Best Pokemon Type Combinations


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1 dragon/ice
2 dark/ghost

Only weak against fairy as far as I know fairy was added to get a counter against sableye

Dark pokemon are cool and so are ghost combine and you got an epic pokemon

Sawley is too good


3 fairy/steel

Still weak to fire and ground...

No weakness

Mega Mawile can wreck most Pokémon. Just think about its weaknesses.

4 ground/flying
5 bug/steel

Only weak against fire

Ninjask - shawnmccaul22

Only weak against fire types forretress scizor escavalier - disturbedbomb

Durant is prime example. extremely fast, so if a fire type appears, you can oneshot it with superpower before it can move.

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6 ground/electric
7 dragon/fire
8 dark/psychic

Its just an cool tipe combination

9 electric/steel
10 steel/ground

The Contenders

11 dark/steel
12 electric/flying

They work really well if you use them n a double battly next to a ground type. You can use discharge with the electric type and earthquake with the ground type and inflict major damage without hurting yourself! - Pikachulover1

13 water/dragon

Nothing can touch kingdra in Gen 2,except itself and dragonite

14 fire/water
15 flying/steel
16 water/electric
17 ghost/dark
18 fairy/ghost
19 ice/electric

Although weak to fire, rock, and fighting, it's type makes it good against water, flying, grass, and ground

20 grass/dragon

Mega Sceptile is such a great late-game sweeper. He makes Alpha Sapphire so easy because most of the region is water. Also, when you reach the gyms that are supposed to be a challenge for Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile, you already have a TM it can learn that is super effective to the gym. Low sweep for Wattson, Dig for Flannery, and Rock Tomb for Winona. Mega Sceptile is the only Pokemon with the Grass/Dragon typing, and it is awesome! Vote for Grass/Dragon!

21 dark/poison

If we had a Dark/Poison Pokémon with the ability Levitate, it would have no weaknesses. Better than Electross and his no weakness, because there would be a larger diversity of moves.

22 ground/fire
23 water/ground
24 psychic/fairy

Only three weaknesses and sometimes learn future sight

25 dragon/steel

One of the best combo. Dialga is eg😂

26 Fairy/Ice
27 psychic/fire
28 bug/water
29 water/dark
30 Dragon/Ghost
31 Poison/Electric
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