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181 Popplio Popplio
182 Wobbuffet Wobbuffet

It'll have you trapped in his basement and force you to dance for ever until you die. Shadow Tag...

Wobbuffet + Missmagius = DEATH
Shadow Tag + Perish Song = DEATH

183 Deoxys Deoxys

Gorgeous and better than you

184 Keldeo Keldeo Keldeo is a water fighting mythical Pokémon. It is one of the sacred swords, and it's stat total is 580.


185 Zebstrika Zebstrika
186 Feraligatr Feraligatr
187 Mismagius Mismagius
188 Golem
189 Poliwhirl

Needs mega evolution. The Pokemon Xyz Anime Sucked. Dumb Serena. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon was better

190 Skitty Skitty
191 Regigigas Regigigas

It's the only legit normal type legendary you can catch.

192 Golerk
193 Delcatty Delcatty
194 Herdier
195 Seviper Seviper
196 Jolteon Jolteon
197 Maractus Maractus
198 Electivire Electivire

He is in Sinnoh. So he is cool.

199 Mankey
200 Scrafty Scrafty
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