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Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.


Blink 182 because most pop punk bands sound the same nearly every single albums like my chemical romance very broad sounding guitars although they are very good musician. Blink 182 first albums to their last sound very different and unique. Great octave picking and lots of single note played simply but every single song they make using simple chord progressions sound very different. Each by year they play to people's emotions and play to the society that changes by time. To be honest all pop punk bands are really good because they too have lots of different sounding in their music when being played but Blink 182 can do a lot more. Nearly every single track sounds different so that it relates too all different people, cultures, society, political economy, Depression and also teenage life. This is what I believed their group was made for, And then Angel and airwaves happen where they changed into more story telling and magical wonders and imaginations. So whatever they do they can ...more

Alright, blink-182 deserves the number one spot on this list. Most of the bands below wouldn't exist if it wasn't for blink-182, who basically brought pop-punk into it's absolute explosion of popularity with "Enema of the State", and influenced so many bands. Paramore, Panic!, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Knuckle Puck, Yellowcard, Sum 41, old pop-punk bands, new pop-punk bands, they all spawned thanks to blink-182. blink-182 wasn't only the reason that a lot pop-punk bands exist, but they also were the band that took the sound of pop-punk and made it sound absolutely perfect. They perfected the pop-punk sound, with Tom's nasally singing and fantastic guitar, Mark's monotone yet fun voice and sick ass bass lines, and Travis's sexy drum skills all combined together to create the ultimate blend of pop-punk/punk rock. This band defined the genre better than anyone, and at their peak, they'd beat any pop-punk/punk rock band ever.

Alright guys... How is Blink not at the top of this list? They made the genre of pop punk and are still rocking the world... They have a brand new album coming out in 3 days. All Time Low's new album and Green Day's most recent album failed to live up to their expectations, but Blink on the other hand, will live up to their expectations. With songs such as All the Small Things, Anthem Part Two, Up All Night, What's My Age Again, Go, Obvious, Dammit, Always, and Down, You can't pass this band up. They are the greatest thing to ever happen to pop punk, and you can't deny that.

Not a single one of these bands are punk chances are if its on the radio it's not punk rock. I listen to a ton of different kinds of music I have no judgement on what music anyone listens to but these are not punk rock bands. chances are if the t-shirt is in hot topic it's not actually a punk rock band except for the misfits The Ramones clash and the Sex Pistols those are all the beginning of punk. The sex pistols were so terrible (Sid was so high half the time they plugged his bass and had him pretend to play because he was one of the favorites that kept them popular) by the way but without them we may not have the great expanse of punk genras that we do. please venture out you owe it to urself to check the internet listen to some real punk rock music you guys are missing out on a huge section of stuff that is really great. Green Day is absolutely not punk they did start out crusty w their very first CD but once they got popular their music is not punk. I'm so sick of hearing that ...more

I'm totally inspired by them. It has been 2 years listening to them and now I am their craziest fan ever. The first song I heard from them was First Date and Now also it's one of my favorite Blink Song. Now they are reforme and Neighbourhoods! After Midnight, Even If She Falls, Wishing Well and MH 4.8.011. All Are in My favorite Song List. Blink 182 is really the best punk rock band ever. Should be in the top Compare Green Day and All Time Low with Blink 182.

The folks voting ATL must have seriously damaged their conscience on actually judging the pop punk music... ATL are just kids wanna be Blink 182... Blink 182 is who made pop punk genre famous in the 90s along with Green Day and The Offspring... Can't believe they're on 3rd,.. Even the music critics don't fail to put Blink on top of their Pop punk bands list!... Karma is for sure people, and its on Blink's side... Amen Blink 182!..

Blink didn't create this style of music. There is a band called ALL who were in my opinion the first pop punk band. But I will say that Blink are one of the best in this category. And they are great guys. My band played with them on the Vans Warped Tour in Melbourne and Sydney Australia. They are the funniest guys. Travis once asked me " Hey dude, do you ever put your Mom's panties on and run around the house to try to turn your dad on? " Fun. - Parklink

First of all I'd like to say its blink-182, not "Blink-182" or "Blink 182" or "blink 182" okay? :-))) second of all they're one of my favourite bands. Anything pop punk I suppose. But they were the band that got me into that whole style. They're fantastic and they've been going for a while. Whenever I play them my 18 year old brother goes on about how they bring back memories! Anyway, their musics happy and fun and they deserve to be number 1!

As of recently, blink have been a band for 22 years. Twenty two years of inspiring young musicians and comforting thousands of fans going through break ups, parents, friends and well, life. Without them, half of the bands on this list wouldn't be around and the members themselves cite blink-182 as a major influence. I for one will always love blink and their side projects, it's like musical therapy to me.

