Pokemon Platinum


While I have played a few other Pokemon games (Diamond & Pearl, Heart Gold & Soul Silver, and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire), I have to say that Platinum is the best Pokemon game of all time, as well as it still being my favorite one to play today. Diamond & Pearl were the first games that I have played (and they are still great games to this day), but Platinum was a big step-up from them for many reasons.

1. The story was expanded.
2. The levels of Trainers's Pokemon were more balanced. (For example: In Diamond & Pearl, the levels of the 8th Gym Leader's Pokemon ranged from 46 to 49 and the levels of the 1st Elite Four's Pokemon ranged from 53-57. But in Platinum, the 8th Gym Leader's Pokemon levels ranged from 46-50 and the 1st Elite Four's Pokemon levels ranged from 49-53.)
3. My top favorite Pokemon Giratina got the attention it deserved when it got a whole world of its own as well as getting another form, which looked cooler in my opinion.
4. You can catch both ...more - DariusDragonKingKingston555

I don't understand how Pokemon FireRed is above this masterpiece simply because of nostalgia. I don't think they rated the game unbiased. I will try to rate this without and bias. So to start off, the graphics were amazing. To think that these came after Emerald, is just outstanding. Yes, I realize it was on a different console but still. Second of all, this game had so much more story and other things added to it than Diamond and Pearl. Third, the music was amazing. If you ask anyone, they'll say Cynthia Champion Battle music is one of the best Pokemon themes out there. Now I will agree that team Galactic didn't make much sense sometimes but they were still a great evil team. And there was so much story. Overall I think that this game is overshadowed by nostalgia and I think its time everyone took off their nostalgia glasses and actually look at the facts.

Platinum is to make up for everything Diamond and Pearl lacked with a whole new legendary and an upgrade to the look of the entire game. Being 4th Gen it's also got the best Pokedex to fill before having to transfer everything to Black/White. I play on Platinum and turned my Diamond into a storage tank for my FireRed, Sapphire, Platinum and HeartGold.

Over my harsh past with Nintendo I've had some happiness and upsets as well. This of which was my first either me being about 6 or 5. I loved this game for giving me such a powerful bond for the gamer I am today. This was truly a beautiful game along with a challenge. I had all of my ds and games due to issues with home when I was 9. Now that I'm almost 14 when I play this game I barely got back, it just bring tears to my eyes. At of all Pokemon games I can honestly say that not due to favoritism but experience that if you play this you will love this game. Believe in yourself like I did and have an exciting adventure of your very special own!

Pokemon Platinum must be on the first position. Pokemon Fire red is not so much cool. Please put pokemon platinum in first rank

This game is by far one of the best Pokemon games that I played. It not only had a great story (and an unnecessary amount of legendary Pokemon) but the soundtrack was phenomenal (poke center at night anybody? ). A game that truly showed the franchises maturity from Red and Blue. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the games such as Emerald and Gold, but none of them even compared to the perfection that was Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon Black before Platinum? Platinum is a upgrade version of Diamond. They had so many awesome Pokemon. Also finding Giratina in the under world was the coolest thing. But I think the elite four could have been cooler. But Cynthia was my favorite champion. I think platinum deserves to be in the top 3.

Pokemon Platinum should have a higher rank than Pokemon Diamond because it's an extension to the previous game. This means that there is more to the storyline and the various Pokemon you can catch. By putting Pokemon Platinum before Pokemon Diamond, I think it will make much more sense.

Pokemon Platinum changed the way I look at things. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. What a game! I believe it is the best Pokemon game, although I have a lot of respect for blue and red, because it started the whole thing up. Really amazing game. Thanks to everyone who helped make the game!

Pokemon platinum is the bomb! There are cool new Pokemon like articuno, zapdos and moltres to catch and you can verse the gym leaders again and you can catch girantina in his ORIGIN form how cool is that

Sure, it wasn't the fastest Pokemon game. But because its an improvement to the second most important generation of Pokemon (first obv being gen 1), it had to be here. Gen 4 singlehandedly created the competitive scene, thanks to the legendary physical special move splits. It was a toss up between this and the other gen 4 games with their impact, but Platinum improved on the story of Diamond/Pearl and added the most awesome legendary of all time (Girantina), which is why I chose it over those. Still, the competitive scene wouldn't of existed without Gen 4 as a whole. And I love my competitive games

I'm sorry but even though fire red introduced us to the Pokemon series you cannot say that it is the best Pokemon game because it has aged poorly! I'm sorry guys but you'll just have to ignore your nostalgia and ask yourself is it really the best Pokemon game? And the answer is no Platinum is! =)

I agree. I mean, really. You put Diamond on number three, but pay no attention to platinum. Platinum has an amazing story. And the reverse world. And you catch Giratina, Dialga, AND Palkia. Do you people have brains? Fire Red is a good game, but not good enough for number 1.

This is my third pokemon game (I've also played fire red and emerald), and easily my favorite. It had my favorite pokemon, region, and team galactic is awesome. This game is incredibly underrated. Like, this game is an improvement on diamond and that's THIRD PLACE

SERIOUSLY! Pokemon platinum is WWAAYY better than Pokemon diamond! you better be joking or else! Pokemon platinum should be in first NOT NOT NOT Fire red, Silver, Diamond, and all those thingy majegy! !

I haven't yet played this game but I have seen a lot of videos about it and I fame to this conclusion: every Pokemon fan must own this game. I mean, what is better than a game where you can have both Palkia and Dialga and BOTH forms of Giratina?

Pokemon Platinum is the most interesting and balanced game of them all. The graphics are really nice, but the game still holds true to the classic gamestyle. The Pokemon are Pokemon that everyone is familiar with, and the new ones fit in really nicely. I have played every game from Pokemon Gold to Pokemon Black and White, and I have to say that Platinum is the one I enjoyed the most. Although I had an almost equally good time with Emerald (and I can see why it is NO. 1) I still think Platinum is better. It was the pinnacle of Nintendo DS Lite Pokemon gaming!

This Game is amazing. One of my favorite Pokemon Games. I play on it sometimes and it cheers me up to be able to do lots of cool things on it. Eevee in Pokemon D/P is at level 5 and in this game it is level 20! Overall really great game.

PLATINUM IS AMAZING. NO OTHER Pokemon GAME CAN COMPETE WITH IT. Black and white was simple and rather boring because it lacked a things such as the battle fronteir which allows you to play without internet connections after the main game. The Pokemon and story line are also cool... Just generally an excellent game... I HAVE 3 Pokemon PLATINUM!

A very intense storyline in a generation with the first physical special splits. A generation excessively hated on and the generation that started it for me. But I cannot let go of such a great generation, even if it's bashed by so many.

Best Pokemon game to date. Creative and original Pokemon, an easy to use interface, the inclusion of the exclusive underground area to explore, and the overall ambience of the game makes it by far the best the series has to offer.

Tough choice between this, yellow, and emerald. Overall I think my vote goes to platinum because it made Sinnoh look beautiful, and the legendary pokemon in this game were the coolest and most legendary feeling. Also the fourth generation introduced some cool features: online battling, the poke-radar, and the new distinction between physical and special attacks. - airbb

First game so I'm biased, but this games story was really engrossing, and the characters like barry, and looker were amazing. The pokemon designs were also great, the music was awesome, and overall a blast to play.

This game is challenging, has an amazing story, and it should be in the top 3. It had so many events. I just transferred all these Pokemon to the newer games. This game is definitely gonna be a great game, you feel me?!

I have played every Pokemon game but platinum was by far the best with all its legendary Pokemon and the way it still goes on for so much longer even after you win the Pokemon league