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121 Caterpie Caterpie
122 Meowstic
123 Ekans
124 Victini Victini

Cute, Always Wins I Would've Put It On #2 But...

What type is stereotypically the best? Fire! This pokemon has the highest fire type move in power of them all. Do the math. 180 base plus 90 more in STAB so now we are at 270 if used against a paras, parasect, sewadle, swadloon, or leavanny has a multiplier of 4. 270 times 4 equals 1080 plus if its a sunny day multiples 1.5 so now its 1620 but its also a crit so now its multiplied by 2. Goodness now we add 6 attack bonuses now its at 3840. Goodness me

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125 Hydreigon Hydreigon V 1 Comment
126 Haunter Haunter Haunter, known in Japan as Ghost, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.
127 Meowth
128 Scyther
129 Sylveon Sylveon Sylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.
130 Pichu Pichu
131 Corphish Corphish
132 Lapras Lapras
133 Grovyle
134 Slowbro Slowbro
135 Meouth

Meouth is awesome! Team Rocket's meouth can talk!

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136 Butterfree Butterfree

Butterfree is one of the best Pokemon ever. With all his powders plus confusion he could beat charizard ( even though I like charizard best this guy is still no. 3 with pidgeot being 2nd

137 Cubone

May be little, but has bones to beat your soul.

138 Palpitoad Palpitoad
139 Pachirisu Pachirisu
140 Talonflame Talonflame
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