A conspiracy addressing the origins of Mr. Mime and Jynx

styLIShT The Theory: The original Mr. Mime and Jynx are the lovechilds of a human who did the dirty with a ditto.

Note : I wrote "The original" because of the fact that they can be bred to produce more offspring of the same species.

Supporting Evidence:

Colour scheme: If you look at the pre-evolutions of these pokemon, you will see that they are both pink. This links them back to one of their parents/ancestors, ditto.

Body structure: Both of these pokemon take on humanoid forms. If you look at the pre-evolutions you might say that they should have some human-like traits. The pre-evolutions have 'hair' on top of their head and are bipedal - much like human offspring. (Okay, you might say that I'm grasping for straws here, but what else is there to say on physiology?) You may argue that these pre-evolutions look nothing like a human apart from the 2 similarities I listed above. To that I say: have you looked at a baby recently? They look friggin' weird! I rest my case.

Special abilities: In mating with a human, the ditto's DNA was encorporated, giving the offspring pokemon special abilities that a human would not otherwise possess. Pretty straight forward. However, these powers are why we categorize Mr. Mime and Jynx as pokemon, and not human. If Mr. Mime and Jynx were categorized as human, this would essentially open an ethical can of worms (humans that quite clearly have special abilities, blah blah). We already know that in the pokemon universe, young kids are taught to capture pokemon and make them fight against eachother. In the real world, this would amount to cock/dog fights - 'activities' that are deemed unethical. So we have established that in the pokemon universe, people are OK with operating in the moral grey zone, backing up the notion that Mr. Mime and Jynx can be categorized as pokemon and not human, and we'll leave it at that.

More on origins: In generation 1, the only way to obtain these pokemon were by trading. Other than that, these pokemon were unobtainable in the wild, and only a few other trainers had them. I theorize that the gen 1 Mr. Mimes and Jynx's would have been the first 'batch' of human/ditto babies. In some later generations, some games only allowed you to obtain these pokemon through trading. Other games would allow you to obtain these pokemon through breeding. Some games had the appearance of these pokemon in the wild, and for these, I theorize that they exist as a result of some trainers releasing their Mr. Mimes/Jynx's to the wild, and having these pokemon produce offspring of their own.

The darker side of Mr. Mime's origin:

Gender: Introductory genetics will teach you that a human father can pass on either an X or a Y chromosome to his offspring. Passing on an X chromosome will lead to a baby girl, and passing on a Y chromosome will lead to a boy, given that the mother passes on an X chromosome. 2 Y chromosomes would not lead to viable offspring. As such, it is quite reasonable that Mr. Mimes are found in ratios of 50% male and 50% female, provided that the mother ditto provided an X chromosome. This leads to my theory that the original Mr. Mime was conceived by a human male and a ditto. If a ditto transformed into human form by copying this human male's DNA, the ditto would be able to pass on either X or Y chromosome. As stated before, if both partners passed on Y chromosomes, the offspring would not be viable. However, any other combination would lead to a viable offspring. This makes sense as even though the mother ditto transforms into a male human, it's DNA does not change, and is thus only capable of producing X chromosomes, and thus just like human reproduction, there is a balance in gender ratio among Mr. Mime.

Implication: In gen 1, the original Mr. Mime's owner (most likely the original father) is in a rush to get rid of this abomination. This probably speaks to the father's guilty conscience doing the dirty with ditto. He wants to give away his baby; he cannot believe he actually went through with the mating and wants to forget about it. Some other trainers that have Mr. Mime I theorize to have also gotten as a trade from the father, or are the Mr. Mime fathers themselves, who embraced their lovechild.

Moveset: Mr. Mime's moveset builds off of the guilty conscince from his father. The overall theme is that the father regretted his decision, and should have at least used protection when doing the dirty. Let's take a look at some of Mr. Mime's moves: wide guard, barrier, reflect, safeguard. Pretty self explanatory (lol). Some of Mr. Mime's other moves speak to the father's personality: double-slap (he was probably abusive, backed up by the fact that he traded away his son), encore (he probably did the dirty more than once), trick (for all we know, the ditto could have been coerced into doing the dirty!). Other moves, such as 'confusion' speak to Mr. Mime's inner conflict. "Why do I exist?" "Why did my father abandon me?" "Am I a human or a pokemon?" Yes, many questions left unanswered, but interesting indeed.

The darker side of Jynx's origin:

Gender: Introductory genetics will teach you that a human mother can only pass on an X chromosome to her offspring. Jynx is always found as a female. Why? Because the original parents were a female human and a ditto. When the ditto transforms to human form for the purpose of breeding, it would have only been able to pass on an X chromosome, since the transformation came from a female. The human female would also only be able to pass on an X chromosome, leading to every offspring in this interaction to have XX chromosomes - (it's a girl).

Implication: See the Mr. Mime explanation. Same story, but from the mother's point of view. In gen 1, Jynx is obtained from a female trainer in Cerulean city.

Moveset: Jynx's moveset also has roots in her parents' traits. I theorize that Jynx's mother was a mean, promiscuous woman who regretted her decision to do the dirty with a ditto (or... was up for some experimentation). Jynx was an accident, and she knew it. Being a female, and really emotional, Jynx felt betrayed, that the world was against her. Some would say... she became ice cold. Which leads to her ice archetype and ice-type moves: powder snow (frozen tears), ice punch (angry at the world, wants to let her frustration out), avalanche, and blizzard (really pissed off now!). Some of Jynx' other moves come directly from her mother's personality: pound (lol), lick (LOL), body slam, lovely kiss, double slap (she was into it), fake tears, mean look, wake-up slap (just in case he fell asleep). Did I also mention that you could tutor Jynx to learn the move: role play? And isn't it weird that she can learn the HM: flash? Mommy issues indeed....

Anyways, thanks for making it this far, I had drafted this about a year ago, and decided to edit it now and post it.


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