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1 Indigo League (1)

Go watch the first episode, its by far the best episode of the whole Pokemon series.

Indigo League was the best season of the Pokemon series. No one will ever replace the unique Ash, the funny Brock, or the short-tempered Misty. The Hoenn and Sinnoh Brock seemed to...weird and not as funny as he used to be. Ash now seems too serious, and doesn't have much as fun with his new companions. Misty...we haven't heard if her, but she was a unique trainer who was afraid on becoming a Gym Leader without anyone's help (only from her Pokemon). You don't see any other intro when Ash tells Misty and Brock, "'re my best friend..." He deeply cares for both characters, and they too care a lot for him. PokeShipping was the best. The topic of it is simple. Ash secretly likes Misty and she secretly likes him. It was very cute, even though they were still ten years old and wouldn't admit that they liked each other. BEST SERIES EVER! (ALSO BEST SHIPPING 4 EVER! )

Everything (apart from the animaton) is at its best here. Ash is funny and stupid in an endearing way when he travels with Misty and Brock. The banter they all share is hilarious but after they left at the end of Johto, ash lost his spunk and he became this boring brave hero. The image I have of ash in my mind will always be of how he was in this season. It's like the writers dumbed him down in the later seasons
There's evidence that ash acknowledges he's changed when misty and brock come back in sun and moon. He says, starry eyes that "it's been so long since I felt like this" when he was in the cerulean gym
Even team rocket who are so lovable. In the later seasons they actually became good at their job, in XY they changed James' hair which is a disgusting blunder on the animators part and they were ruined. Their decline happened after ash's, in around Sinnoh
In this season everyone was funny, witty and they genuinely cared about each other. They were full of life and ...more

Indigo League Is the only season I'll ever like.
Unova killed the series so bad for me.

2 XY&Z (19)

I never thought another season would top Indigo League for me, but somehow this one did. The entire XY series has so much to offer to long-time fans of the show: breathtaking animation, epic battles, a grand story, catchy music, surprisingly good acting in both dubs, and an actual sense of mystery and discovery in the region. The games may have been short and not too memorable (except for the graphic overhaul), but the show DEFINITELY made up for it. Lysandre was actually a compelling character and a huge threat, Alain was an awesome character and watching him fight Ash was satisfying despite the outcome, the Mega Evolution specials were beyond entertaining, the companions were some of the most fleshed out in the series, Serena was the best female companion since Misty, Ash was at his peak performance and had his most badass team of the series with Ash-Greninja and the pseudo-legendary Goodra being the pinnacle of his team. Some people may be disappointed with parts of the ending, but ...more

I thought the way ash and Greninja turned into ash Greninja was very cool and liked the whole xy and z series the best

This is by far the best. It might not be indigo league, but it has better animations, better character development, and better action. Ash Greninja was an amazing mystery, Serena's crush on Ash was fun (Especially at the end when they finally kiss), and Clemont's famous line:The future is now, thanks to science will always be there when I complete a science project. The Team Flare arc is Fantastic with real emotion, action, and explosions. For it having the most character emotional investment, amazing characters, story, animation, and mystery, I chose XYZ, a series that I will never forget, even when I am 20. I was up till 12:00 in the night on Thursday mornings, waiting to watch that episode in Japanese with english sub's. That is how much this series meant to me. Therefore, Pokemon XYZ will always be the best pokemon series!

Amourshipping for the win

3 Diamond & Pearl (10)

I love the characters, setting, Pokemon, and really everything about it! Although I might be bias because I used to watch it as new episodes aired when I was younger, I can still say this is one of my favorite series!

Dawn is the best Pokegirl


The beginning had a rough start. But it had a great cast, dawn was annoying at first but started to grow on you throughout the series, brock and ash was their usual selves. But what I really enjoyed in the series was the rivalries that faced our heroes. They were different and posed an actual threat to our heroes.

4 Master Quest (5)

My personal favorite season. There were so many good plots, Johto is my favorite region, Ash finally beat Gary, and many other reasons. - Mewtwo660

Vvv great season

There were good gym battles, the johto league was amazing, there were reappearences of squirtle, bulbasaur, charizard, tauros, muk, kingler, heracross, lapras and snorlax. There were also a lot of side stories that took more then one epidode, like the water pokemon tournament, the battle with dragonite, the red gyarados story and the lugia kidnapping. Richie, that girl with the Ditto and Gary were also in this season. Overall this was a really good season

How is this number 12? Every single episode is quality

5 Advanced Battle (8)

Best season ever may is the best character ever designed

Hoenn has 8 legendary pokemon - WorldPuncher47592834

The longest seson - WorldPuncher47592834

Best theme song ever and the best story. Also introduces lots of cool pokemon, the plot is the best and in my opinion the best season of pokemon ever.

