon games and I think that it is awesome that they continued the story in pokemon black 2. Also "most" of the pokemon from the region were good and they were cool in their own way. And it made you have to experiment with new pokemon that you didn't know either I know black gets hate for not letting you use old pokemon from old regions but I think that it was cool and that they wanted you to use more that just the pokemon that you always use. Also hands down...hands down to having it be the first pokemon game (and only game) that you could just transfer your pokemon from past gens. Without having to have the old Ds lite to do it in diamond. You could just go to download play and use your pokemon black to obtain these pokemon. This in my openan is my favorite pokemon game that I have completed and based on the facts not nostaga.

I'm voting Black here because it makes more logical sense, as the main villans pursuit as "Ideals" make more sense. Anyways, Black and White was very different, but still very good. It's plot was rich for a Pokemon game, and characters, while perhaps annoying, grew and developed, instead of remaining one note or a simple line denouting how they changed; no, you saw how their views radically changed, and not just your allies, but the main antagonist as well. Put a classic Pokemon spin on it, and there's no doubt in my mind that Pokemon Black and White are the best Pokemon games of all time.

To be honest, I haven't played the other games much, but am I the only one who prefers the look of the newer Pokemon to the older generations? I'm speaking generally, of course, but in previous versions, it seemed as though you could really only get awesome looking Pokemon like Houndour late in the game, while in B&W the starers are quite cute, in my opinion. Fire piggy, water otter, smug lil' Snivy! Not to mention the comparatively interesting villains, the seasons, and bright, animated graphics, which make the game feel more alive.

Pokemon Black is a great addition to the Pokemon series. Pokemon Black gives us a great new storyline, over 100 new Pokemon, and introduced us to a brand new region. In my opinion, this was the best Pokemon game out of them all, and provided us with an amazing game that we can enjoy for hours and hours without getting bored.

Broke the boundaries of the Pokemon series by deconstructing the entire concept with a compelling story dealing with the morality of training Pokemon and becoming the "very best". Also featuring great graphics, an advanced battle system and more ways to play with your friends than ever. You know it's the best.

Emerald is easily the best, but this deserves to be much higher - this game is fantastic.

Great, fresh new outlook on the series with a whole new set of Pokemon and a whole new region to explore. The Pokemon are very nice themselves, and the music is AMAZING! The story is BRILLIANT for the first time the series gets aa deep storyline with the villain team. THIS is a must have for all fans.

You know, looking back on this game on everywhere from just about... well, everywhere, I actually think Gen 5 holds up pretty well and is miles better than Gen 6 or even Gen 7! A shame I haven't played Black 2, but for for my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Black doesn't just hold a place in my heart for the nostalgia. Even to this day, I'd say the story, music, and characters hold up to me pretty well in the long run. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I admit. I joined the Pokemon Community a little late in the game, but despite having started with Diamond I have played the originals too. However, Black will forever be my favorite game. And the only reason is it's amazing storyline. It brings up a controversial issue about the various aspects of battling Pokemon. It will always remain one of my favorite games.

As a young video game nerd kid, one who's seen and played a lot, it's easy to say that this is hands down one of the greatest games I have ever had the luck to experience. Game Freak went above all of my expectations. Even though I joined during the Black and White 2 era, I can say this with joy- it's greater than pretty much everything that came before, and after.

What the hell, why is this awesome game still 9th? Whoever likes emerald more than black are seriously out of their mind. You get RESHIRAM in this game, RESHIRAM! Now that is enough to like this game. More story, way more pokemons, challenges, gyms, etc... What do you get in that emerald guys, COME ON!

This game was awesome is in my opinion the best Pokemon game ever. When I played this game, the experience was like when I 1st played Pokemon Blue! This game is very creative and has an amazing plot. This game's inside look is very heart-touching!

I think Pokemon black is a fresh start, they wanted to recreate the Pokemon series with the basic principles still intact. A whole new adventure and whole new Pokemon, black and white for the win. Also has really cool WiFi options.

This is like the like best like game like of the like year like like I like love it more than my like children and like wife I spend like more time with like the game then like my family so like why wouldn't I like it more like

Pokemon Black really should be higher on the list. Its gameplay is awesome. There are many great 3D Graphics, an amusement park, and very cool cut scenes.

I think it is better than Gale of Darkness.

While Black and White has a few Pokemon duds, like trubbish and it's evolution, it has some awesome ones! The story was epic, and so was the music, and I'm pretty sure 99% of people who complain haven't played the game. Black was my first Pokemon game, and was great.

This game introduced the greatest number of all new pokemon, some of which are in my opinion the best ever released. Some were definitely not. However, this games plot was by far the best yet, with the best characters and story. My all time favorite, disappointed to see it so low.

The game has the best graphics compared to any other game yet here... Those screen effects and those camera pans are literally awesome! The camera angles too are really good at times

This should be higher... This was my first ever pokemon game I ever played. I like white too, but I like Reshiram more then Zekrom. The starters are awesome, and so are the characters, and the map itself. Plus, Gigalith, Zoroark, and Haxorus were great addition to the world of Pokemon

I loved paying this game. The only problem is that all my friends aren't interested into ANYTHING I'm interested into. I never did spend those hrs playing and trading pokemon with my friends in any game. And if I tell my friends I like it, they think I'm weird and stuff like that.

I agree that the first generation should receive credit for starting the whole thing off, but you can't deny that progress has been made. Black and White, along with their sequels, had the most in-depth and meaningful storylines of any Pokemon game.

Black is so exiting as well as white as I feel they are equal but gen 5 is really unfairly critiqued with its bad looking Pokemon but I feel that is just nostalgia for the first few generations. Still love the other games but gen 5 is my favourite