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121 Protect

Come on guys. I mean, the ability to not be hurt by ANY attack for FIVE turns? How is that NOT awesome?

Protect prevent's you from getting hurt only ONE turn actually

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122 Confusion V 1 Comment
123 Dazzling Gleam

It can take out darkrai

124 Focus Punch

Basically, when using Focus Punch, you have to rely on lady luck for it to work. But, in game, if you could predict if a trainer (especially gym leaders) is gonna heal their Pokemon, then you could use that move at that exact moment, since the Pokemon is currently attacking the Pokemon with focus punch

High power but ya need to not get hit in the turn so its rare that it even hits

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125 Dark Ball

I surely should say shadow ball

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126 Leer

How is this too OP? It just lowers opponents defense by 1..

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127 Lava plume

Really similar to eruption and their both great moves, also it hits all the Pokemon on the field unless they've used dig or fly

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128 Hyperspace Fury

Unbound Hoopa has 130 as its average stats, same as Mega Mewtwo X and Y!

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129 Focus Energy
130 Power-Up Punch
131 Bite

Bite is a good dark move when your Warturtle is level 16, just evolving. Killing other Pokemon is real jazz when you are level 16.

132 Leech Seed

Leech Seed is the best move of all time.

Leech Seed is an annoying move to the other person. The Pokemon just storing health back up is annoying! And doing one forth of your Pokemon's HP the whole time!

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133 Overheat

Like a better blast burn

134 Light of Ruin

Most powerful fairy type move but only Eternal Floette can use it :(

135 High Jump Kick V 1 Comment
136 Ice Punch
137 Snatch

LOL great if opponent uses Nasty Plot,Quiver Dance,or Geomancy

138 Slash

No messing around - when you have to get through a tonne of team rocket guys, this move is essential for Charizard who swots away the likes of Koffing, Raticate and Golbat with ease.

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139 Steam Eruption

Scald is 80 BP 100% accurate 30% chance to burn
Hydro Pump is 110 BP 80% accurate

People thought that gen 5 was all politoed and scald but gen 6 has scald 2.0 that's even more broken then scald

140 Nasty Plot
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