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181 Ruumis Ja Sielu - Ratsia
182 Anthem Part Two - Blink-182
183 Miss Jackson - Panic! at the Disco

Greatest pop punk song of all time, I actually thought it was fall out boy at first

184 Promise - Simple Plan
185 Thank You - Simple Plan
186 I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones

The ORIGINAL pop-punk song.
The Ramones were a punk rock band, and "Sedated" was their big "pop" song. It is the ESSENCE of pop-punk.

187 A Part of Me - Neck Deep

This is one of the first new-wave pop punk songs I heard and it's the essence of pop punk. Way to go Ben Barlow.

One of the saddest pop punk songs out there and definitely one of the best.
"I was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over
Just for a day, when her parents were away,
Now all I can do is lay in my room,
Fall asleep, dream of you,
Then wake up and do nothing about it." - jwilson2199

188 High Regard - The Story So Far
189 Online Songs - Blink-182
190 Anarchy In the U.K. - Sex Pistols

I love this song.

191 Terrible Things - Mayday Parade
192 Shut Up - Blink-182
193 Dead On Arrival - Fall Out Boy

Does any song scream pop punk as much as this one? This song is amazing

194 Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
195 THNKS FR TH MMRS - Fall Out Boy
196 Swim Down - Moose Blood

Moose blood is fantastic

197 Ghost Town - Messenger Down V 1 Comment
198 So Bright (Stand Up) - Superchick

Just listen and you will...

199 Everything - Nine Inch Nails
200 First Date - Blink 182
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