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41 Sacred Sword

This is the boss move that can beat virtually everything!

The legendary virizion uses it it is the best thing ever

Sadly not many Pokemon can learn this amazingly op move

Easily the best fighting type move

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42 Moonblast

Would be better if psychic type move but I suppose fairy types do need strong attacks as well...

My blaziken has that move its to powerful that the roar of time

I like how the Pokemon uses the moon to start up it's attack.

It can one hit any Pokemon it's got to be at least in the top 5

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43 Eruption

Very useful when the Pokemon has a way to restore hit points as the user has low hit points, the attack gets weaker as well

Eruption is AWESOME my typhlosion finished a pika hug in 1 eruption when the pikachu had a 13 level advantage

This move all in it's way and all Pokemon know the move are in the top 100 best Pokemon

Also good some fire in the ass

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44 Dark Pulse

Can sometimes cause opponent pokemon to flinch skipping there turn

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45 Crunch

This is Bite but more powerful and learned in the later stages

Can 1hit KO some types of Pokemon.

46 Splash

Splash only works properly on a shiny magikarp that is at least level 85

How just how did this move get on this list next to JUDGEMENT a move that is used by the god Pokemon.

This move is a killer. - Goatworlds

This shouldn't have been on the list! It's the worst move ever! - AngusMacdonaldMii

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47 Skull Bash V 1 Comment
48 Dragon Pulse

If you have a dragon type with a very high special attack stat then this is a move for you

Come on guys this is the number one go to move for all dragons.

49 U-Turn

This Bug move is really awesome it takes high damage and you get to change your Pokemon

Powerful move (one hit ko sometimes) and lets you change Pokemon to turn the tables.

Pretty good1

50 Bug Buzz V 1 Comment
51 V-Create

So stupid that this actually ISN'T Victini's signature move, instead its searing shot :/

V-Create has 180 base power, and Rayquaza can learn it through event. Mega Ray is even more overpowered with it.

I agree it should be Victini's sig move but the reason it isn't is because its an event move...

Strongest fire type move

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52 Psystrike

Why isn't this high on the list? It has a base power of 100 and it NEVER misses! Plus it's the signature move of Mewtwo, and Mewtwo is the best.

The only pokemon with better stats then mewtwo that is not a mega or primal is arceus

Mewtwo isn't the strongest pokemon arceus is then mewtwo then deoxys

New two has higher stats than arceaus and the only one with same stats is Rayquaza. Rayquaza is better though cause it doesn't waste space holding a mega stone

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53 Leaf Blade

It is a great go to move on any Pokemon even if it's not a grass type

Probably the best basic grass move

It has a neat base power of 90 accuracy of 100 and can land critical hits more easily. pretty good move

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54 Knock Off

Easily the best competitive move in the game. It rids the opponent of an often precious and advantageous item, and has almost 98 base power in doing so (That's Earthquake status). It seems like every Pokemon can learn in, and it hits any Pokemon, which makes trainers nervous about switching out. It is a staple in nearly every competitive team, and that forces you to develop a strategy for it. Any move you have to plan around deserves a spot in the top 10 at least.

I gets rid of the item the other Pokemon is and will get rid of mega stones in online battles.

The Pokemon move thief in my opinion is better, it steals he enemyies's Pokemon item away, the enemy Pokemon' item becomes your Pokemon's item, instead of being gone to the void

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55 Self Destruct

A weaker version of Explosion (Which has 250 power, with Self Destruct having 200) - Goatworlds

56 Volt Tackle

A quick little gimmicky move I suppose. If Sticky Web is present, Pikachu/Raichu can be monsters. Pikachu with the Light Ball has a base attack Stat that can through a stab Volt Tackle. I think it definitely is less viable than Pika, but still with a choice band, that is some serious damage.

57 Bolt Strike
58 Magikarp Revenge

I don't believe in magikarp's revenge

This is insane

You killed a Magikarp to upgrade your pokemon. now its time for revenge...

Base power of 10000... pretty cool.

59 Geomancy

Geomancy honestly is completely overpowered, and with power herb, it's a double quiver dance in one turn. You can defeat many opponents with it.

It's really good. I charge up Xerneas with this and then spam Moonblast.

This move makes Xernes so op and I hate to say better than yevtal

JEEZ best move ever

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60 Iron Head
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