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Pokemon is a legendary Nintendo gaming franchise. There are 6 pokemon generations. Some are better than others. We want your opinion on which one's the best.

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1 Generation IV (Sinnoh)

By far the best pokemon generation that exists reflecting the highest potential of pokemon games and the true joy of befriending the divine creatures. I started playing the gen with diamond which at first bored me cause I did not take an effort to understand the essence of the plot and the beauty of the sinnoh region. Then I turned up to gen 5 games which I enjoyed a lot but while that I also discovered about heartgold which too belongs to gen 4 and is the greatest remake. After that I just wanted to give a try to the original gen 4 games hence went for platinum. The most legendary game of all time (pokemon and otherwise also) was in my destiny which imparted in my mind an unforgettable adventure. This time I discovered an epic quest and such a fantastic story line with vivid pokemon to capture in my pokeballs and senses too. Gen 4 of pokemon anime series is too the best quest of our protagonist with all kinds of charms and legendary battles. No gen would ever be able to overtake gen ...more

Generation IV brought us so many differences that it was ridiculous. We got the Physical/Special split, which made so many useless Pokemon usable (except Flareon, who still didn't get Flare Blitz until X and Y). We got wi-fi, which is enough said right there. Cynthia is still regarded as the greatest champion in all of Pokemon. Cyrus is an amazing evil team leader, and more than makes up for the goofiness of his grunts. Generation IV saw the return of the Day/Night feature, which was oddly cut from Generation III. And there is even more on top of that, and Diamond and Pearl are considered the weakest games of Generation IV! Heart Gold and Soul Silver are AMAZING remakes of Gold and Silver. It adds many things and even lets you have your favorite Pokemon follow you around in the overworld. Pokemon Platinum is by far the best Pokemon game, fixing most of the things wrong with Diamond and Pearl.

Enough said at the top. Adding along with it, you get 3 regions to play in total, the Battle Frontier returned in Platinum and HGSS. (Too bad it's fun features were gone by Gen 5), on a personal note, it brought the best anime season, fixed many old problems such as limited bag space, and there was still a lot of fun things to do after the league besides an extra story and completing the pokedex. (Unown collecting, Super Contests, Poke Capsules, etc)

In all aspects, competitive, casual, and anime, Gen 4 was the most balanced, which made it the best.

Gen 4 is epic

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2 Generation III (Hoenn)

I chose Treecko when I was little and played through the game. I vividly remember levelling it up and getting stronger as I continued the journey. I remember taking on Rayquaza at Sky Pillar, defeating Wallace at the E4, and finally, getting strong enough to defeat Steven Stone at Meteor Falls. The journey was unforgettable, and whenever I think of it, a wave of nostalgia engulfs me.

The First Pokemon game I ever played was Omega Ruby me picking Torchic beating the gyms, than saving the world, beating Steven, and finally The Delta Episode now I have nine Pokemon games ya nine.

Come on... How is this not number one all knows this is hoenn also known as the region that we had treecko and mudkip and torchic remember blaziken sceptile and swampert? Come on this should be higher - e9090

Hoenn has an amazing atmosphere with an excellent emphasis on nature. With such a wide variety of landscapes, Hoenn really felt like adventuring in the heart of the wilderness. The unparalleled Pokémon designs reflect the majesty and ferocity of the outdoors.
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are my favourite games in the series to date. They were memorable, fantastic and creative. I will always be ready to revisit my Hoenn journey.

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3 Generation II (Johto)

Took everything wrong with Gen 1, and improved it. More balanced, more variety, 2 regions to explore. Honestly, this Gen was the true foundation of what a Pokémon game should be. I don't care what any Gen 4 or 5 person says, you can't deny this really made the franchise grow. (For the record, this isn't my favorite Gen, Gen 7 is) Honestly those who call this game bad have probably never played it. Just play the decent remake if you want a more updated version. - cjWriter1997

Suicune, heracross, scizor, feraligatr, lugia... What more can I say?

Keep in mind that this is the only game that 2 regions and 2 sets of gym leaders.

2 reagions in ss and hg, bro, 2...

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4 Generation I (Kanto)

I, by no means, am a genwunner. I do appreciate other generations and I love them (except you, gen 5), but Generation 1 is by far my favourite.

It was glitchy? NOPE. I never encountered a single glitch unless I had intended to do it. And whilst there are a lot of glitches, I think that they play such a small part in this great generation.

It had a fantastic story. Listen here,I love all the other evil teams, but there was always something special about Team Rocket. I don't know if it was their design, their name or anything, I've just always liked them. The gym leaders were pretty weird at times, but they were easy to get to unlike what it is in generation 6. I love how you have to get to Celadon City before you can get to Saffron City so you can get water. There are lots of secret areas and the legendaries are great. I love how that at times, it can be so difficult because Snorlax is in the road but then you realise you've got to go to Lavender Tower to get the ...more

The main series games in this generation were glitchy messes, extremely unbalanced, and gave birth to the most annoying group or people. What more must I say? - TitaniumToaster

This game might be glitchy but still it was 15 years ago. If you say it crappy due to glitches and such then your spoiled and don't understand limitations at the time

I'm not a genwunner. I LOVE Johto and Alola. But Kanto was just the best of them all. - MaxPap

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5 Generation V (Unova)

I love Johto (Heartgold) and it was my first gen and after I found out about it, I got into Pokemon. Then on my tenth birthday I got Pokemon Black (Practically begged parents) Diamond and Mario. I immediately played Black and I love everything a bout it. My second gen and by far my 2nd favorite. I love you Black and White 2. Good times

It had a great story, amazing characters, the Pokemon (for the most part) were well-designed, The region of Unova is one of the most diverse in any Pokemon game, and the soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard. So WHY do so many people hate it!?

Best music, some really cool pokemon like Krookodile, Bisharp, Scrafty, Serperior

Best story ever with the greatest character ever, N

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6 Generation VI (Kalos)

It is awesome and it is the generation that got me into buying the game.

I would probably rank it higher than Alola at least.. No offense to generation VII of course.

Still. isn't it best like all pokemon in one region?

I love Kalos.Why does it receive so much hate.It was the first core franchise 3d game so there was a few things wrong but it was an attempt they fixed in Alola.However, it brought us fairy types,mega evolution,Kanto comebacks and so much good stuff no one notices.Also.Greninja.Although Ashleigh is still a Froakie,I have high hopes for her upcoming of Dark type.Also,the fire/fighting trend was brought to a close,and arceus only knows what will come of Litten.The legendaries(Xerneas and Yveltal)are cleverly designed,they brought back snorlax thing and so.muh nintendo.Good job.

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7 Generation VII (Alola)

Perfectly balances fun and difficulty

Adds a lot of things to Pokemon that people were not expecting

I got Pokemon Moon, and so far it is really fun. - cjWriter1997

A bit too few pokemon but not that bad

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8 Generation VIII (Talambes)

Fake, it doesn't exist - Zombo1336

Where is this place

I love this one

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