Pokemon Silver


Ah, Pokemon Silver, in my opinion the peak of Pokemon gaming. The reason later Pokemon games pale in comparison is that they lacked the depth and back story that Silver managed to gain from being a sequel to Red and Blue, such as Koga, member of the elite four, used to actually be the gym leader of Fusia city (which everyone knows, of course). All this back story could be revealed after beating all the Johto gyms and the elite four, and then heading back to Kanto to beat the old gym leaders again. The two regions was absolutely fantastic, giving Silver the longest post game content out of any Pokemon game. Going back to Kanto and seeing what had changed since your Pokemon Red play through was simply amazing, my favorite example of this being the eruption of Cinnabar island and finding Blaine's gym in the Sea foam Islands. Silver was strengthened by the legacy of Red and Blue and vice versa, making both set of games truly better. Playing Red and Blue was essentially playing Silver in ...more

G/S/C hands down, there all the same to me, but I'll always choose silver cause you get cooler Pokemon that wont appear in the others. Cool story with your rival being an actual badguy, Team Rocket is back, everything is better, night and day bug catching contests, when you beat the first story you have to go back to kanto and beat the original 8 gym leaders, you even battle Ash, you know the guy from the original, and who you always wanted to battle, because after watching the show how the hell is a pikachu that strong! They say the original 151, but I always thought 252 was enough and didn't care much for 253. This started my dream of one daying playing a master Pokemon game, in which you get to go to all four or five areas kanto Johto, etc. , with all the remakes you think it would have happend by now, but sadly not and I outgrew the new Pokemon, but always found time for the classics, you don't get made fun of for playing them. Ha

The games for the Original gameboy (Both colour and black and white) will always be the best. I have played every game. (Except the newest) And 3 and 4 generation are crap compared to the originals. number 3 was ok, but 4?... Bad story and bad pokemons.
Everyone who thinks that the new games are best, are probably 10 year old kids who never played the original games, and just think about graphics.
I still own the cartridges from the first 2 generations (Though my gameboy is dead.. R.I.P) so I play them on my phone. Still good games.

This game looks so cool! I've never played it because the Gameboy Color stopped selling shortly before I was born. I found out about this because of the creepypasta "Lost Silver" which quickly became my favorite pasta. Now, I research lets plays and the story of Pokemon Silver and Gold, (I like Silver a lot better) and this game looks amazing! When I'm able to shop online, (I'm poor at the moment lol) I'm 100% buying this and a gameboy color!

Simply part of the awesome III Generation Pokemon series. Any of Gold/Silver/Crystal could be in this place. The III Generation was the mother of so many of the awesome features the Pokemon series is now renowned for. Red/Blue/Yellow gave the III Generation a foundation to build on. Silver/Gold/Crystal turned the foundation into a monument to what could be done with the series.

Well the main reason I like this game is cause it stands out above the rest. maybe not in graphics like soul silver but it is one of the games that influenced Pokemon games for the further generations. the Pokemon names aren't just things you can actually see in real life like in the newest game, a gear Pokemon really? But instead they have names like ho oh, charmander, pikachu in the new games its like impossible to capture a pikachu. true story I colored my gerble yellowish orange and named him pikachu

reading the names of all these games again brings back memories of how I spent just about all my childhood playing these games, especially this one I still remember walking into the shop years and pointing to the game behind the counter and asking for it hahaha even to this day I still buy the games out of curiosity to see how they've advanced

People say in other comments that the first gens are best. And that blue, red and yellow have precious nostalgia but so does this! It has the first two hundred fifty good Pokemon, includes both regions and still brings back the nostalgia of the game boy colour days! So, why say b/r/y is better when Silver and gold have everything and more!

I started with Pokemon Blue, and I really loved it. But then when I got my hands on Pokemon Silver everything changed. There were days and nights, special events, two new types, mystery gift and so much more. This game was special. Then just to blow the minds of the gamers a bit more, Kanto. This is my two favourite generations rolled into one. The remakes are fantastic, but nothing for me can top the nostalgia of Pokemon Silver. (Crystal was great too! )

I enjoyed this game, so much. It brings back so much passion, I played Pokemon Silver until I caught every Pokemon in the Dex. This is the only game in the franchise, I can ever say I truly finished. As a kid of the nineties, people would trade and play in Maths! You weren't a kid in the nineties unless you owned a copy of this game. I sometimes have emotional moments when I remember school and being popular was about your skill at a video game.
To tick my final boxes, one of my two favourite Pokemon ever was in this game. Slowking.
I am in university now and I still play Pokemon. Silver is attribute to this. The storyline is amazing. The fact that one can explore Kanto is extraodinary, it was so good that remakes had to be made. And when I heard that this was happening. I waited outside EB Games, waiting for the doors to open bought the game and was hooked.

