Green Day

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Green Day are an American pop punk and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1987. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. Some more.


Green Day is another band I think can actually be first because they have awesome story telling through there songs. I actually don't listen to Green Day only some of there songs but they have such meaningful and fun catchy melody as well as good stage performance. This band I don't mind being first but second in my truthful saying because I love blink 182 and have already placed the comment above. However visually and artistically and their videos produced on T.V. are sending powerful messages about falling in love or dysfunctional politicians. This band seemed to lead their style of music artistically and performed very seriously. However Bowling for soup I find their music more fun. But fall out boy shouldn't even be between 1-10th top list. They are the most girliest band and look like a bunch of kids trying to be a wanna be cute boys. Green Day and Blink much more serious in the undertaking of punk pop musician.

Green Day has a unique style that is both rebellious and intelligent that is, simply put, legendary. They've had a huge impact on my personal life and have helped to influence different perspectives in my life, as I'm sure they've done for many others. I agree that Blink 182 has highly influenced pop punk and helped make it what it is today, but they were formed in 1992 and only had one or two songs that made it to the top 10's on billboard, while Green Day has had several and has been around since 1987. Many bands now have adopted their style of music and are widely considered one of the founding fathers of this genre of music. Then again, if I had to pick any other band to be number 1, it would be Blink.

One of the stand-out pop punk bands of the 90's & 00's and one third of the 3 amigos of pop punk (Blink-182, Sum 41 & Green Day). Kerplunk, Dookie, Warning & American Idiot are their best albums for me.

I wish they got a bit more respect from the old school punk rock purists because they're legitimate musicians & songwriters and they're not just some rich kids from California without any real issues in their lives: Billie Joe Armstrong's dad died when he was 10 & Mike Dirnt was given up for adoption because his mum had a heroin addiction.

Green Day is about standing for what they feel is right. After 9/11 they were the only band that came back and weren't afraid to say what they felt toward the government of America. They are also one of the best sounding and best performing stage acts I have seen in a long time! Timeless Music!

Reinvented punk while incorporating a bit of Nirvana's grunge style, and then shot into mainstream, with Dookie and then again with American Idiot (thought that was more Alternative-leaning). In my opinion it was Green Day who brought back the punk movement, but Blink-182 altered the punk-pop style in Enema of the State and got more mainstream success.

Guys seriously, Green Day ARE THE BEST BAND EVER! Dookie just set the scene for Green Day and then they started getting some different ideas for music, then came nimrod warning and American Idiot. ALL there music was just ridiculously awesome and they should be in top because this band isn't just the albums they've made, it's also their live shows witch make them even better.

Guys there is no sign up just make sure you vote and get the, back to the top

Green Day have the most experience and they are just awesome! I really think Billie Joe Armstrong is a person to look up to, excluding all of the insane things he has done, but other wise, he is a really talented singer/songwriter/musician. Can anyone else play the guitar, piano, drums, harmonica, mandolin, and saxophone?

Green Day is a drug, a drug I'm proud to be addicted to. They've inspired people all around the world to play music, and to stand up for what they believe in, and not to be ashamed of your views or who you are. Green Day isn't just music, it's a way of life.

Green Day.. Green Day Green Day Green Day that's all I want to hear and listen too these guys are AMAZING like really they have almost no bad songs. Even though there kinda old they're STILL creating songs. Like no one doesn't know Green Day and their tunes are catchy. Who doesn't know american idiot or time of your life so GOOD WAY BETTER THAN BLINK

GREEN DAY ARE THE BEST BAND IN HISTORY! once you hear green day you can't go back to crap music, green day introduces you to the world of punk and in a way metal. GREEN DAY ARE THE BEST LIVE BAND OF THE CENTURY!

Green Day is just the best band of our time. Their songs represents a lot of people in the world, of all ages, but mostly teenagers that need to be understand for their pairs and family. They save lives, they save mine.

I play Bass.
This is because of this band. While some of their earlier songs weren't that great (39/sooth wasn't great) However, Mike Dirnt knows how much is required from his bass lines which match up with Tre's frantic drumming and Billie Joe's vocals and simplistic guitar parts, which also mix with Jason's solo's.
They've been going strong for over two decades now, and they're probably gonna be inducted into the hall of fame once they reach 25 years since 39/Smooth.

Blink may be #1 in the best POP-PUNK but Green Day is #1 in the best ROCK-PUNK bands so...
And an important fact; Blink decided to start they band by the influence of Green Day.

I have nothing against Blink, its my second favorite band after GD. Seriously you can't say Blink is above Green Day if you haven't listen to all Green Day songs.

Green Day literally started all of this! Why are they ranked second everywhere? Blink is great and they deserve a number two spot. Green Day started the movement that blink dominated a few years later. Also, Green Day has Dookie, American idiot, and 21st century breakdown under their belt. Those albums were huge even outside of the pop punk world. Green Day deserves number one for showing former mainstream people, like me, the wonderful music of pop punk!

Green Day is the all time best band there is, ever was, or there ever will be, blink-182 is not too far behind but green day is second to none! They are the reason that so many of these bands even exist! With out green day all there would be is all the pop crap on the radio!

Green Day has made an immense impact on Punk as we know it today, they have some of the most timeless music. Each song has a deep meaning be it Jesus of Suburbia or Longview. Any song that they have we can make a connection to and has a deeper meaning then being lonely or being depressed. Each song has multiple meanings to people and that is why they are so special.

Green Day have practically created this genre of music. More than definitely, Green Day need to be on top of this list. No other pop-punk band can ever match up to Green Day. Billie, Mike, and Tre... Pop Punk kings.

Green Day is (in my opinion) the best band ever. They started pop punk and revolutionized pun music and brought it to the ears of more than any punk band ever. And they were also very versatile in their music, they fused other genres with it and explored and matured as musicians and have made it to the top and stayed at the top.

Green Day is the only and only band I listen to... Green Day had inspired me to follow my dreams and now I'm a musician... Green Day bought the punk music to the world better than any one and is in this business for more than justin bieber from 1989

I'd say that Green Day is more continuously successful than Blink-182. Blink peaked in the late 90s - early 00s, but after Tom became a douche the band is now a shell of its former self. Meanwhile, just when people were beginning to think Green Day was fading, they came out with two chart-topping rock operas in the 00s, and are still making great music in 2016. Also, they've been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, which is no easy feat.

Green Day is A better band in every aspect compared to blink. Blink is an amazing band, but Green Day has a larger influence to the genre and music industry, blink on the other hand is very influential towards pop punk, but not music as a whole. Blink has had some excellent singles that have shaped they're courier, our music lives, and the industry, but Green Day took it one step further. My thoughts.

Green Day became pop punk at it's greatest. They cultivated the common sound early on, and evolved to produce great tracks from later on as well. Songs like Basket Case, American Idiot, Welcome To Paradise, and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) will easily hail among not only some of the best pop punk songs, but some of the greatest songs of all time (probably in the 50's-70's range on top 100 lists)

I've listen to Green Day since I was 4 years old but at the time the only song I knew was good riddance but the first time I heard dookie I will forever be a fan and I'm proud to say the 90% of my iPod is Green Day haha

Green Day are incredible! They are amazing live and on cd! They are punk pop legends and their songs are rally meaningful to the audience and they can fully interact with songs! Green Day for the win

Green Day deserve number 1! Come on! They've been around for how long? And are the basis of pop punk. Most if not all the bands on this list have mentioned in interviews how they model themselves to Green Day and respect them. geez! But twos better than nothing! Well done!