There is NO bad dragon types, extreme stats, only 2 weaknesses, amazing moves, What's bad about this type? Besides that it's hard to capture as it's mainly seen end-game, NOTHING! - Thepenguinking2

The designers of the game wanted there to be a type strong against each of the four starter pokemon- Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu. The reason why powerful Dragon type moves were not introduced in Gen 1 is that it would have been so totally unfair. Dragon types have ridiculously high attack stats - and most of them can learn Dragon Dance. So if they have time to get that move in, goodbye!

As I love the appearance and skills of the type, I believe the dragon type is utterly cool and I'm glad it isn't underrated here. First of all it looks amazing and it's appearance never fails to impress and never lacks character; furthermore, it has stunning strength and, paired with awesome skills, make for a wonderful type. Although other types deserve a chance, I personally love this type.

Man, this type is OP. In Gen 4, they got Physical Outrage and a Dragon type exclusive tutor called Draco Meteor. Insane stats, powerful moves, and wide neutral coverage can mean death if you kill the opponent's steel types. Luckily, they get stuff like Fire Blast, Outrage, Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, ExtremeSpeed, Spacial Rend on badass stuff like Hydreigon and Zekrom. Their only problem overall is their scarce population, being the second rarest type in the game. Its so worth their slow growth and capture rates!

Dragon types are the best due to their extremely high stats and wide move pool. You can take out their weakness of ice with a fire attack, fairy with a steel attack (some can learn steel wing) and of course other dragon types with an ice or dragon attack. Personally Dragonite is my favorite Pokemon and it has carried me through many generations.

DRAGON TYPE POKEMONS ARE LIKE A BOSS! 1000 000 000% COOLER! Other type pokemons are strong too but lots of legendary pokemons are dragon type! Palkia, Dialga, Arceus, Giratina, Rayquaza, Zekrom, Reshiram, and other pokemons that are non-legendary pokemon too. And let's not forget the strongest dragon type pokemon ever... KYUREM! TRUE!

Dragons have almost no types that resist them, along with having resistances against common types. Their designs complement their capability, with amazing detail put into them. Many of their moves also have immense power, and with almost no types resisting them, they can dish out plenty of damage. Just watch out for the fairy types.

Dragons are by far the best type. For one they have massively high special and physical attack high speed to compliment this. A prime example is a garchomp with adamant nature with max Evs in speed and attack. Ice types rarely out speed dragons and generally have low physical defense and a low number of Pokemon can learn fairy type moves. They have stats that average over 510 making them highly reliable. A good few of these dragons are pseudo legendary meaning their stats don't dip below 600 on a fully evolved from these pseudos being dragonite, salamence, garchomp, hydreigon and goodra all of these extremely popular and powerful sweepers

Dragon types are not only good because of their resistances to the four poster types (the three starters types and Pikachu's types--most fans identify by them) every dragon type is enormously powerful. The weakest dragons are equal to the strongest of other types, like rock, and surpass weak types with ease, like poison.

The dragon typing offers next to no offensive power, only being super effective against other dragons. Although they have a pretty solid amount of resistances, they are outclassed by steel type. The biggest flaw in the dragon type is that they get demolished by fairy and ice type moves, which are very common offensive types.

There is a reason is is difficult to gain electric types until late game they are OP with resistances to your starter and one of the few competing types electric. Also they don't have weaknesses to all the rest of the competing types (physic, dark, bug and steel) yes bug the only problem with bug is the stats of all the bug Pokemon.

One of my favorites only because you need a pokemon to learn fly and dragon is the best for that: Dragon, steel, water, electric, fire, normal, and either dark, ghost, fighting, or poison (Fairy for later in the game for they start out very useless until their fully evolved) makes for a strong team - germshep24

My absolute favourite type! They are powerhouses and they can learn some really awesome moves. They all look really cool too. I don't know what I'd do without them!

While Dragon is great, how the look isn't exactly a good pro. They have a ton of weaknesses, like Fairy, Ice, Dragon. Though, they have a lot of advantages, they can be put down by a lot of pokemon. There are a ton of pokemon that have moves of their weaknesses. Just wanted to put this out there. - Whitesplash

There are SO much dragon type Pokemon that are awesome! A lot of dragon type Pokemon can learn a lot of moves that are not STAB. There stats are amazing. All designs of dragon type Pokemon are cool. Well except Goodra but the stats back it up. And there are so many awesome fusions like kyurem, different forms like giratina and megas like my favorite Pokemon SALAMENCE

Dragons are awesome dragons rule Arceus is the only non dragon pokemon who has high stats other legends or other pokes with very high stats are dragons for example Black/White Kyurem base stat 700 Just 20 less than Arceus

Dragon type Pokemon are truly the best type you can have. There are a good amount of Dragon types, they are only weak to three types, Ice, Fairy, and Dragon. They may not resist like Crazy like one pokemon type but they are still formidable

They may be hard to raise, but they're still awesome, like all of them are awesome, they are one of the Powerhouses in Gen 1, it took me a while to beat Lance back then, considering the fact I don't have Ice Types with me, but still they are great!

While dragon type is arguably the best type, there are many downsides too. Dragon types do have the best stats of all types, but are rare and do not always have the best stats to make good use of its movepool (dragonite and more). They do have useful resistances, but with the introduction of fairy type, dragon type has gone from great defensively to average. On top of that, many dragon types are 4x weak to ice, meaning that an increased priority or faster Pokemon may be able to OHKO them. On offense, dragon types are only super-effective against dragon types, and are resisted by common steel types. Fairy type's immunity makes moves like outrage less powerful.
Aside from all that, dragon types usually have great attack and movepools, which can make up for their downsides. Outside of battle, dragons are awesome. They look cool, and have interesting evolutions.
All in all, dragon type is a bit overrated, but is still one of the best types out there.

Dragon types are good because most dragon and ice types are kind of rare well most good dragon and ice are rare but most water types can learn ice attacks and dragon types can learn lightning attacks so it matters on the speed

They aren't that great because they are weak to one of they most common types in gen 6 fairy and because of that, and the fact they are weak to their own type and ice types, that they aren't the best

Dragon gets my vote, fight has to come next followed by ground, great pokemon, I mean amazing, I mean so great there should be more! Garchomp is my favourite one of them.

Best Type BY FAR! Only has 3 weaknesses; Ice Types that aren't common, Fairy types that aren't that strong, and other Dragons, so it can counter that! It resists Grass, Fire, Water and Electric, and most dragons have amazing stats for offense, defense, or even speed. Not to mention they are just super cool! If I had a Pokemon gym, it'd be a dragon type.

Personly I like garchomp, I gave it stealth rock as an entry hazard that wreaks charizard and ice types, iron head to deal with ice types and fairy types, dragon rush vs dragons, and earthquake to sweep. Combine that with amazing speed, and you have yourself a dangerous killing machine

Dragon has a ton of resistances and that's the only reason fairy types were invented along with dark but you can teach dragon types how to build up a defense against these like my zekrom.