Fire Pokemon have incredible attacking stats, along with good speed, and hit
Super effectively against a respectable 4 types.

The Fire type is the second best design-wise, second only to Dragon.

They have a good mix of physical and special attacks, meaning they can take down both physical and special walls.

They have 6 resistances, the second most, behind Steel, and their good special defense enables them to take special hits very well. And they're immune to burns.

Fire is the best type. End of story.

Most of the most favorite Pokemon of each generation are fire types. Take Typloshion and Charizard for example. Plus, they look cool. Look at BLAZIKEN! I like the idea of a small Pokemon turning into a huge beast. Take Torchic, Charmander, and Chimchar! They went from a fire chick, and fire charmander, and a fire baby monkey to fighting blazing chickens, big fire dragons, and super fast monkeys that's on fire! Things fire type starters all almost have in common is that their last evolution is a Fire/Fighting type. THAT SOUNDS SO COOL! Fighting with fire! I would have a team of the best fire types if I could.

Since childhood, I have been cherishing the power, courage and kindness of the fire type, with Charizard being my favourite. The maker of this list can not deny the simple and obvious fact that fire is the best and will continue to be so as long as the Pokémon franchise runs. You can't but consider the fact that it is one of the best types offensively with high attack, special attack and speed status. By the way, fire symbolizes hope, which always succeeds. Water stands no chance. All hail Flamethrower!

Fire types are incredibly powerful with well balanced stats. They have nearly half of their moves above 100 and their is a huge variety of physical and special moves such as blast burn, blaze kick, flamethrower and heaps more. There are a tonne of powerful fire types such as charizard, blaziken, arcanine, reshiram.

Why Fourth? Fire Type Pokemon can break through walls like Steel type Pokemon because steel types are highly used in battles so it's good to keep one in your team at all times. And since Fire types have ridiculous amounts of attack so they can be used to melt things (Terrible Pun). And since fire types have really good Pokemon like: Moltres, Ho-Oh, Entei, Charizard, Infernape, Typloshion and other good pokemon as well. They are good enough to Burn Through elite four members. LET'S GO FIRE!

This is my favorite type. Many fire type moves are very powerful and useful in battle. Fire type Pokemon are very cool, and with good attack, defense, and speed stats, fire types are even better. I have a shiny ninetales on my battle team with lots of speed, and it's powerful. This is a great type!

Behold, the most overrated types in Pokemon universe, everyone just likes every Fire Types, like Charizard, Blaziken, etc! What's so great about them? They're just boring, while some Fire Pokemon grew on me, but not so many...

Fire types are the best. Their destructive and super strong. Are you crazy? Fire type are awesome they shouldn't be down here it should be number 1. Fire types have the strongest ever Pokemons like Charizard, Blaziken, Infernape, Typhlosion, Entei, Moltres, Ho-oh, Heatran, Magmortar, Arcanine and all the awesome fire type Pokemon. Fire types rule!

Fire type is Cool and important too. In Pokemon Platinum if you don't have a fire type pokemon your party, you will be very easy to defeat but if you have one, you will be stronger and Invulnerable / Invincible (If your fire pokemon is very powerful)

Seriously! It is awesome with the best pokemon and good against most gym leaders. Only 4 weaknesses and a whole lot more strengths. Good against annoying steel types and tough against ice, grass, and bug. Most legendaries are fire like entei, reshiram, moltres, groudon, and ho-oh. That's one from every reigon but Sinnoh. Who hasn't heard of the five AWESOME starters they have.

Fire is pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure everyone is forgetting about Charizard, widely considered the greatest Pokemon ever! There's been Entei, Reshiram, Moltres, Ho-Oh and Victini for legendaries. Also, their 3 weaknesses Ground, Rock, and Water can all be handled as most Fire types can learn SolarBeam. Don't forget about the Fire starters. Fire is awesome!

Whenever I had to chose starter Pokemon I have this feeling I need to chose fire types like charmander because that was my favorite type. But I would chose other types sometimes.

Fire type is my favorite because of their deadly attacks and charizard is my favorite fire Pokemon it has a great speed and awesome attack seismic toss fire type my favorite

Fire is one of my favorites, especially Emboar! He has this move heat crash and he weighs a TON! Completely demolishes small pokemon even if fire isn't effective against them.

I like where it's at now but it could do better so her are my reasons why #1 it can burn through almost anything#2 there are different types of fire #3 it's AWESOME

Fire is the best Type! I mean come on at least 80% of people chose Charmander or Fennekin in the first games they played! It is super effective on a lot of things and weak to very little. The look cooler than Types, and that's saying something. The only reason dark is high on the list is because it looks cool!

The best answer to all the stupid bug catchers and wild grass encounters, always choose the fire starter since water and grass types are so common

Fire is the most overrated Pokemon their is in the games it is the stupid type to choose as your starter nearly always being weak to the first gyms.

Fire type is the best because its super effective against ice bug steel and grass snivy is tepig is my favorite fire type it should be number 1

Hey it should be 1 charizard the beast who defeated mewtwo belongs to this category and in all games fire type maybe hard to raise but are best

Charizard a combination of flying fire good mix but Charizard Mega-X dragon fire now that's unstoppable it is like the legendary Reshiram

Fire type are great offensively and have some strong moves, and also have speed ( most of the time ) but a great type and one of my favorite types

Fire is a nice type and a very strong one too, and only two weaknesses to a solid fire type and have strong moves to wipe out grass and ice types

Fire is favorite type. the designs are really good, most of them have great speed and there is a whole bunch of amazing moves that you can use!

Fire is plain amazing only thing to one shot is a lucky hydro pump other than that my blaziken be liven for days