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Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York.


I said this before, I will say it again

Paramore are awesome. They have amazing music and great lyrics. Hayley is a vocal powerhouse. Josh, Hunter (in their Paramore days) and Taylor have killer guitar skills (I'm inclined to say Josh had the best sorry Taylor and Hunter), Jeremy is key in keeping a bassline strong and Zac plays those drums with so much energy I wonder how he was still standing after those concerts! They all bring so much passion to the music scene with great, catchy and relatable lyrics and killer music!

On the other side of it all they are still really humble, they all care about their fans a lot and know that's why they are where they are. They put so much energy in all they do and haven't become influenced to change who they are because of fame.

Some argue that they aren't Alternative rock or punk pop anymore (or that they never were) but if you look deep enough into their music they definitely are. They've taken experiences of all kinds and ...more

Listen up posers! Paramore has 4 albums, not three. If you were all true Paramore fans you would know that their first album was All We Know Is Falling, which was their best album out of the 4. I love all of their albums and I have been their biggest number one fan since 2005, so basically since they first came out with amazing music. Anyway I hate when people say they have loved Paramore since Riot, but the album Riot was their second album, not their first, All We Know Is Falling is their first album. So you fake wanna be so-called Paramore fans need more education

PARAMORE is evolving much every day, so they are turning in band most amazing of all. They make music that impresses everyone, people from all over the world, simply because their songs demonstrate feelings that any person... Feels true feelings. This is fantastic.. Therefore I love them! Hopefully Paramore be first!

Paramore is brilliant! The music has so much feeling, can't believe they aren't at least top 10 if not top 3!

I can't believe paramore is only at 8, they should be at 1,2 or 3. Paramore is a great band because they don't swear and are really nice,and the music is incredible plus they already have 4 albums (all great by the way) and if you really listen to the lyrics they are incredible, if you don't want to listen to the lyrics listen to the guitar, then have the best songs to rock out to. Plus they also have some softer songs that you can also listen to. They just have such good music!

Most rock or pop-punk bands are all guy bands, and that's why I love Paramore. Hayley Williams is an amazing singer and has such passion in her voice, every time I hear her sing it blows me away. Paramore is incredible and always will be!

Paramore's my favorite band. Hayley's not the only one good looking, I think everyone in that band is. And well, most bands don't usually have good looking members so I guess they're the best.

MY FAVOURITE BAND. Does that say enough? I've seen them three times and they never let you down. This band has got to be number one some day. Plus, Hayley is hot. Just putting that out there

I love it, if you see, Avril lavigne or others just sing pop, but Haley sings awesome, and their style is so cool, AIN'T IT FUN, please, this song is awesome, you can't say which is the best album, they are all awesome

Paramore should definitely be number one! All time favourite band of all time! You just here one song and you'll be singing it all day! BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!

Paramore is amazing! Although I feel like with their self-titled album they ventured more into pop, they have older material that is very pop-punk and a new album coming soon!

My personal favorite, seen em live they were absolutely fantastic! They've got me through a lot and they are what got me into the music scene

Paramore should be higher in this list. They make great music and are WONDERFUL live. Hayley Williams is the real punk princess!

This band should be #1! Their songs are very catchy and easily relatable like grow up or halleluiah and all the songs have meaning which a lot of bands lack. Their music is so beautiful and inspiring that it can alter your view on life. They deserve the top spot. Paramore will always be my favorite band!

So catchy! Pop-punk/alt. I love these guys, with their poppy lyrics. They should be up higher!

I've been listening to these guys since crushcrushcrush came out, Riot! Was so amazing. This band truly deserves its popularity.

Paramore is the reason why I started listing to pop punk in the first place

Should be lower on the list, but is a good band. However, they have strayed far from punk and need to be considered as such. I'd take Avril Lavigne at this point over them.

Few bands are as powerful as Paramore- truly an inspiration and the loudest voice in the pop punk industry.

Amazzing. God I LOVE them. They seriously are the best in this genre. They are the first band in this genre I listened to and I just fell in love instently. They totally make always day.

Awesome band with awesome energy. They're the first band that comes to mind when I hear "Pop-Punk".

Now that they lost their drummer, they should be called para-less

Paramore is AWESOME! By far my favorite band. They should at least be in the number 4. Even 6 is ridiculous. Every time you go to one of ther concerts, you come away happy.

They are amazing. My second favorite band ever behind Blink 182. Not the same without the Farro brothers but still very good. Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, FOB, and NFG are the only bands that should be above them in that order.

Paramore is the best band ever hayley williams is the most important person in the world to me and taylor york is really important to me and Jeramy davis is important to me they should be number 1 on every list