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221 Cobra Starship
222 Hawk Nelson

Saw them for my 13th Birthday before Jason Dunn Left. Greatest Christian Pop Punk Band Ever!

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223 Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina is an American electro pop group currently consisting of David Schmitt (vocals, keyboard), Eric Armenta (percussion) and Tommy Coops (guitar, keyboard) that formed in 2007. more.

Breathe Carolina deserves o be in the top 10 because their songs are amazing and their voices have so much rawness to them that makes it really fun to listen to them.

They are an amazing punk pop band. They are just amazing.

What the hell this should be 1

224 Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping with Sirens is an American Rock band from Orlando Florida. The band formed in 2009. SWS lead singer is Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn is an amazing singer! There songs are very catchy. I think there just awesome period. I mean everyone who listens to them love them. They sound like Pierce The Veil if you haven't listen to them then go on youtube and listen to them!

Please vote for these guys! Kellin! Can't believe they are down here...

Why this band is in this position?

Best band ever! Kellin Quinn is God

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225 Eve 6
226 Forever The Sickest Kids

Great sound. Definitely has a Fall Out Boy// All Time low sound. Really poppy sound.

It's amazing that they're so far down on this list... Underdog Alma Mater was great, the two albums in between were just alright, but they really came back strong with J.A.C.K. The songs are extremely catchy, and lyrically, you can tell that they've grown so much from their previous albums. Crazy underrated, not even in the top 100 is bad enough, but not the top 150? This is a travesty.

They make you wanna go to start a band, go to Warped Tour and open for them. Haha... They are one of the most fun bands to watch live as well.

I think this band should be on top 10..

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227 NeverShoutNever!

This is a really great band. I'm not gonna say this band saved me from suicide but it did save me from depression I was going through a lot of stuff when I found this band but it seemed to make everything all better.

NSN is an awesome band, because they are not satisfied with one type of music. Instead, they've done pop, electronic, and they are now moving into some R&B

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228 The Friday Night Boys

What The? The Friday Night Boys Are Not Here? What Happened?! They Must Be at least Top 20 They Have Good Music Like Finding me out and Give it up, Although the band broke still they have to be here!

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229 Falling In Reverse Falling In Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

Falling in reversed is amazing.. I saw them 2 times obscene on the vans warped tour and the decontrol time in Tampa Florida. Their stage presence is killer and their music is catch and fun to listen to.

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230 Framing Hanley

I saw them as well they rule to plus have screamo parts

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