Pokemon SoulSilver


The first Pokemon game I ever played was Silver and it was shared among me and my two brothers. We had a blast playing through it. We must have had over 300 hours on it and eventually we couldn't save anymore because we had played too much. I eventually got Ruby, FireRed, and eventually Pearl, but nothing was the same experience as this. When the news came out that Gold and Silver were being re-made I was ecstatic. This game has successfully kept everything that was wonderful in Silver (two regions, great Pokemon, awesome story) and made it better by updating it for the DS. By far the best game for me, although the original generation two games are classic.

This game was my life back when I was around 8 years old. I literally could not get enough of it! I trained 3 of my pokemon to level 100 in one day, and then, tragically I lost it.

SoulSilver and HeartGold are remakes of Silver and Gold, 2 already very good Pokemon games, and adds some extra attributes to them and fixed existing problems.

You can also get most of the legendaries with only 1 copy! (Which, unfortunately isn't very common in Pokemon games.

The graphics, especially considering the DS's capabilities is pretty good, and the battles have never been better!

Overall, I give this game a 10/10. Absolutely one of, if not THE best Pokemon game out there.

Game freak, you geniuses! This has got to be the best pokemon game ever! This has so many types of pokemon to choose from and has absolute STUNNING graphics. Even better than black/white(in yo face! ). Plus you could do so many things on soulsilver. Also, it brings back old memories from the earlier games(those are so awesome, screw that beaver from diamond/pearl. Dragonite? So flippin' awesome).

Actually I like white best... But be4 white this thing was B0$$. Pokemon champ! P. S worst=pearl.

I Remember when I Got this game I was so amazed by its graphics and how my pokemon got to follow me. They had a great story line Plenty of great pokemon to catch. And then after you beat the main storyline, you could venture off to the kanto region and get charmander squirtle or bulbasaur it was a Epic game.

Pokemon Soulsilver is simply amazing. The gameplay and graphics are incredible, and the story aspect of the game actually keeps you hooked. Not only that, but the fact that you can now 'know' what your Pokemon thinks of you, and are followed around by them, adds a more personal way of enjoying the game. Best one yet.

This is the best game I have ever played, with the graphics, story line and old memories. I love that you can play through 2 regions instead of 1 region. I love that their is Red and Lance, with Team Rocket and the original Pokemon. Overall I want billions of remakes of this game just because of the night and day, seasons and detail added to this game. 9.8 out of 10. - zotz99

I played the original silver before I played this game, but I still believe this is the best game Game Freak ever made. They perfected the already amazing Johto series and the graphics were superb. I loved playing my previous favorite game in an all new way. Just the fact that there was a whole other region to explore of which to defeat the gym leaders and the story line is a continuation of the Kanto series makes this game number one in quality and quantity.

I really don't see why silver is higher than this one. Both games are absolutely fantastic and I think they're the best one's in the series. The Pokemon that the second gen added we're awesome and this one has better graphics and upgrades to make gameplay feel stunning. Plus you can battle Red, now that's awesome.

The most content in any Pokemon game, the "story" is not so overwhelming to the point it won't let you actually explore the game, the most open Pokemon game in terms of exploration-after gym 4 you can do whatever you want, and most importantly the game respected and improved upon the already amazing gen 2 games

Come on, your pokemon actually follows you! Unlike the other pokemon games where they are stuck in pokeballs (Except for Pokemon Yellow and Rangers, but we have to admit Pokemon Yellow is a bit too old and doesn't have really good graphics and pokemon Rangers doesn't really count here) and can't come out! Plus, its graphics aren't too bad either, and you also get to make connections with the other regions other than just being stuck on one! Isn't that cool?

Amazing, incredible, fantastic- this is by FAR the best game yet. The Pokemon are amazing. The region is awesome-and there's two of them! 182 hours went into this game and they were not wasted. They took silver and enhanced it, and they came out with soulsilver, the best game ever.
Plus lugia is a beast

Ya! Soul silver. Great graphics, great starters, great every thing! Great storyline, and the other great thing is the( wait for it... "... THE AFTER GAME! A bunch of memories... You can battle red and blue plus all of the old gyms (except for koga, he is an E4 member

This was my first Pokemon game. I remember playing this game whenever I could. I remember being so disappointed after I beat the first region and then becoming so excited once I got to play a second region. Plus the story-line was just amazing. All around a 10/10

Pokemon SoulSilver is an extremely great remake of the original version. Plus, it allows you to experience two regions of adventure, 16 Gym Leaders, Pokemon Trainer RED, and almost all legendary. By far the best Pokemon game.

Nothing can beat the most exciting Pokemon game of all time. The best of graphics and special features like Pokemon following behind you. You also get to explore 2 regions and win 16 badges! Soulsilver is the masterpiece of all Pokemon games yet.

Pokemon SoulSilver Is definitely the best. Black + White are Too cheesy. Soul Silver has not as good graphics. But Story line is much better and way longer game to amuse yourself with (Although I have to admit I like Zekrom and Leaveany

This game... So amazing. It was the first Pokemon game and ds game I owned. A remake of my favorite gameboy color game ever. It has amazing music, graphics, gameplay, you can explore 2 regions, and the elite 4 and gym leaders are awesome!

Beautiful, fun, and my first game. I remember those days... It was good. It was stunning and had the best rival ever. Also, Lugia wrecks! It actually helped me win the championship (wrecked Lance with Blizzard). 10/10 would adventure through Johto again.

I love the fact your Pokemon walk behind you. I've always wanted that in games and these deliver. That feature isn't available in any other game in the entirety that it is here. In platinum, there was only one park where you could walk with your Pokemon, and in yellow you could only walk with pikachu (your starter).
So yeah, just for that reason alone this is my number one.

My favorite by far! My favorite part was how you could actually walk with your Pokemon! Just like in the cartoon! You could compare how big a Pokemon was to a human's height. That really made it a thousand times better!

This game is just outstanding because it has original Pokemon and New graphics which make it much more enjoyable. Also, after you beat the Elite Four, you can play through the entire Kanto region! That's awesome!

This game brought so many memories back from when I was a kid playing Gold and Silver with my friends. The nostalgia, the graphics, the story line, everything was amazing about this game. Nothing more to be said.

Everything that the original Gen 2 games did wrong (which were few) Nintendo made good. So many improvements and additions in this game and since Gen 2 is double-region, it is twice as fun as the others.

It's just the coolest game of pokemon.
No doubt on it.
If you aren't certain about buying a game the I rate this one to you.

P.S. : pokemon black/white really sucks!