Pokemon Diamond


Honestly I may be a little biased for this is my first ever pokemon game, but this is in my opinion one of the best games. I even loved the anime part of it! The song tracks are beautiful, the graphics are nice and classic and not overdone, the pokemon there are awesome! I love the places you can go to as well. I would play this game for hours sometimes and it is the probably the only game I've ever played where I would pay double the price if I could play it again. Playing this game was my favorite part of my youngness as you could say, as now school and homework take over. Thanks Nintendo for making this game

My first ever pokemon game is still my best as I love all the pokemon you can get on the game. I am so glad that torterra was in the game as it is my all time favorite pokemon
U have epic legendaries such as dialga and giratina
There is also the fun poke radar that can sometimes be quite annoying having to walk x amount of steps before you can find a pokemon
But even after 5 years I still can't catch heatran or arceus
I still believe there should have been more mystery gifts but the game was great

People saying that Pearl and Diamond can't compete with the originals are quite wrong. So the originals was the start of it all doesn't mean they're the best games! That title goes to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl especially Diamond. The new pokemon are awesome like Lucario, Torterra, Dialga. The adventure is epic and the Sinnoh League are the best yet. Truly the best pokemon game out there.

You've gotta love diamond. Although it seems kind of biased for me since it was my first game, I've played other games and Diamond does not have as good graphics as the other games, and that's what makes you feel warm inside while playing it. It allows you to relax your eyes while playing a video game, which is quite nice. Not only that but it has lots of pokemon and legendaries for you to catch. I mean like, heck dude, I had a whole team of legendaries after a couple of months! Its not too hard to play, which makes up the balance of easiness and hardness (that probably didn't make any sense at all). Its also VERY addicting if you're a big pokemon fan. When things get too hard and it makes it feel impossible, you'll get it a couple of hours or days. Every pokemon fan should have this version.

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum are 100% my favourites and I've played every Pokemon game to date. The story and scenery are amazing. The legendary Pokemon in this are the best yet and the way they are encountered; especially event ones such as Arceus, Darkrai and Shaymin (not to mention my all-time favourite Manaphy! ) this game is just great and combines the best of everything about Pokemon into a single game, also 5th generation Black and White Pokemon just don't have as good designs as this and previous generations.

This was the first Pokemon game I got. I played it into the morning. I actually got into trouble because I was playing the whole night sometimes when I was a kid. I have since played most of the other Pokemon games (except the ranger and mystery dungeon series, they look terrible), and I still think it is the best along with pearl.

This one is pretty good, I mean, you should've included pokémon platinum in this cause it's the same as diamond and pearl but it is better and includes both of the Pokemon...

My first ever pokemon game and the one who led me to finding one of the most badass pokemon I have ever found. Without this game for god who knows what would have happened if I never got this as my first pokemon game. Plus at the end, how many people can say "I have caught the master of time therefore I AM THE MASTER OF TIME." Exactly not many... Unless you have this game.

This was my first Pokemon game and I believe it's one of the best! I am from Greece so excuse my mistakes in English. I love this game, so, you understand how I felt when I lost it. I hope that everyone that plays this game enjoys it. Have fun!

This was my first Pokemon game, the game that got me into gaming. D/P/Pt had an awesome soundtrack. The region had lots of memorable locations. After diamond, I tried leaf green, soulsilver and emerald (my 2nd favorite). No game series were ad fun as Pokemon for me. Diamond will always be my favourite game!

Pokemon diamond has by far the most things to do! Be it going underground exploring, entering contests, collecting ribbons, harvesting berries, breeding Pokemon, gambling, all kinds of stuff! And of course the obvious like beating all the gym leaders and becoming the champion of Sinnoh! This game had me so addicted and if I ever got bored with droning on with the story constantly, I could do something, anything else! The sheer entertainment of this game makes it the best out of them all.

This and Platinum were the last games I played and they were honestly a lot of fun. My only problem is that following fire red, emerald, etc. There were too many pokemon to catch (400 something) and it got kind of ridiculous. Still the pokemon designs were pretty cool and was just a fun experience.

So the reason I choose this one is because of the nostalgic factor...
The region you play in is one of the coolest by far and the innovation just blinds me sometimes... What's also awesome is that the legendary Pokemon are all really good especially arceus which is arguably the strongest Pokemon ever

What every single Pokemon game after platinum forgot was the underground... It was the most innovative feature ever in a Pokemon game playing in the underground with your friends is awesome

For me the best Pokemon game ever

Although I loved the old ones like Emerald, this game got me hooked. The graphics were amazing and my favourite part was without a doubt Snowpoint City. It was like a winter wonderland for the entire journey to the city and the city itself. There were some tricky parts too and unlike the other games this one wasn't too easy or too hard to et past certain areas. All the exploring involved with this one and amazing graphics/animations got me to play this game over 15 times so far, and still counting.

For me it was the first Pokemon game I've played for my own (my bro helped me with Emerald, Sapphire and Fire Red) and I really enjoyed it. Despite the story not being the best one it is still my favourite Pokemon game, just like Emerald (Yeah I have two games on my first place). All new Pokemons were great and I remember spending countless hours training my Infernape to get level. 100. I've beaten League so many times I can't ever remember now (something like 100, really. It was my first Pokemon game for DS and I could have played it for hours, and even at night.). It's a great Pokemon game to start with and I really recommend playing this one.

I absolutely love it, it seemed as if team Galactic was the best crime organization in the Pokemon games, just how Cyrus actually was going to destroy the whole world just to create another one that he'll rule over, wow... Just wow.

Pokemon Diamond has a gripping storyline that never gets old. Sinnoh is a great region, with snowy areas to the north, and beaches to the south. Love the terrain diversity that is shown in this game.

Pokemon Diamond is by far the best Pokemon games ever made! I think that apart from Pokemon Platinum, Diamond was definitely the proudest moment of the Japanese.

Diamond was the best! You had so many things you could do! The battle tower was my favorite, but the after game was way fun too, and I was even addicted to going underground for a while. The starters were the best too

Even though I like gen 3 better I still love this game because it was the game that got me to play other Pokemon games. I remember a lot from this game and from my personal life but this isn't the most memorable

This was the first one that I played, and will always hold a special place in my heart. And, you get to capture DIALGA for glob's sake! This game should be second only to Pokemon Emerald :-)

Ok does this also count as Pokemon pearl? Because they are the same thing technically and I love it it was the thing that got me addicted to Pokemon when I got chimchar as a starter Pokemon then it evolved into monferno the infernape and it totally is the best game and I am actually a 9 year old advanced fourth grader and you should vote for this!

I can't believe fire red is in the lead!,
pearl and diamond is much better because diamond and pearl is a touch screen pokemon games while fire red is not.. and it has a better graphics that fire red...
new pokemons also... fire red is very outdated!
- blueguy120

Even though my first game was firered, this one holds a special spot in my heart nothing can take away. It just blew me away. I can still picture 8 YO me, falling in love with the fact that I had a fire-monkey as a starter. Everything about it was perfect. Now I've got this stupid fox-thing. What? And don't even get me started on mega evolutions.

It is the best because it has the best pokemon. Also, the part where Dialga comes is absolutely awesome, and it has very good graphics. I also like the part where Giratina comes at the end because Giratina is my most favourite pokemon.