Cool designs, good stats, awesome moves, okay type advantages, fine type resistances.

Gawd they r so AWESOME.

Ghost type is epic it's awesome I mean look at giratina its awesome and dusknoir is also cool and haunter and ghastly they are so cool

Ghost types are the best in my opinion they should be number 1, not only do pure Ghost types have 2/3 immunities but when you combine Ghost types with types like Fairy, Dark and Normal (though a Ghost/Normal or Normal/Ghost type doesn't exist maybe yet) they get 3 immunities for sure and even just 1 weakness (though not the case with Fairy only with Dark and Normal)..i personally just love the spooky Ghost moves they have

Ghost types have useful immunities to normal and fighting. Add dark type and you have only one weakness:fairy. Pokemon like gengar can make good use of their special attack with shadow ball and have access to hypnosis and dream eater. Ghost types are cool in general (they are spirits, they can disappear and haunt things, and other cool stuff). I think that ghost types should be number four

Ghost types are great because they aren't affected by normal (the most common move type) and fighting. Also, they can do unexpected things. They can get away safely from dugtrio. Also, you can also use a ghost type to defeat anyone who isn't well educated on them, for example: Giving Arceus a Spooky Plate, so people assume it is normal and use a fighting type move expecting it to be super effective, but it really has no effect. Also, Ghost types are super effective against Physic types.

I always like types with immunities. And Ghost type have, not one, TWO immunities and against pretty common types too (Normal and Fighting), and it only has 2 weaknesses (Dark and Ghost). It's ability to ALWAYS be able to escape a wild battle and cannot be trapped by Shadow Tag and Arena Trap is also a nice addition.

Stat wise, most ghost Pokemon have at least one good attacking stats or is a M-Sableye (magic bounce! ) Dusclops (which also isn't that bad. Between Pressure, its 40/130/130 defensive stats, Pain Split, and its typing, it can easily PP stall low-PP moves like Draco Meteor) and have access to status move like Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, and the ever-so-annoying Destiny Bond. They also have great abilities like Cursed Body and Prankster and great designs. They just sneak in (and out) with ease, wreak havoc and destiny bond their way out. It's AMAZING

Ghost types are super rare. This and their very nice moves such as shadow ball nightshade astonish and others make them awesome. They can counter their weaknesses with other types. With levitate they can be immune to normal, ground, and fighting moves. And tell the truth. The designs are sick.

I love every single ghost type Pokemon. I love to shadow ball the crap out of my opponents. Only problem with them is that there's not enough! I need more ghost babies! Looking forward to sun and moon giving me more.

Two immunities, awesome designs, moves and they have only one treat: Dark. The other being itself, but it's an advantage! It gives you more power, since you can't easily beat yourself! So, just have a fight or fairy move for Dark and you are a BEAST. And by the way there is only ONE type that is bad: Poison. Bug is actually decent with the right Pokemons, stop hating Bug!

Giratina, Dusknoir, Chandelure, Golurk, Gengar. Haha best type ever. Awesome Pokemon. Cool moves. 2-3 Resistances. Good stats by any ghost type Pokemon. Nice special and status offense. Nice killing tactics for professional. Gastly is common but other is uncommon to rare. HAHAA. Ghost Type is the most amazing type ever. Can boo your face out of your game. Haha

Although I have always been a fan of Psychic Pokemon, I find Ghost types to be amazing. They only have two weaknesses (Ghost and Dark), and they are powerful (think about Mega Gengar).

Ghost types are the strongest! I mean, they are literally 3 types: Ghost, Psychic, and Dark! Psychic, please; without Ghost (Hex, Spirits. ), Psychism, Psychics and Psychic-Types wouldn't exist... Ghost create the force known as "Psychic." They produce it! And it is also part Dark... Ghost are evil, vengeful spirits that haunt, scare, and even kill... And, fear is a dominant weakness in RL an in Pokémon. So, that is why they are 3 types. The should be immune to almost all types. (Except for Ghost and Psychic. ) They should also be immune to all physical and status attacks. So, why the hey should Ghost be one of the lowest! I say Ghost should be #1! Who's with me?! (Plus, spirits (Ghost) are the dominant force on earth. Plus, they are so OP in the manga and in the anime! )

You should be playing Pokemon than reading and watching horror fiction before making this comment. - Kiteretsunu

My favorite thing about ghost types is that they accommodate so many charming personalities, cute, scary, tough, mysterious, funny (in the anime), naughty or whatever you perceive (or want) them to be.

I personally love ghost types so much. I don't care about them battle wise, but something about this type just grabs my attention and won't let go. Ghost types are my favorite, I think they're cute.

I have always loved ghost types and I think that they are incredibly underrated. Not only are they very strong and immune to normal and fighting attacks I also find them really cute.

They're just so unique and interesting, a wonderful type and great in battle. I personally love them and agree that the ghost type is extremely underrated sometimes.

I think ghost types are strongest, fighting types are my favorite, and water is the cutest, while Poison types are creepy, but normal types are the weakest.

My top ten favourite Pokemon are all ghost types. All ghost types deserve a mega evolution especially my favourite Pokemon ever, dusknoir.

Very good defense and immunity to two types. Granted I would still love ghost types for their design if they were completely worthless.

Probably the best Pokemon type. The problem is that it is the type that has the fewest Pokemon. Hopefully they can add more in the future.

The ghosts have only 2. Weaknesses dark and ghost. But they can counter both of them with focus blast and shadow ball. This is the best type

Ghost types have forever been my favourite type! The Golett line is amazing, and destiny bond is almost always a must have for my team.

Ghost typing is a fantastic defensive type, turning Pokemon like gengar from little more than a glass cannon with good coverage, to a formidable foe who can and will switch into any fighting or normal type attack you mindlessly throw out. This typing is one of the (many) reasons for aegislash's infamy

Ghost types have 2 immunities, they are horribly underrated and it is the smallest type, with only 35 pokemon (tied with ice) - GriffinDoge

I love ghost pokemon because they are so unexpected and they put pokemon to sleep so that would be good for mums