Pokemon Yellow


Yellow is not only my favorite Pokemon game, but also my 13th favorite video game of all time. It was just pure awesomeness from the start. This was my second Pokemon game (blue was my first) and after owning almost every generation, yellow is still my favorite due to the newness of the concept at the time, the replay value, and of course the nostalgia. I even like how glitchy the game is! Aside from that, I think that yellow and crystal should be much higher.

One of the originals, and the only game which allows the player to go through the game as ash did in the series, usually you can only catch one starting Pokemon (without cheating) whereas in yellow you can catch them all, I think if they made a newer version like they did with Pokemon red to fire red then this game would be number 1

I am sorry, Yellow may have pikachu, which he or she is not a legendary Pokemon, you know good and darn well, Pokemon Yellow was the best, you could not only have pikachu, which he couldn't evolve, but you could have charizard, blastoise, and venisaur (however you spell the name) you had to get them through people and to evolve them. But you could've had them all. I think they need to redo this game, so it will blow this list out of the smoke.

Such a wonderful game. Similar to what made the originals wonderful, except a little hint of the anime in it with the added pikachu. What made this game so great (in my opinion) was that it tried to tie the loose ends between the games and anime. It didn't do a great job at that, but still super fun to play.

I remember many an hour wondering the realms of Kanto with my Yellow companion... We had many hardships, but in the end, we were the best of friends. Even though my first Pokemon Game was Gold. Yellow was my second, and because of the feisty little guy on the front, Yellow will always mean something special to me.

Thanks little guy. For making my childhood the adventurous wonder that it was

I've played every generation of Pokemon games (excluding X and Y) and this is by far my favorite due to elements of both gameplay and nostalgia. This is my favorite RPG and one of my favorite games ever. My only complaint is because you have pikachu, you have an electric Pokemon against the first gym leader and have no choice but to train some lame Pokemon from the beginning of the game in order to move on.

Reasons for its epic-ness:
1) pikachu follows you. Need I say more?
2) team rocket. The REAL team rocket, not the people they had filling in for them in red and blue versions.
3) you don't have to make the difficult decision of which starter Pokemon to go for: you can have them all!
4) what? I need another reason? Were those up there not enough for you? Please, have another read of them - NinjaMoogle62

Pokemon Yellow has everything in it. I mean, what more could you want? Pikachu following you around, getting all three starters, and the first 151 Pokemon were the roots to the now Pokemon, such as xerneas, or oshawott, and those games are just genius. Of course, as everybody says, nothing beats the originals. Don't you agree? If you do, just post a vote, and help this game take to the top!

I really like yellow, it's just like Red and blue! But with a twist! I like how it's similar to the anime, and how you can claim all three starters, and I love Pikachu following me! It's cute, fun, and interesting!

Pokemon Yellow, my first Pokemon game got it when I was five with one of the old brick type Gameboys. This game is the reason I have a love for Pokemon due to the fact you could get Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur in comparison to any other Pokemon game they have nothing on this game, and if you hate pickachu then put him in the box and that's it. The 1st generation is the best the 5th is the worst, although I am happy that fire red came first as when I was 10 years old that game ruled my life enough said...

Let's be honest, when you take away the nostalgia, gen 1 isn't the best. The designs really haven't changed as much as people claim, and this game has not aged very well in the graphics and gui department. While I do think this should be on the top 10, I this it should stay between 10 and 7, because pokemon has gotten so much better since this game. Also, I personally believe this should be under gen 2.

You could have all three starters, 1st generation, most unique, end off. Anyone who hasn't voted for this either has no sentiment or wasn't around when it came out.

You can never beat the original games. Red, Blue and Yellow were the greatest games of all time. The first 151 Pokemon are the most famous and most recognised. Everyone knows these 3 games and was so addictive.

Dam so many memory's my cousins gave it to me because they used to play pokemon and they maturing and got bored with it and I would play tis game for a whole day nonstop good times

I actually started with the good old blue.
After that I bought this one.
This game + r/b are masterpieces and no other pokemon game can be better than them. Best game EVER

Seriously what's wrong with this list this game is the best and I've played many pokemon games but this one is the best it's the most fun and the most hardest and get this pikachu walks with you and you get to meet Jessie and James this game is number 1

The best EVER! It's like your ash five stars! Well I can understand how Pokemon Fire red and crystal are 1 and 2 but still. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST Pokemon GAMES EVER AND SHOULD BE #1!

Pokemon Yellow is just the best... Besides being an original, I will never forget playing this as a little girl, I thought it was the bees knees that Pikachu could just follow you around like that.

The only game with all 3 starters, and pikachu in the first half of the game without cheats or trading. Also this game was one of the originals and can't beat the originals

My first Pokemon game was Red, and for me nothing could beat that for nostalgia. Yellow is a slightly updated version of red and blue including more colour, updated sprites and you can obtain all 3 starters throughout the game. Not to mention, an incredibly cute and useful Pikachu is your starter that follows you around :D 10/10 would recommend

I don't care about what any says or thinks, this is the most amazing Pokemon game out there.. it used to be the only game you could have a Pokemon fallow you! That's AMAZING

This game is one of the original game it made the bases for the other games and made the basic in battling came from them that's why he deserve to be higher on the list.

Best Pokemon game ever! The classic Pokemon games where always the best. Plus you can collect all the starters and best of all... Pikachu! The best electric type ever

Because I love how pikachu reacts, it's so cool. I just love this game I always play it every single day. I think it should be thumbs up to the most quality. Its amazing.

A lot of people hate pokemon yellow but I have no idea why this game was amazing and brings back so many memories and pikachu following you is amazing too wish it were in every game