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21 Descendents - I Don't Want to Grow Up
22 Americana - The Offspring

These guys may be the goofiest pop punk band out there (next to blink 182) but they also put out one of the best pop punk albums of all time. Singles are "Pretty Fly For a White Guy", "The Kids Aren't Alright", "Feelings", "She's Got Issues", and "Why Don't You Get a Job? ".

23 Move Along - The All-American Rejects

This is one of my favourite albums of all time! I love all the songs on it :D


24 Radiosurgery - New Found Glory

Best paired with the first warm day after a long winter

25 New Found Glory - New Found Glory

The quintessential pop punk album that you can listen to for days on end. Singles are "Hit or Miss" and "Dressed To Kill".

26 Paper Walls - Yellowcard
27 Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance
28 Warning - Green Day

Green Day is more a ROCK-PUNK band so its quite good they take the 4th place in that category

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29 Drunk Enough to Dance - Bowling for Soup
30 Under My Skin - Avril Lavigne

Grungy pop-punk sounds meets dark pop-rocker songs

This album touches my heart... Is very beautiful

31 Under Soil and Dirt - The Story So Far
32 Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing - The Wonder Years
33 Riot! - Paramore


The Best álbum ever!

34 American Hi-Fi - American Hi-Fi

Where did these guys go after this?

35 The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlotte
36 Hot Fuss - The Killers

This is actually more pop rock than pop punk

37 Commit This to Memory - Motion City Soundtrack
38 Through Being Cool - Saves the Day
39 Life's Not Out to Get You - Neck Deep
40 Fush Yu Mang - Smash Mouth
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