Pokemon Fire Red


My personal favorite when I was younger I lost this game losing my first level 100 and also losing mew two it made me upset to have lost a HUGE part of my childhood but then one Christmas I got it again and I was REALLY HAPPY the reason why it is my personal favorite is #1 it is the first game in the series that I ever played. #2 it was the game that got me into the series and #3 I was very young so I believed in santa and back then he was my role model because hearing him in all of those stories I wanted to be like him to give out stuff to people that have lost hope or lost someone or a pet near and dear to them I wanted to help in some way and that Christmas eve I wished the following "I wish that I could have my Pokemon fire red game back and if I get the game then I will act like him when I got older." I got the game and from there on I was nice to people and I never let go of hope whenever my friends or family get sad I try all I can do to comfort them in those times of ...more

So far, I don't think there are really any other pokemon game (besides ruby/sapphire) that has a sense of adventure. Catching pokemon actually meant something in this game. You had to solve problems like waking up that f@*@$$ snorlax or finding something that can help you see a dead pokemon so that you can fight it. For me diamond/pearl was meh, it was like you just go to the next town, then beat the gym leader. Fire red/leaf green was about adventure, exploring and becoming a pokemon master! There were no gimmicks in this game, besides trading, this game was the most genuine and the best pokemon game ever. I don't think I ever got sick of it.

Pokemon Fire red was the first pokemon game I ever played. If you say that the new generation of games (platinum, heartgold, and diamond) are better than the old ones, you probably have never played them. But not every single old pokemon game is as good as Pokemon Fire Red! I mean, Charizard is the best starter evolution EVER! The fire flying combination and the way it looks is just the best pokemon EVER! I have played over 300 hours of this game on my gameboy! (that's 12 full days) And with the emulator, it doesn't give that special feeling to ANY pokemon game that you've helped nintendo and bought there products. It also just doesn't feel like Pokemon anymore.

After replaying this installment of the pokemon series countless times, I can safely say that this is the best one. I may be somewhat biased in my view, but 151 pokemon were enough and there was even good post game. After this it felt like the pokemon became less and less original. This was the peak of the pokemon franchise in my mind and even today I occasionally get the you're to play it. Truly great.

This game was my life as a kid. I remember when I bought it when I was kid, it was the first Pokemon game that I had. My brother had Crystal, Yellow etc. and I was always jealous I never had one of my own. I couldn't wait to get home and play this. I chose Charmander just because I loved the little guy on the T.V. show. I went on doing amazing things on this Pokemon journey, like defeating my rival over and over again, defeating the Elite four and then the Champion, catching Mewtwo with a normal pokeball and defeating Team Rocket. This game got me interested in Pokemon as a kid and I never stopped since then. I don't understand why people think of it as a kids game, I mean it says everyone on the case so everyone young or old can play it. I will never stop playing this gem of a remake and keep it with me my whole life.

The top 3 is on point, this game improved the graphics and added much more features to the original game, but honestly all of the gens have something to love about them, Pokemon Black and White had the best villain story line arc, emerald allowed you to explore both Johto and Kanto and had the best final surprise battle with Red, The original had the best rival ever no one beats Gary has a rival, Pokemon platinum had the best Champion, Pokemon Sun completely took away the dynamic that every game before it played making it a different experience, Ruby/sapphire had team magma and team aqua, and X & Y brought the first 3-D experience that wasn't a handheld game - germshep24

I played red as a child and 9 years later at age 18, this game came out. I played it and thought... Damn this is better than it ever was. I beat the elite four in 16 hours and in 30 hours had Mewtwo, Suicune, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Charizard as my team. I beat the game in 31 hours. I love this game dearly and from now it will always be my number 1.

