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201 Suck It Up
202 Almost December
203 Home Grown

Some of these songs are amazing and so many bands higher up in this list have been heavily influenced by them.

204 Buzzcocks

The number one pop punk band in the world. I can only surmise that they are so low down because of ignorance or that young American kids aren't taught that Britain (or other countries) exists! They were also the first DIY pop punk band.

We wouldn't have pop punk without them. AND THEY ARE 212? - 445956

Are you serious! Deserve to be way higher!

205 Keep It Secret

Pretty new band, not really that known, but awesome. Go youtube them!

206 The Dollyrots

A band that is not famous but their music is so great.

207 Paradise Fears
208 Eve 6
209 For Our Lifetime
210 Masked Intruder
211 Conditions
212 Orchard Hill
213 Wheatus
214 Busted Busted Busted are an English pop rock band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, consisting of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson.

Nothing beats a bit of Year 3000

'The' pop punk band as far as I am concerned.

215 SR-71
216 Comeback of the Year
217 Summertime Dropouts

A new pop punk band that definitely needs more attention! I dare you to listen to Just The Way or 1999 (Rewind ) without crying! Great lyrics, great music, great people!

Seriously my favorite band. When the music makes you dance, the lyrics touch your heart, and you laugh when you see them live, you know they're a great band.

218 Superchick

No one really knows this band and their not pop-punk but I suggest listening to them, their not really that popular but I suggest it

219 Son of Dork V 1 Comment
220 Bayside

Good Band, good lyrics and the lead singer has a very unique voice, that gives the band a very distinctive and immediately recognizable sound. I love these guys.

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