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81 Petal Dance

120 based power. I hate it when it forces you to do this same move 2 times and you get confused. Its like a Swalot used Encore on you and a Gastly used Confuse Ray.

82 Destiny Bond

Great move if you are about to faint. You can use Endure and just use this move after.

If the opponent has one pokemon, this can gaurentee a win.

U take the attacker down with u come on

Hownis this move so low? I taught my Aeigslash this move(more so I found a Honedge with it)and IT CAN ONE SHOT A POKEMON! IMAGINE FIGHTING THE ELITE 4 WITH UNDERLEVELED! Just slap a pp up on it and go nuts,love.u all! Ribombee Plays xxx

83 Giga Drain
84 Belly Drum
85 Flame Burst V 2 Comments
86 Blue Flare

It's the most beautiful move I've ever seen! My favourite colour may be orange but fire is my favourite type! Reshiram is my favourite Pokemon! Blue flare is a powerful move that is always handy when trying to one shot something! Blue fire works better than orange sometimes.

Reshiram's ultimate move. This attack is killer and has a base power of a outstanding 130. Go Reshiram - Draco

Awesome move but if this is here why not Bolt Strike?

It's a blue flame I mean come on!

87 Recover

This and its equivalents are essential moves for any wall Pokemon

My favorite move,why? Okay,first,EVEN your tank Pokemon is sweeping,but Then BAM! You lost your half hp already,so what?! Give it RECOVER Keep tank

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88 Growl

GROWL? WHAT?! I'd take Harden any day over Growl...

I think Harden over Growl as well because your basically lowing their attack either way but harden sharply highers your defense

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89 Aqua Jet

An ok move I suppose.It's just a water equivalent of quick attack.

I use it on my Pokémon and it always lets me go first so I don't have to take extra damage

Deals OK damage, especially for a high priority move. It would be great to have this move on a slower Pokémon such as Empoleon, but having it on a faster Pokémon such as Buizel is just a huge plus.

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90 Quiver Dance

It is a great move and can easily allow pokemon to sweep

Quiver Dance is a great move! Its basically a better version of Calm Mind, as Calm Mind boosts Sp. A and Sp. D by one stage, but Quiver Dance does that, and boost your Speed by one stage as well!

91 Swords Dance

Good For resistant pokemon due to it's sweeping potential

I put it onto my Lucario used it twice in important battles then aura sphere 1 shot everything

92 Fiery Dance

Best Fire move in the game, 50% chance to increase special attack, 100% accuracy and still decent base power. On top of interactions with Oricorio, and the fact that Fire is so useful, this is easily one of the top 10 best moves.

93 Last Resort

Pair this with one other move like protect or fake out and start wrecking people with a 130 power attack move

How is this so low? It deals 140 damage! 140! And yet, it's not high at ALL


94 Brick Break
95 Hammer Arm

Lowers your speed so I'm not completely relying on all the time besides it can miss

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96 Signal Beam

Wow I never thought they would have this on the list

97 Sketch

I suck sexy boobs

I suck boobs

98 Ancient Power

Rock Slide and Stone Edge? THINK! Rock slide has 90 accuarcy with 75 base power. Stone Edge has 80 accuarcy with 100 base power. Well, I kinda agree with the Stone Edge part but not the Rock Slide. Anyways, rock slide is just 15 away and ancient power MIGHT raise all stats!

No. it's weak and only has 5PP. Rock Slide and Stone Edge are way way way way better!

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99 Seismic Toss

Best move in the world

I love this move

Nice move learnt by Machamp

I ment Machop and it doesn't lowly effect flying types as well

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100 False Swipe

Bad in trainer battles but good for catching wild pokemon

Only useful for catching wild Pokemon

Legendary Hunting Make Mew learn false swipe and swords dance when u encounter your target use swords dance 3 times then false swipe then spam pokeballs unless they struggle to death

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