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221 Munchlax
222 Purrloin Purrloin

How is Purrloin not top!?!? Imagine this: you are walking along and spot a Purrloin. You think it is super cute and are really nice to it. Then in the blink of an eye, your shirt is ribbons, and all your items are gone.

223 Dratini Dratini

Dratini is an AWESOME Pokemon to "be the very best."

224 Scolipede

Scolipede. Introduced in the most recent games Black/White. After Heracross (finally) he's the next bug type to learn my favorite move: Megahorn. Even for a bug, he's fat; he's the heaviest bug. Decent attack and defese for a bug, also. And in fact, it doesn't even take that long to evolve it.

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225 Darmanitan
226 Quilava Quilava

It is so long and relaxed lying down I just want to give it a big hug

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227 Teddiursa

The best pokémon is the one who can be the best partner. And Teddiursa is pretty much guaranteed to fill the role: unlike other friendly mons, it will be your and especially your friend, being far more loyal than any other Pokémon. It will often find stuff for you, like food (which makes it a great survival partner), valuables (also a great business partner) and the best places to take a break from your heart throbbing adventures. Despite its innocent, helpless looks, Teddiursa packs a monster amount of muscle that can rip the shell off a Blastoise: most bear mauling victims refuse to acknowledge that the bear who reduced them to a bloody pulp barely reaches their thighs.

228 Vanillite
229 Electabuzz

Electabuzz. This powerful thing was introduced in Red/Blue. Now don't like yell at me for not adding Electivire instead, because I never got my Electabuzz evolved. You can just give one the most perfect moveset: A fighting attack, 1 or 2 electrical attacks and then HYPER BEAM or GIGA IMPACT. Seriously, he won against Magmar, (who was close to becoming number 10 laugh out loud.)

230 Vanilluxe

My favorite ever. Why are you hated on Vanilluxe? Why does everyone vote Rayquaza over you?

231 Chatot
232 Goomy Goomy

Praise our lord Goomy. That is all.

233 Sunkern
234 Jynx Jynx

Who put this piece of crap on the list?

235 Grotle
236 Chesnaught Chesnaught
237 Noivern Noivern
238 Delphox Delphox

Fire is my favourite Pokemon type. Fire is also pretty strong. But a Fire-Psychic Pokemon? Epic.

239 Venomoth
240 Exploud
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