Pokemon White


My game says I've spent more than 999 hours playing this game and I think it might be true. I love this game and everything about it. I could have played it for hours even during night. I remember battling with my friends during nights in my house. It was great and I love sequel even more for it's gameplay and Pokemons. I've played all Pokemon games and I'm like an expert and this game is on my number 1 place. (Just with Diamond and Emerald and White 2 and Souls Silver and every other Pokemon game from the main series and Explorers of Time. Yeah I have more than one game on my first place.)

This game started my Pokemon obsession. I'd always wanted to play my sisters Pokemon games. Then I wanted my own so I got the most recent, Pokemon White. I thought it looked super cool. So I played it, caught all kinds of Pokemon, and Now I'm where I am. Victory Road, My 13 other games where I play on and great fun. This game is what caused my craving for the beloved world of Pokemon.

True Pokemon fans don't just stick with red and blue. That game was so unbalanced. Psychic types were unfair and mewtwo could beat any Pokemon. There's no fun in that! The game was a glitch fest, and the music sounded horrible. You won't like the game unless it is for memories. Just admit it, newer games are far superior to the older ones.

Pokemon White is awesome, combining both the elements of City life and Nature by adding to it the White Forest. Unlike in Pokemon Black which continues with the same old by having the Black City and Tower. Pokemon White is a must buy; showing Pokemon is coming on leaps and bounds with each version it makes.

I really don't know why this game is so low on the list, because not only it was way better than Black version, it was one of the most challenging Pokemon game I've ever played. I guess people just select black because they think it's cooler, but at the end you get the chance to catch Zekrom only on White Version.

This game is the best because there are new Pokemon and new people and different storylines so not everything will be the same as it used to be for example in other games there are repeating Pokemon so it gets boring so I think that this game is the best choice and it also has better graphics

Okay, Pokemon White was part of Gen 5, the most creative generation, the generation with the most new Pokemon, and it had 3D graphics! Jesus Christ! In addition to that, the gen 1 fanboys, listen up! NOSTALGIA ISN'T EVERYTHING WEASELS! This game had some sweet music and has Zekrom as the mascot, the 2nd coolest Gen 5 Pokemon (Hydreigon at 1st). Oh, and 1 letter: N.

Why is White worse than Black?
you can get a huge array of old Pokemon
in the white forest!
I remember getting Magnemite, Porygon, Elekid and Magby.
Black doesn't have that!

This game is great! It is in between all the ones before that were really hard but not complete in five days easy like the ones that came after it! I also think it's better than black. Better Pokemon.

Hands down one of the best Pokemon games I've ever played, and I have played them all. I think Pokemon White should be at least in the top five because of its amazing 3D effect and awesome story line.

Bought it yesterday and finished. It was a great experience for pokemon fans and newbies! It got stunning 3d graphics new pokemons cool leaders and much, much more. I really recommend you this game!

This is the best game EVER! And I've played them all. So far I have totaled over 595 hours. I can't put it down. The legendary are the best all the Pokemon are the best actuality. Go White.

DO NOT use three level 100 event Pokemon to complete this game. It takes the fun out of it. I learned this the hard way.

White improves on many parts of the series. Sure there are some downgrades from HGSS but it has an amazing story and soundtrack!

There is nothing more exciting than catching a legendary Pokemon and then wandering around into a cave and catching a kyurem. So much fun.

Why is this behind Pokemon Black? They are literally just the same game, except you use Zekrom. Zekrom is so much more badass than reshiram.

It's a brilliant game! Should be first, not 15th! Zekrom's way cooler then Reshiram! Much stronger too! And the story line is much better then R/B/Y!

While this game not be as challenging as some of the others, what truly makes it great is the story that comes with it. Never before have I felt so attached to the characters, even the villains. Not only that, but the graphics are truly amazing and the new Pokémon additions are terrific.

Man, I love White version to death. Poor Unova isn't the most loved region in the franchise... Which I think is a little unfair. Yes, a few Pokemon were a little uncreative, but that has been the case starting from pokemon red. I mean, do poor vanillite and trubbish deserve all the hate? Yet, this one definitely had an amazing story, soundtrack, characters, and a lot more pokemon look cool than people give gen 5 credit for. I love this game.

Pokemon White not only had an extremely good story, but it also had interesting and awesome Pokemon to behold. Zekrom for the win!

I love how cute oshawott is great starters good challenge for me there's nothing wrong about this game

This game is really Awesome! If you haven't played it your missing out. Only problem is ice cream pokemon.

Pokemon white graphics is so cool and it have newest Pokemon legendary!

I like watching the pokemon actually moving around and you can see their whole body.

This game should be number 1. The story is great not to mention the great graphics