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61 Complicated - Avril Lavigne

My breakup song but I will allways look up to her as my hero

62 Whatsername - Green Day

I love this song one of my favorite Green Day songs

63 What Do You Want from Me - Forever the Sickest Kids
64 Shut Up - Simple Plan

Mmm... What? This song is pop punk. You can't say I love pop punk with out voting this song!

166?!?! I've seen a list from "rolling stones" and this song was in 20!

Ok song at least 3 rank please. Just listen to the song first 'the full song'. Than rank it. You are not that good if you rank it no.31. So, take my advice.

What? Shut up in this posición? It couldn't be real! The best pop punk song ever! Listen nos to this song and disco ver what is really pop punk!

65 The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler - All Time Low

My favourite song in existence. When I first listened to it, it made me feel a way no other song has in the past- it means so much to me. It gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it, such an underrated song. I would definitely recommend!

All Time Low's best song! They show some variety with a beautiful clean intro, then turns into the best chorus they've ever written! This is what started Hustlers! You won't regret listening to this song!

Definitely the best pop punk song ever written

This is by far one of my favorite songs of all time low! Like for the win! ALL TIME LOW rocks! Open your eyes and ears people, this is what you call MUSIC 😊ATL foreverr!

66 Best Beating Heart - Sing It Loud
67 Picture Perfect - Every Avenue

This is a great song, but the best are more like Tell Me I'm a Wreck, Saying Goodbye, and Where Were You

Every Avenue is one of my favourite bands! I love this song so much. "picture perfect doesn't really mean much to me"

I adore this band

68 IDKAYBICTD - Forever The Sickest Kids

I thought I was the only one who abbreviated it like that.

69 Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years

These guys are the best, and to me give both Green Day and Blink a run for their money. I actually feel disappointed to have to add them. They should have been here already.

Amazing song this and Melrose dinner two of my all time favorites

Another band that should be on this list.

This should be much higher. This song right here. You can't beat it. 65 is just insulting.

70 The Bitch Song - Bowling for Soup
71 Flavor of the Weak - American Hi-Fi
72 Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

You call it pop-punk?! No offense or anything but its only pop not pop-punk. - zxm

If you what you love I'm My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy

You are what you love not who loves you. Anything else?

73 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Best song by her

74 Becky Starz - Forever the Sickest Kids
75 The River - Good Charlotte

This is exactly what I would picture a song by good charlotte and avenge sevenfold with good charlotte being the lead band sounding like perfect song

An absolutely amazing song, and featuring M. Shadows and Synyster Gates! Matt and Joels' voices are outstanding. Listen to this song, you wont regret.

Only with M. Shadows and syn is the best song of good charlotte

76 Walking Disaster - Sum 41

Give this song a chance. It truly represents pop punk.

Some of these songs are way too low. This is one of them

77 What I Like About You - 5 Seconds of Summer

They are a great band and this song just makes them that much better!

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78 We All Roll Along - The Maine
79 Memory - Sugarcult

This may be the best Sugarcult song.

80 Priceless - Mayday Parade
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