Competitively, none can deny the infamous water and fire types are hands down the best types in the game. Despite the fact that they synergize well with each other, and are the sole reason grass types are viable, they boast excellent offensive power and excellent defensive power.

The reason water type is even better than fire type, is versatility. From powerful wallbreakers such as azumarill, to bulky behemoths like toxapex, water types are sure to be in any good competitive team. Perhaps water types best claim to fame is how easily you can swap out of water types. Though water types resistances may be mediocre, the only two weaknesses it has are grass and electric. Electric is good for countering bulky water types, but fails to counter offensive water types as it doesn't resist water. Grass type is the only full counter to water, and that type is easily countered by other grass types (especially venusaur mega), and fire types. Water types also counter fire types, another ...more

I always love Water-type Pokémon because they have awesome moves such as Hydro Cannon, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump and Scald. They have a few weaknesses that they can easily take down such as Fire, Rock and Ground. They are one of the five types that aren't weak against Steel, them, Ground, Fighting, Fire, and Electric. Some of my favourites are Feraligatr, Lanturn, Sharpedo, and Kyogre. The weaknesses are Dragon, Electric and Grass but they can easily make up for them! They are great against Steel, Ground, Rock, Fire and Ice. I will always continue to support the Water-type Pokémon!

Absolutely agree with all of you. Water is one of my favorite types, and it never fails to impress me. So far, I've completed Pokemon games with just water types. It was a complete breeze. Water types are very versatile, playing offense and defense at the same time. Moves like Hydro Pump, Scald, and Rain Dance are very useful and can be used to an advantage. Many tanks like Vaporeon and Alomomola can be used to Toxic stall/ tank other Pokemon. With just a weakness to Electric and Grass, Water can actually easily counter all of those. Say bye-bye, Electric. Because most Water types can learn Ground moves, this can be a complete breeze. For Grass, Ice moves can be used. I absolutely am part of the Water-type Pokemon league. - MegaZmove

Water is the best type! It has two weaknesses which are grass and electric! Water moves also do a lot of damage. They are fast and strong! They also have HM moves like Surf, Waterfall, Dive, and Whirlpool! Also, they can hit Dragon types with Ice moves! Ice is like frozen water right? So Water type must be the best! The are great against Fire, Rock, Ground, and do a great deal of damage! They also look like really cool and amazing! Think about it! The water starters are the ones that end up looking the best out of all of them! I always pick water!

Water types are strong both offensively and defensively, in terms of typing. They have relatively strong stats and wide movepools, including the extremely useful HM, surf. They also have access to scald and varying other types, noticeably ice type moves. This gives water types great versitility both in-game and competitively.
On offense, they have useful STAB attacks against rock, ground, and fire types, which are quite common. This gives them 4x damage to rock-ground, a common type combination. They are resisted by water, grass, and dragon, but can counter grass and dragon types with a strong ice type move such as ice beam. This leaves opposing water types, which can still be dealt with due to the wide movepools that water types have.
On defense, water types are just as strong, providing useful resistances to common attacking types such as fire and ice. They also sport resistances to water and steel, which further enhance their defensive capability. They only have two ...more

Water is usually as strong if not stronger than dragon types. Dragon types are kind of rare and are super overrated. All because it is called dragon type, doesn't mean in it is always a super powerful killing machine. Water types are super common and super tough. Sure there are some pretty weak ones like Magikarp and Luvdisc, but the weak ones have some sort of gimmick to it. I can't imagine somebody making a team of Pokemon without a water type. So come on people! Water type for first place!

Water Types are amazing, and they are the best for dual typing, there as been at least very Pokemon type dual with Water, you can have Water-Fire, Water-Steel, Water-Ghost, Water-Normal. you can try and bring up a water dual type that doesn't exist and you wont find them. They are Amazing, Dragon types used to be the strongest, but now with Fairy, it changes, even if water types have a weakness, you can find a Pokemon that resist it! Plus, the designs for the Water Types are Unique: Greninja, Floatzel, Empoleon Their design are amazing in my option. Water type is something that I'll always root for in battle

Resistant to four types and only weak to two- plus water type starters have always been the best (huge mudkip fan, I actually like ground types too). Dragon types in the mean time, are also resistant to four types, but, as of gen 6, are weak to 3. These three types aren't commonly used, so that makes them about equal, but dragon type moves are only super effective against dragon, while steel types are resistant to them and fairy types are immune. Water is super effective against three types, and no types are immune to it. GG water types, always going to be my favourite. - datrandomguy

Water is the best, they have great moves like Surf, and a lot of Water Types can learn ice type moves or are Water/Ice, which makes them super effective against Dragon too, besides Fire, Rock and Ground, which is a total of being super affective against 4 types, which is good. Plus most water type starters and their evolutions have good stats

Scald burn for the win no seriously water needs to be 1, sure dragons are good but they have nothing on water. I am not saying other types are bad, all types are good and unique. But water I feel wins cause simply adding the water type on anything gives the Pokemon a whole new power and utility. Having a water type on a team is more important than other types(including dragons). Fairy types do give it good competition as a defensive typing but doesn't outclass water in any way.

