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61 Hawthorne Heights

They aren't too popular but they're amazing

62 The Undertones

Should be 1

63 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Lovely band. They deserve a higher spot

64 The Cab

Voices like chocolate... Seriously. I LOVE these guys! Their album Symphony Soldier is amazing! These guys should be way higher up the list.

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65 As It Is

This band is, without a doubt, one of the best new pop punk bands around. They can go heavy (bitter, broken me), soft (relive the story, my oceans were lakes), or anywhere in-between (speak soft, can't save myself, dial tones). Words cannot express how amazing these guys are, and number 181 on this list is simply insulting.

These guys are amazing found them, by accident on YouTube a few months ago, and haven't stopped listening to them since, they need to be higher on this list

I love this band I found them when I started listening to Patty's amazing covers on youtube

Great Newcomers in the Pop Punk Area! Bright Future ahead for sure!

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66 No Use for a Name

No use for a name was awesome. Tony will always be remembered.

We're gonna miss you Tony Sly.

67 Vandals

This list is completely wrong. I don't see how some of the top most influential pop punk bands of all time are not ranked even in the top ten. Such as the vandals, the Ramones, the clash, rancid, and afi. Plus set your goals and buzzocks aren't even on here. Terrible list

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68 Armor for Sleep
69 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Belong to the top 10 and nothing else.

Top 10? Top 5? Top 3, if not number one. Up there above Green Day and Sum and blink for me, but that's probably just me.

You dare to place them below hard rocker like Sick Puppies and escape the fate on a pop punk list?!

Top 5 in my opinion, great vocal depth

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70 The Replacements The Replacements
71 The Academy Is...

I love so much this band

The Best on this list

A seriously under-rated band! Absolutely love these guys, so sad I never got to see them live :'( x


72 +44

Pretty much blink 182 with no tom but still good and by good I mean really good

73 Set Your Goals

Listen to songs like "Certain" or "Gaia Bleeds" and you'll understand why it's ridiculous that Set Your Goals is this far down.

74 Sloppy Seconds
75 The Misfits The Misfits Misfits are an American Horror Punk band often recognized as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre, blending punk rock and other musical influences with horror film themes and imagery.
76 Sick Puppies Sick Puppies Sick Puppies is an Australian rock band, formed in 1997. Sick Puppies rose to prominence in 2006 when their song "All the Same" was uploaded along with a video to YouTube. V 1 Comment
77 Citizen
78 Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne


79 The Queers

Great songs that often sound the same. But they're great!

80 One Ok Rock

First heard them on the Samurai X OST with the song The Beginning. Epic Band. Lots of epic songs.

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