They have their own special character no matter how they evolved over time. And their songs have a variety of moods and feelings and I am just happy and thankful to be their fan T___T their music is just a joyful part of my life and its basically just so catchy and simple. They are perfectly in between a lot of effort and trying too hard. I don't know what it is, I can't get tired of blink-182. Ever.

What! Green Day are good but they are not really Pop Punk anymore, they've lost a lot of their roots, Blink MADE pop punk what it is today, without them all these other bands like Sum 41, Fallout Boy and All Time Low would not be so big. And a cool fact: All Time Low started off as a band that covered a lot of Blink songs

"blink-182" is the #1 "Pop Punk" band. "Green Day", "Sum 41" and "AFI" are awesome bands! But they are more "Punk Rock" which is a completely different genre of music.

"Fall Out Boy", "All Time Low" and a whole bunch of other bands on this list probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for these guys right here. I know that doesn't mean they can't become better than them, but come on! It's BLINK-182 FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Agreed, best choice for number 1, most of their songs sound different. Does Miss You and All The Small Things sound the same? Nope. And great band members too, Travis has amazing drumming. Tom Delonge has a unique voice and awesome guitar playing. Mark Hoppus has a gentle voice and is really relatable, as well as great bass guitar playing. - AnimeDrawer

Blink would most definitely be considered #1 on this list, if Green Day were out of the question in my opinion, this is how I see it, Green Day are the kings of pop-punk, and Blink-182 are the princes. I love both of them so dearly, and can relate to both of many of their songs. These two bands NEED to stay on top of this chart. No other way is acceptable. GO GREEN-182!

Blink-182 should obviously be number 1 or 2 basically due to the way they changed the whole entire pop-punk genre up, All Time Low may be a good band, but they aren't as revolutionary as Blink-182. Green Day does however deserve a high spot like #1, but Blink-182 has influenced many pop-punk bands out there(including All Time Low) - MisterAlex

Blink 182 are literally my idols! I am so in love with them, I can't even describe it. All their albums and songs are amazing! I've never heard a song by Blink that I didn't like, and this includes their covers! Blink should be number 1, as they are the ones who created this genre. Green Day are good, but they can't compare to Mark, Tom and Travis.

I've had I Miss You stuck in my head for 11 years, it's the most meaningful lyrics I've ever heard. Green Day-American Idiot is so overdone it was ruined for me by too much air-time. But even listening to Blink every day I have never gotten sick of them. They've expanded their genre to pop-punk, punk rock, alternative rock, and Always is practically an 80s song. Blink never gets old, they are the soundtrack to my life, and I don't care who came first, Blink is better.

Been my favourite bands since I was a kid, I love listening to every single songs in all of their albums they are the gods of pop punk of everything, the emotional in the song and the tempo of the songs, even my big brother where listening to them when I was like 8 years old! (by the way I'm 15) but they should be top!

Why do they deserve to be 1st? Simple, they make me smile. every time I feel down 'cause of a girl I listen to their music and feel like people actually get it, and yet they joke so much about it and look so happy. They make me know that everything is gonna fine. Same goes for my parents yelling at me or when I feel like there's no chance for me to fall in love anymore. They give me hope. Is there a better way to get over a problem than joking about it and move on?

One of the most amazing band in the universe! I can't get their music out of my head! Green Day is good though but not as good as Blink - 182. with hits like all the small things, first date and adam's song they have got to be the best. Fall out boys doesn't deserve 6# though cause the only good pop punk track of FOB was sugar were going down!

Blink 182 may not have invented the genre, but they styled it for the newest generation of pop punk artist. Blink 182 were diverse in their albums from a punk sounding Cheshire Cat to a more emo-punk self titled album. This for me gives them a significant edge to other bands.

Blink-182 made this genre what it is. Granted Green Day may have set off 90's pup-punk, blink-182 made it fun and filled with great toilet humor to satisfy any teenager! Their amazing comeback after about five years of being broken up solidifies their position here at the top.

I like their personalities better than the angry punk-rock attitude of Green Day. I love Green Day, don't get me wrong, but Mark Hoppus is my inspiration as a bassist and one day as a father, AND he has a great sense of humor, albeit kind of gross and immature at times

Why is all time low ahead of blink 182 and sum 41? as long as blink, sum, and Green Day is at the top 3 I'm good... compare the songs of all time low with these bands.. how are they punk?! I guess with their hair or skinny jeans.. heck these bands doesn't need to dress punk to be punk.. what is happening? vote!

Seriously, this band deserves the number one spot. Not All Time Low. The top 2 spots should obviously be blink and Green Day. All Time Low are just copycats off of blink, and to top it off, they aren't even pop punk. But none the less, blink is simply the best.