6 Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors (13)

This was my fave

The rivalry between ash and paul was really one of the best rivalries in franchise history. It showed the moral of being a trainer as ash and paul had the same dream but took drastically different paths to get there, and it was all worth it seeing them battle eachother in the sinnoh league. This season also provoked different battle strategies to make trainers work outside the box and think differently. After that tobias just pukes on us ruining the vibe but the season was still great!

This season was amazing, no one can tell me otherwise. It shows how much they improved with graphics and effects in 4 years and the grand festival and sinnoh league were unforgettable. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

The Sinnoh League. Tobias was there just to shove a stick up our butts but he and the rest of the league was really good.

7 Orange Islands (2)

Honestly, I feel people are only voting for indigo league because of the nostalgia crap. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Best series ever should have showed whole orange league, we only saw the finals

Ha ha

8 Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles (12)

Fantastic season. theme song was catchy, J and Team Galactic storylines were really thought out, they're were not many filler episodes

I have to say it has the best Pokemon Theme Song ever. "Some times its hard to know, which way you're suppose to go" I can just keep jamming to this.

This season introduced Arceus. Its opening is very good. - WorldPuncher47592834

This has an amazing theme song! It is really catchy!

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9 Advanced Challenge (7)

I latterly SKIPPED almost all the johto episodes and I was bout to quit pokemon but then I saw one hoenn I was in love and I kept watching pokemon.

YES! It's in the tens! And why is it only number ten? Seriously, I love this season above all others, even the first. - Thifer20

I love gen 3

Advanced Cahllenge was like the brain of the pokemon series, t introduced so many pokemons and it is the BEST! for me.

10 XY (17)

I just want this series to continue!

I grew up watching this so it’s awesome

This season is just awesome hand down

Ash gets the best travelling companions, especially Serena who supports Ash from her heart. All of Ash's pokemon are really cool and strong. The maturity of Ash can be clearly seen


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11 Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension (11)

I like all the characters and episodes and at the start when James departs from caknia

I love this series its graphics its ash drees and heroine ash pokemon and its song

love it

12 The Johto Journeys (3)

The character development of ash, from stubborn to dedicated pokemon trainer is the BEST! and the whole region is awesome

The Johto Journeys was the best season in Pokémon and Master Quest was awesome and Johto League Champions was beyon amazing

13 Johto League Champions (4)

Houndoom's Special Delivery was my favorite out of this season.

Shiny noctowl

14 Battle Frontier (9)

I like ash new voice

I started the show on this season. It holds a special place in my heart for that reason.

The best season ever it had character development for ash may and their rivals

Something different

15 Black & White (14)

It is a great season all around cilan and iris are great people to travel with

Very cute Pokemon

This season sucked

I like it

16 Advanced (6)

I love this season

As a season it had some of the best movies

17 Sun & Moon (20)

Yes the graphics have changed, and yes the story too. But it's completely new Ash, in the world that is vary different than what we (and him) used to see. It's my favourite because of the positivity, unique crew of characters- finally more than 2/3 and every of them have an amazing story to tell personally, also there's Lillie's story that really touched me, and I agree every season have a heart touching story, but for me, this is more personal one that some of us faced but never talk about it. Also the 'Ultra Adventures' that took more serious 'Moon' tone is a good mirror to the first 'Sun' season.
Many things have changed, but if you'll sit in front of this season with an open mind, leaving nostalgic thoughts and being capable of going really deep into the story- you'll be surprised how valuable it can be.

Ash is supposed to be a very motivated kid. Sun and moon made him look like a retard.

Best season ever. Our ash is back

Probably for the best though I liked the XY style but this one makes up for it with the jokes and amazing characters so sub and moon 4 the win!

18 XY: Kalos Quest (18)

This is the relapse season of the sixth generation anime. It's bad, but it's not the worst. - Thifer20

The Intro is very nice.


It's nice. As usual epic animation and artstyle

19 Sun and Moon: Ultra Adventures (21)

The show literally has never been better. It constantly strays away from a boring formula in order to further character and world development. The new animation style is always lively and expressive. It's no longer just about battle after battle, but about the endless possibilities of ways people and Pokemon live together. It may be considered "heretical" to say this, but any one of Ash's new friends have more personality than any previous group he's traveled with - yes, even Brock and Misty (who were very one-note if you ask me). XYZ was good, but because it always had to stick to the formula of walking around -> meet one-episode character -> battle team rocket, it could quickly become groan-worthy. Sun and Moon: Ultra Adventures can have its serious moments, but also its funny and endearing ones. This show is not afraid to explore themes, settings, and morals. Even though we're college students, my friends and I truly feel for these characters and enjoy watching their ...more

It is epic like XYZ but still has the fun adventures as Sun and Moon

It's improved over season 20 drastically. - Solacress

@TGBBOD Unpopular opinion.

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20 Black & White: Rival Destinies (15)

Rival Destinies is better than season 14. Season 14 has filler episodes. - WorldPuncher47592834

I like black and white. Especially Rival Destinies

21 Ultra Legends (22)

Ultra legend character theme and even story is way better than season 20 I just love this show keeps improving

22 Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond (16)
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