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1 Monster You Made Monster You Made
2 3 Seconds to Freedom 3 Seconds to Freedom
3 100 In a 55 100 In a 55

I love this song. and I hope everybody loves it to.

4 Purple Purple

"Such a beautiful color..." amazing song - Jonerman

5 Another Romeo & Juliet Another Romeo & Juliet
6 Trenches Trenches
7 Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
8 Torn to Pieces Torn to Pieces

How is this not in the top ten. It has good lyrics and an awesome guitar to it. It's a really good love song

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9 Boss's Daughter Boss's Daughter
10 Sick Sense Sick Sense

The Contenders

11 Deal With the Devil Deal With the Devil
12 Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors
13 Hero Hero
14 Goodbye My Friend Goodbye My Friend
15 Silence & Scars Silence & Scars

By far my most favorite Pop Evil song next to Torn To Pieces. Why hasn't it been on here yet? - NuMetalManiak

16 Flawed Flawed
17 Black & Blue Black & Blue V 1 Comment
18 Divide Divide
19 Broken & Betrayed Broken & Betrayed
20 Consequences
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1. 3 Seconds to Freedom
2. Another Romeo & Juliet
3. 100 In a 55
1. Monster You Made
2. Purple
3. Sick Sense



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