Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


He took a nation that was ravaged by WW1, occupied by France, and experiencing one of the worst economic catastrophes in history and made it a world power able to take on every other major European country at once in the span of less than 10 years. No matter what evil he did, it is undeniable that he is the single most influential man in the last 100 years, if not much, much longer. Without Hitler, Europe may have fallen to communism, the rocket may not have been invented, and nuclear power may never have been harnessed. For better or worse, his legacy will most likely last longer than any other leader of the modern age.

Pushed a country out of economic peril with reforms to policy.
Inspiring youth into volunteer work for the community.
Created the infrastructure to support highways for travel.
Social reforms for public health.
Policies to protect the welfare of animals.
Programs to aid people struggling via welfare.
Engineering progress via rockets and automobiles.

Despite what he is remembered for, his actions and ruling lead Germany out of an economic depression into a leading country with reforms and policies that benefited his people and country and was among the first to adopt animal welfare standards and conservation ideals that required ethical reason to intrude on. He was a leader and man who sought nothing but the best for his people and country.

Hitler was truly the caring father of his nation. He was an artist and animal lover, and a strong advocate for physical fitness, healthy eating, and proper hygiene. He established the first public health program in Germany, which promoted hand washing. He also promoted a healthy mind for His people by banning degenerate material such as pornography and degenerate lifestyle like transsexual culture. He held a vision of a healthy, well-educated country, and was very invested in its youth.

One of the greatest men that have ever lived.

He embodied everything a great leader should have. A love for his people, the will to protect them, and a strong artistic side. His beautiful paintings tell of a vision, a dream even, to turn the tide of his ruined country, devastated by the "liberators" of World War 1, in which he risked his life countless times. A common man at heart, he knew of the German people's struggle and did everything in his power to help them rise to the top once again. All this, and his still unmatched oratory skills, make him one of the greatest people to ever walk the planet. When you think "Hitler", what you should be thinking is "Hero"

He was a man of honour with utmost respect and dedication for his people. Seeking to be the bastion of hope for a Germany that was quickly falling apart, he reassembled the great nation and led his people to economic prosperity. It is because of him that Germany is a world power today, and for that reason, his legacy lives on in the hearts of all Germans, men and women alike.

Germany: A dying nation after the criminal and inexplicable treaties of Versailles imposed upon them by the Entente. Many of it's important territories had been excised, they were unable to maintain a navy or a military presence within their own territory, and the economy was dying.

Enter Adolf Hitler. He revitalized the nation, fixed the economy, created infrastructure, jobs, homes and a sense of national pride. He rallied the resentful youth into productive members of a society at large and turned Germany into a world power once more.

He reclaimed lost territories, joined in sacred union with the Austrian people in a great Anschluss, and threw off the shackles of the unfair treaties.

A great man until his death when he heroically committed suicide in order to avoid capture by the Soviet Threat

An animal lover who understood compassion as well as the deceit humanity is capable of more than any other politician in the past century. The ethos of national socialism is a universal truth that will prevail just as love and understanding will always triumph over evil. Truly a sweet honest man that respected all races; he will go down as the single greatest humanitarian to have ever existed when it is all said and done.

He stood up against an incredibly oppressive global force and did his very best to save a Germany that was headed for a slow death and corruption. He wanted the best for the German people, and did not do what he did because he hated others, but because he loved his own. The fact that decades of education tried and failed to make us look at him as an universally bad guy is not to be understated. The man might have taken a bullet, but his words of love and wisdom are bulletproof.

Hitler was a hero who stood for his own citizens, a politician that you can never find these days. Excellent moral values, protector of animals, no vices, willing to sacrifice his life for the cause he believed in.
Once you can read through all the unfounded negative propaganda against him and discover the truth you will truly understand his magnitude.
Keep on searching from the truth, with the help of the internet it's now closer to you than ever!

A rare example of an artist turned politician. The expression in that is profound in comparison to any leader who exists near the base desire for power. A man ultimately lacking in political and greater virtues; maintains his almost entirely in the art of his craft. Perhaps, ultimately he never was a politician. Perhaps, ultimately he was just an artist who made an art piece beyond a canvas. A art piece that was a movement, a nation, a culture, a people, and a war. Something wholly beyond politics. This man was it.

Where he left of, will soon be finished once and for all!

He was right, that we would come to say he was right.

He killed millions to save billions.

Eugenics is the only way to world Peace. We need the most intelligent and peaceful people to have the most children. The opposite is happening in the world today and we will pay for this mistake in blood.

He was way ahead of his times. You only have to read his book to understand it. President Kennedy said it better than I ever could "He was the stuff of which legends are made". One day the world will cherish Hitler as it should rightfully do if there weren't this 70 year propaganda against him. All I can say is that I'm doing my part, are you?

He took a beaten and demoralized nation and by sheer force of will, turned it into a major world power in just a few short years. Not too shabby.

He rebuilt Germany from the ashes, he had a clear view on the international globalist elite who's interest it was to keep the people poor and powerless and who subsequently did all they could to destroy him and his ideas. Looking at some of his quotes today, we still see them valid and more urgent than ever. Like no other, he had an impact on modern times and our current way of life.

Saved Germany from it's economic and social downfall, renewed a whole country that was filled with degeneracy and gave hope and purpose to the german people, steered them into what was going to be one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen had he not been killed and forced into a war he did not want to participate.
Was said to be a very kind and funny person by international polititians and journalists, and contrary to what most people think he wanted not to kill the jewish people (that were the driving force of the downfall of the German empires, before and after WW I), he wanted to allow them to leave the country (as many did).

Whatever our personal conflicts with the damage inflicted during the war, we cannot deny that this person is one of the most influential historical characters of all time. There are many popular people in the history of the world, but none invoke the extreme ominous feeling that does the name Adolf Hitler.

It's amazing how uneducated the general public is with regards to this man's life, opinions, and politics. In fact, I would go so far as to say they have been intentionally misled about him. He was a true visionary and champion of his people, albeit somewhat of a failed tactician.

He turned a war torn Germany into a superpower once again (even though he started a war at the same time). - Kronolith

A shining example of how one should love his people and country. He stopped at nothing to secure a bright and secure future for Germany and the rest of Europe. Inspired millions. The lies spread about him are nothing but attempts to shame a man's love for that which should be most precious to all. Their country, their people, their very identity.

Here was a man who loved his people and country so much that he risked his life for it and campaigned tirelessly to raise the submission-beaten German's self esteem in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles and it's unfair assignment of blame and unreasonable reparations. He spent his life to warn of the dangers of elite Jewish manipulation of European peoples, but the world did not listen and those same groups spent decades after his downfall dragging him, the Germans and National Socialism through the mud. Maybe one day his warning will finally be taken seriously. R.I.P Hitler

A true champion of environmental consciousness and animal rights, his gentle side has been overshadowed by the caricature of evil propagandized by the victors of WWII. He took Germany from a wartorn hellscape and transformed it into perhaps the single greatest economic and military powerhouse the world had seen at the time, all in the span of about 5 years. In the coming ages, he will be remembered for the seeds he planted, and not the fields he cleared