Pokemon Black 2


If one should take off the nostalgia goggles for a second and look at what we're supposed to be voting on you won't have to look any further for an absolutely perfect Pokemon game. Why do I say Black and White 2 are the best? Well Without any attachment to any Pokemon whatsoever these are the most balanced games. While Pokémon Diamond, pearl, and platinum were relatively difficult and required a lot of grinding, and Pokémon X, Y and soforth are relatively easy. Black and White two are difficult but not too difficult. You have to grind but you don't spend hours on it, rather an average playtime requires it but it isn't all you're doing, the story was easy to follow and pretty dark and interesting. Your rival was cool and actually helped you take down the villains. The gym leaders weren't pushovers despite having only three Pokemon each, and let's not forget a glorius postgame only overtaken by Gold, Silver, and their respective remakes. Black and White 2 were the all around best ...more

The game was incredibly fun, although a good chunk of the game was from Black and White, I think Black 2 and White 2 really expanded it forward. Fantastic music, my favorite storyline of ANY Pokemon game and a fair difficult challenge able to be changed via through key swapping.

Come on! Why isn't this a lot higher on the list!? It's the ONLY video game in existence I've played that I've given a ten out of ten! Several features make this hands down the most fun Pokemon game I've ever owned.

This is a great game. In my opinion, it should be on first. And as you all know that "NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER". It has awesome graphics. HEY Listen up, I want this game on the top. It is like a new generation(Like X and Y). Go, go BLACK 2. I have never seen a great sequel after Crysis 2. But this, is just awesome!

Black 2 is the best game, and that is tops. It has only been 1 year since I bought it, and already nostalgia is seeping in. Just like Black, the post-game content was VERY vast, and you almost never get bored. The characters were fleshed out, and you could connect to them in so many ways. If you look at the top, basically nostalgia rules. Diamond and HeartGold deserve their spots (maybe Emerald) but the other ones are just "NOSTALGIA".

Why is Pokemon Black 2 so low on this list and beneath Black and White 1? It maybe has come out 2 years after the release of Black and White 1, but this game (and Pokemon White 2) has got so many better things in it than Black and White 1. You now can get the sword of justice and if you do it right even Tornadus AND Thundurus AND Landorus! In this game you can even battle Cynthia and the story of that ghosty girl on the bridge continues!

I've played every single Pokemon game at least 3 or 4 times each to completion, and from music to just the sheer amount of things to do in this game, black 2 is the best. It's the perfect mix of great pacing, a good challenge, and so much to do! Also sporting the best soundtrack of any game to date, whats not to love?

Pokemon black 2 is the best game of all games ever created I would pay $1000 dollars to play the game it should be in at least the top 3 best games in the world and is the best Pokemon game ever made in the existence of time and space

While lacking in story quality compared to most of the series, Pokémon black 2 and White 2 are no games to be over looked. For all those who really enjoy battling (Especially with Showdown being a thing), this game is for you. Great mixture of past and present Pokémon and many different ways to hone and refine your battling skills all throughout the game. The Pokémon World Tournament was a great concept, especially since we haven't seen a battle frontier since 2010. Black tower/ White Tree hollow are both incredibly well done and great for after game training. All in all, there's something to love in this game for everyone. Definitely a must play.

Number 18? Seriously? Has anyone visiting this website ever even played any other Pokemon game than red, gold and other old Pokemon games?

Best Pokemon game ever. I have played this games too many times to count

This deserves to be higher. Not top, but higher. This was a great game, and I own just about all of these since gameboy color.

Best story, best Pokemon, most mature, best region, overall does what Pokemon has been needing.

There is so much to do. So much. I couldn't begin to name all the fancy features and details this game brings to the table.

Haven't played it, but it sounds so interesting! A new twist and a mysterious plot makes it more interesting.

Black 2 and White 2 are the best. Second might be Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Third is Pokemon Platinum

It is so awesome! The way Kyurem turns Zekrom into a ball and then fuses with it is so realistic!

Come on tons of old and new Pokemon. The biggest poked ex ever define toy a must have!

I adore this game, with interesting updates from our original unova adventures, along with the fact zekrom is beast! This was my favorite Pokemon game, and honestly one of my favorite games of all time! This game deserves a 10 out of 40!

Awesome game- you could catch literally ANYTHING in it! No, really any Pokemon.

BEST GAME EVER, you can almost catch any legendary, like all the Regis

The first Pokemon game I ever played so I voted for nostalgia.

I vote this one 'cause it's the first Pokemon game with fusion.

This is the BEST of ALL of the pokemon games by infinity

THIs game is my favorite pokemon game nostalgia rules

My first. Lots of fun and so much post game content!