Those of you who think this game sucks your wrong this game was a total revolution to the Pokemon fans and RPG games, Pokemon fire was one of the first games of RPG to get amazing graphics, it was the most bought game from 2004 - 2006 and it was the first Pokemon game to get color and its still played now days, the best game ever I have a level 100 team of red that I still use in black 2 and I loved playing ou in Pokemon red definitely the best poke ever only Call of Duty black 2 beats this game in my conclusion

Oh definitely. There is no doubt that Fire Red was and forever shall be the best Pokemon game of all time. After that it kind of started getting stupid. I guess it's kind of ridiculous to keep telling a person that you forgot to tell them about 100+ more Pokemon, and they have to go out and catch them. - wyattoelkers

I think Fire Red is the best Pokemon game ever because it both had the good graphics from the 3rd generation games, and the original Pokemon with good designs. The newer Pokemon designs can't even compare with the originals

I have been playing Pokemon since red and blue and I have also played the Green Version which is an original Japanese game on a visit to Tokyo. But this is the best. This was the hardest game for me so if your looking for a challenge get Pokemon Fire Red. Emerald isn't cutting it that is just an expanded ruby and sapphire. It was the only Pokemon game that took me at least a month to play. I actually played LeafGreen beforehand and beat that in a week. And this game also has the better version exclusives like Aricane. Trust me this is way better then Emerald or any Pokemon game.

Fire Red is a classic. My first game was Red and when I heard This was coming out I was excited. As a matter as fact I based my entire team on the red version team. Until I got the National Dex and caught a Lavitar that is. This is also a remake of the originals and you can't beat the classics well except their remakes not sequels. Fire Red is amazing. If you had this with Mega Evolution it would be awesome!

This is sure the best Pokemon game, when I got it I was six years old and I still play it nine years later. I can write an d whole book about this game, but instead of that I'll just use my time on playing it I'll just say that if you don't have tried it before it's really on time

Easily the best game of the franchise, so happy Nintendo decided to bring back the original Pokemon and story in a way that made it relevant to people who played the originals and people experiencing it for the first time

I've only started playing Pokemon a year ago and I played this game first cause my friend was currently playing it and recommended it to me so itried it and did not regret it. a year later, I've played almost all Pokemon games and this one beats them all by far. #1 because it's a 1st generation game and remake of the awesome original #2 it's a great game for people who are new to Pokemon and #3 it's simple, yet at same time challenging and fun unlike newer Pokemon games which are a bit too long and have stupid things in them like the mega evolutions in x and y

While this isn't my favorite Pokemon game, it's one of the best and is a true game for the ages. The original red and blue, with new visuals, great music, and a completely new island for you to explore to your hearts content? Oh my gosh I want one!

This Game is AMAZING! Gameboy advance may not be the best or most advanced console but this sucker is for the win. With amazing Gameplay and Great Pokemon. This one has it all! Go for this one!

It is the best Pokemon game I ever played. The challenges are also very cool. We have to play it with a good strategy and with the friendship of the Pokemon. The story is also based on the real anime story.

Fire red, according to me is the best. No matter whatever you all say, it will be my favorite game. And as a remake of pokemon red, it stunningly increases the graphics quality. And also my favorite dragons on the cover! GO CHARIZARD!

Even though the original pokemon games were undoubtedly great, they were glitchy and unbalanced as hell. Gen II made great bounds in improving gameplay and balance. I think people look on the Gen I games with too much nostalgia, not seeing it for what it really is. Besides, this isn't even a very good remake. The other games in Gen III were much better. - Bastiodon

One of my friends told me this was easily the best Pokemon game of all time. I respectfully disagree... Fire Red is easily one of the best GAMES of all time! Everything in Fire Red is perfect and will never be topped in the future.

In my opinion this game should have been first because it had the most simplistic but also the most attractive game play. Those who started their Pokemon journey with Fire Red would agree with me.

The nostalgia I have when I hear the Pallet Town music or any of this games themes for that matter! My first Pokemon game and if you think about it, kanto is very fun to explore! In my opinion it's the best video game ever!

I used to love Pokemon Diamond and Pearl until I played Pokemon Fire Red. Now I love it! Nothing beats my Fire Red Pokemon! Besides, who doesn't like a game with a fire-breathing dragon on the cover?! CHARIZARD for the win!

This game is so awesome. The only downside is that there isn't much to do after beating the elite four. Other than that this game is perfect. Emerald is a close second.