Moments which nostalgia overcame me was when I caught my Slowpoke, battled Team Rocket, catching Lugia, evolving ...more

Where do I start? The gameplay, new graphics, or new additions? Why don't I say that this is one of the most amazing and best Pokemon games out there. It's also my personal favorite. Now you can do so many more things like get and receive calls (Joey! ), breed Pokemon, and most importantly catch em' all!

I would vote this game only for the music. But the music isn't all that is good about this game: the second generation features few Pokemon on its own, but combined with the generation 1 Pokemon the amount is exactly right. Moreover, it has Johto. Johto has one of the best designs in landscape and overall geography. It also includes the Kanto region 3 years after generation 1 with some added areas, which is both great. Where do I even stop?

THIS GAME IS THE BEST OF ALL, I have played all the pokemon games, but this is the really best, the RBY and GSC fever was better than the most of the actual pokemon games, they totally ruined the games with the EV's and stuff, we only needed de DV's and the weird training stat.

Easily my favorite, I beat Blue when I was 5 years old, and when I moved on to Silver it was just as good. Before the internet was being widely used I got to experience the fact that the Kanto region followed immediately after the Elite Four, it came as an awesome surprise to the end of an awesome game. I played many games growing up, but if there were ever a game that could single-handedly represent my childhood it was this game.

Over-throwing the old Pokemon Champion, Trainer Red (Ash) felt so good in this game and brought me back to when I had once played as that character in my Pokemon RED version. Everything about this game was a respected nod at the original Red, Blue, Green and Yellow games. GameFreak improved everything-- they added so many features like Day and Night, Pokemon egg-hatching, apricorns and so much more. As an added perk-- your Mom loved you in this game, she kept your money like a bank and fed you volcano burgers. Also TEAM ROCKET RETURNS! I simply love this series-- both Silver and Gold. I personally think these games overcast the originals, but the game does it with respect like allowing the gamer to go back and revisit Kanto.

Just the best ever, the game was everything the first 2 ones were and more. Plus catching Lugia at Lvl40 with aeroblast! Too great!
The one that I will remember and love forever, simply amazing how many hours I could spend playing this with friends

This is the game that introduced the largest and most significant improvements to the Pokemon canon. Two large regions to explore with a deep breeding system and subtle references to the anime. No game has been quite as groundbreaking as Silver.

Where to begin? A sequel to the classic Red and Blue versions that added eight additional gyms, two new types, breeding, and a vast improvement in graphics, not to mention 100 new Pokemon. The story is also my favorite out of all the games. - Ajb92

This was a HUGE leap forward for Pokemon. 100 new Pokemon, (that didn't suck) color, more depth, sidequests, and the ability to explore BOTH regions? Awesome. Hard to believe a Handheld Nintendo game from 2000 could be this awesome. - Explosiv

A classic from when I was younger, completely smashed this game and I actually still have it and sometimes have a sneaky play here and there. The first starters were the best by far on this game... Cyndaquil was my favorite and still is!

johto is my fav region and will always be. theres new pokemon which look great like skarmoy, espeon, umbreon, houndoom and even more! the gym leaders are memorable like whitney! its a great game!
check it out!

This was the first game of all the Pokemon games I ever played and I loved this game so much, 2 regions in one game is just a dream and my dream in my childhood came true

I came into the Pokemon franchise with SoulSilver, and I LOVE it. I am planning to play one of the gold/silver/crystal games eventually, though. Having TWO regions really adds to the games!

So amazing! Spend from 5 PM till 5 AM playing this game! Its just so amazing! Best storyline, and when you finish one league, there's another one just in store for you!

The best story you can find, and you get to battle 16 gym leaders from Kanto and Johto, also Ash a. k. a RED and The Elite Four. Best Pokemon Games Ever Made. - anthonybecerra831