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121 Overheat

Like a better blast burn

122 Light of Ruin

Most powerful fairy type move but only Eternal Floette can use it :(

123 High Jump Kick V 1 Comment
124 Ice Punch
125 Snatch

LOL great if opponent uses Nasty Plot,Quiver Dance,or Geomancy

126 Slash

No messing around - when you have to get through a tonne of team rocket guys, this move is essential for Charizard who swots away the likes of Koffing, Raticate and Golbat with ease.

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127 Steam Eruption

Scald is 80 BP 100% accurate 30% chance to burn
Hydro Pump is 110 BP 80% accurate

People thought that gen 5 was all politoed and scald but gen 6 has scald 2.0 that's even more broken then scald

128 Sucker Punch
129 Nasty Plot
130 Techno Blast
131 Spiky Shield
132 Aromatherapy
133 Night Daze

Definitely my favourite dark move

134 Heat Crash

It murders a lot of pokemon I face unfortunately not against the immense samurot ;D

135 Acrobatics

I don't hold items much so its quite good

136 Wild Charge

It does a lot of damage but recoil lets it down

137 Substitute

Wow! Amazing! Stalling. Is easy with this.

Not really good. I mean it's a waste of HP if you use this move and the opponent just uses a powerful move and the substitute faints instantly.

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138 Fissure

My groudon knows this in OR, in a battle this move destroyed his Mewtwo

I wouldn't be Pokemon champion in Pokemon Red without fissure.

1 hit KO will destroy any non-flying type Pokemon!

V 3 Comments
139 Present

Interesting Move

Best move ever

Good if you like playing games like Spinning Wheel or I don't know.. but it does different base power or might heal the opponent

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