Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Taylor Swift is my lifelong inspiration, heroine and the best superstar & singer & celebrity ever...besides my family, of course. She is hated by the Katy Perry fans? They are just going to hate but she'll shake them off anyway so what do they matter? Taylor's outfits are not weird like Lady Gaga's, Nicki Minaj's or Katy Perry's. I like her style which is classical and cool. My favorite song by her is Ours, followed by Enchanted, 22 and many more. I have to admit, Taylor Swift's voice is paradise to my ears, and it's cool that she's BFFs with Selena Gomez.

Taylor swift is the best singer I have ever heard. I don't care what anybody else says. I thinks she's great no matter what.

Taylor swift is the best! She is one of a kind, she has the creative ideas for her music videos if you don't believe me look up Blank Space! She is amazing with her song work, her songs aren't just stupid, little, silly songs they mean something! My personal favorite is Wildest dreams it is great... As I was saying I think her music video on Wildest dreams is pretty cool to

Taylor Swift's songs all have lyrical meaning. They tell a story. She uses analogies, metaphors, description, rhyming to create a piece of art. She's no Mozart, but of course this is POP music. Anyone who criticizes her for writing about her feelings can kiss her arse. What, would you prefer her to write about drugs and partying?

Taylor Swift, like MJ and the Beatles, has served as the most popular music act during her era while also making critically acclaimed albums due to the true artistic merit of her work. Artists like Katy Perry and P!Nk are hugely misrepresented here, because while they are currently popular, their music isn't very deep or good, and it's an insult to other artists who make brilliant songs that they would be ranked ahead. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, deserves this high ranking. Yes, she makes popular music under a squeaky clean image and a seemingly calculated business strategy. But honestly, squeaky clean appears to honestly be her personality, so who can demand anything else from her? And as for calculating, she's just making smart marketing moves, which again, shouldn't be seen as a negative. When you look past these superficial details, and also stop become g so but hurt over the fact that she songs a lot about love (um, so does EVERYONE?!? She just does it with a younger ...more

Taylor swift is so beautiful and has a great voice. I know she is writing about her ex but it doesn't matter. She is so cute, I heard all of her songs. All songs are great and meaningful. Taylor is better than katy perry. Katy perry is not so creative like taylor. Katy songs are not really good. Taylor swift should be number 1!

Taylor Swift has the most beautiful voice of any pop singer. 1989, her latest album, contains the hit singles Shake It Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood, Style, and Wildest Dreams. Taylor's "Blank Space" and "Shake It Off" have one billion views. She deserves to be #1 until she retires from singing and songwriting.

Nope, sorry. She's one of the least talented singers in the pop industry today. Her voice is nasally, pitchy, and lacks vibrato. Her song-writing is above average at best...she brings nothing NEW to the table.

Her songwriting are poetic masterpieces and she has such incredible talent in the music industry and is one of the most strongest artists today and can sell phenomenally well.

Compared to some of the other singers on this list, Taylor Swift definitely is the most talented. Just listen to her live. She might actually sound better if she didn't use auto-tune. Her voice is beautiful!

Taylor has an amazing range and a unique density to her voice. Even though she said to be a light lyric soprano, her notes have all kinds of texture behind them!

Taylor Swift is overrated. Her songs are really not that good. WHERE IS Madonna? THE QUEEN OF POP?

Taylor's so beautiful, her voice is mellifluous, her style is awesome and cool...I love pop songs because of her and only her and no one else

No, she is not overrated. She has talent, and isn't fake. She just makes really good music, and no one can say she's overrated because of that

She is best singer and very cute

Taylor is the best! I don't care what people think and say! Her voice is so powerful and sounds like an angle

She must be in No. 1 and she is the best singer, songwriter and actor and she is so creative. All her songs are great and non are bad.

Taylor Alison Swift is an amazing and sensational singer of all time and I say that without doubt.

Her voice is pretty good. I used to really like her but now she doesn't make any songs. Squad goals

Taylor swift is just so awesome. Her songs are so cool and rock on the dance floor! I love her.

I think tay-tay should be #1, I was shocked to see she wasn't. Old songs and new, I love you taylor!

Taylor Swift is country Idiots! NOT POP

She is my favourite, and her songs are awesome. She is so pretty.

Taylor Swift is a great artist and her music is for everyone!

You are #1 and will remain that way!