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121 Local H

Rock and roll professionals

122 Monkeys for Hire

Best non existent pop punk band ever... They are so awesome even the monkeys like their music

123 Skids
124 Emily's Army
125 Inspection 12

Very underrated pop punk band from the '90s.

126 Transit
127 Seaway

WHY IS SEAWAY THIS LOW? They have three killer pop punk records. They aren't my absolute favorite pop punk band, but I'm voting for Seaway because they deserve at least top 20. - chevygolderado

128 People On Vacation

People on vacation are a great band with their ep the carry on is fantastic

129 Radio Feelings
130 Bombardier to Pilot
131 In Her Own Words

Great band, with catchy breakdowns and a good singing yelling combo

132 Pass It On
133 Audio Karate

Best unique sounding punk band

134 Pee Wee Gaskins

Pop punk number one in Indonesia

135 Lit V 2 Comments
136 Mixtapes

This band is so good. they are completely underrated and should be way up the list. love there sound, its quite heavy but still keeping that pop punk kinda feel. common guys vote vote vote!

137 Sunrise Skater Kids

This is a fake band made up by a YouTuber named Jarrod Alonge, and they have songs on his album "Beating a Dead Horse" and although he is very satirical and pokes fun at pop punk stereotypes, this "band" is quite entertaining, and I mean to laugh at. I definitely recommend listening to his album (featuring other satirical bands like $wagCh0de and Canadian Baseball) and watching his YouTube videos. But its nice to know that people appreciate Jarrod, or even know who he is.

138 The Ready Set
139 Broadside

These guys should definitely be higher up this list. Their latest album 'old bones' is simply brilliant (particularly with songs like 'coffee talk' and 'storyteller'), and their lead vocalist has a great voice.

140 Fit for Rivals
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