Not my personal fave, it is extremely unbalanced. I mean... TWO weaknesses? Most of them can learn things like Ice Beam and Earthquake. Just look at Gyarados, don't you wan't to STAB Thunder it? Not a problem! It'll mess you up. In my opinion, Ice or poison should affect Water, but that's not the point... I believe that Water is the best type due to it' unfairness.

I always choose the water starter Pokemon, because they're the best. They are strong against almost all other types, and can learn moves that are strong against the types they are not. Their only weaknesses are against electric and grass, and they aren't strong against dragon, but can almost always learn ice moves to defeat dragon and grass. Milotic is my favorite Pokemon ever, some others are Kingdra, Samurott, Gyarados, and Lumineon. Water Pokemon are the best!

Water types are very well a battle you mite even say they never lose. Water types are weak agents not much stuff so that would be pretty strong and water types are very effective to fire, fariy, flying, normal and lots of other stuff some people might think that fire types are the very best and the would never lose but they are very wrong water is very very strong against fire maybe so strong that they can beat fire types in one hit (every thing I said is true facts)

Water types are awesome in defeating fire types. But are they really? They are so the most common types but really, do you seriously see fire types jumping out at you all the time in the grass. So unless you really need it try to get it to be 2 types or otherwise they are pretty bad. they used to be my favorite types but now...

Water types are really good because they can learn ice-type moves (countering the Grass weakness). They also only have around 2 weaknesses, and one can be countered (as mentioned above). They also have a bunch of things they're powerful against, as ice is strong against dragons.
They can also learn surf!

Water types are extremely useful in the games having many type advantages and resistances and will come in handy throughout the entire game not to mention that unlike dragon types they are easily accessible at any point in the game and also they are required to even beat any of the games.

One only need look at Kyogre to see which typing is superior above all else.
Excellent offensive typing that is resisted by only water, grass and dragon; the later two being vulnerable to ice type moves which most water types carry.
Defensively, water provides invaluable resistances to fire, ice, water and steel. All of these types are common attacking types besides steel. Furthermore, the only weakness that water types have are grass and electric. While electric is a rather common type, grass is one of rarest attacking types.
Another amazing thing about water types is their ability to spread burns through scald, striking fear into physical attackers everywhere.
While water may not have the strict firepower of fire or dragon attacks, which commonly have around 110-130 power moves, water moves are not that far behind. On the special side, hydro pump has power on par with fire blast. On the physical side, outrage and flareblitz appear to clearly outdamage water type's ...more

Water is the most common type of Pokemon, they have about as many weaknesses as Dragon with Grass and Electric, and a lot of them are plain kickass. Pokemon like Kingdra, Lapras, Gyarados, Kyogre, Palkia, Ludicolo and most prominently Blastoise are awesome, well designed (Bar Basculin), or both. They also unlike Dragon beat Steel through resistance! Water rules!

Water types are like really common so they are not like super rare and on top of that water types are all terrain like take Lapras it is really fast on ice and take pelliper he can fly swampert isn't bad on land and water is basically water type mania and in the game you can easily get water types with fishing rods and to make them even more better they have a great move pool and they come with other types too so they are really boss

Water types have few weaknesses and the weaknesses they have they can overcome with ease. Probably the second best defensive type behind steel and also being able to dish out the attacks offensively, there is no better type than the water type.

Although designs like Magikarp left me bewildered, the water type is absolutely stunning and that's all I can say; in my opinion, the only flaw with this type is the fact that it is overpopulated. Amazing strength and great appearance!

Best type especiallt because water types can easily countereact all their weaknesses such as learning ice moves to taake on their weakness to grass and learning moves like earthquake to wreck electric types. Also, water types especially as a starter are usually quite fast and can also be quite the sweeper it can easily take out most pokemon within 2 moves as it can learn amazingly high power moves like hydro pump although its quite a gamble with its low accuracy. There is also surf which is probably the most iseful move ever created as its brilliant in battle and as a HM as well. Honestly, I don't think their is a better pokemon type than water as it's so overpowered.

Umm. Somebody has really made a big mistake in the Dragon section. Sure, maybe Dragon has lots of resistances, but it has 3 weaknessess and the only thing that it is affective against is Dragon! Itself! Seriously! Even Normal is immune to ghost, while dragon has no effect against fairy. Water types have balanced type resistances, and weaknesses. So yeah, that's my opinion.

I used to love Dragon types before those goshdang Fairies came around. My first starter was Oshawott in White, so I have a certain nostalgia for this type. I also generally have a Vaporeon on my team, and other Water-types like Milotic, Kyogre, Gastropod, Vaporeon (obviously) are also among my favorites. Except Gyarados. I have a weird grudge against him.

Water pokemon the the best! With great movesets, abilities, stats and are usually paired with another type plus with their pure awesomeness puts them at the top of my list. Feraligatr, swampert, dewgong, sharpedo, ludicolo and wailord are my most favorite water pokemon an don't forget slower. Slow